Poppy In The Wind

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It's hard to push forward if your guardian isn't their to care for you.

Submitted: April 21, 2017

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Submitted: April 21, 2017



The wind blows slowly in the spring of Fallbush. It’s a pretty ironic name for fall but it’s not fall. Poppy Keselman one of the citizens of Fallbush is the outgoing girl in girl scouts. She’s gentle and sweeter than most her age. Poppy view’s the world in a way others can not see. Her perspective is very wild. Wild indeed, one day her mad ideas will send her over the edge. They’ll send her way other the edge.

“By Cosmo,” Poppy shouts and waves as she see’s her friend Cosmo from elementary school get on his bus and is on his way home. Poppy has to stand in the rain as she waits for her father to come. The rain splats against the ground as loud as car engine. It’s loud ruckus gives Poppy a headache. She get’s soaked head to toe as well. It’s like she’s a bag full of water with how soaked her clothes.

As time goes by she dreams of how she can make the world a better place. She knew it would be possible if everyone could get along. She’d at least want a place where she could be free from her father. While time goes by Poppy thinks about the bake sales she had for people with cancer and animals at the shelter. She still couldn’t get over the idea of people like the monster she calls her father. Her father is just a shadow that looms over her wherever she goes. She goes more and more into the dark thoughts of what her father has done. Such as slapping her across the face with her own science book when she asked him for help on the problem he tried to figure out. Instead he slapped her with it in frustration. Once she forgot to leave the door open when her dog Maggie was in the room. It resulted in the dog pooping on the floor. Her father was furious he made her clean it up when she was at five alone. Poppy went further and further into her wild thoughts of her father. Her whole life her father was their to be pick on her and beat her as a punishment. Now she was eight.

She ideas on where to go. She wanted to be like Cosmo. She wanted to have a loving family like her friend Cosmo but no she is just left with an abusive father. Today Poppy’s wild thoughts left with the ideas to run so she can find a good family that can help her. Poppy at eight thought her ideas were brilliant. She had self confidence along with all her over traits.

When Poppy finally got her head out of the clouds she could she that she was the last one on the school grounds. Poppy was smart enough to see it’s been an hour on her watch.  She knew once again her dad was having extra work hours in order to pay the bills by himself. She knew why he had to but did he have to do it every day? Poppy remember Jennifer from her father's work and knew they had adult time.

Poppy decided to go down Maple Lane to get down to the town square where everyone was. All the adults went their for shopping. She knew on a Monday it would be full of people. Poppy was indeed right when their was tons of people.

Poppy was shorter than every adult their. She couldn’t see at all. All she could she was at least ten adult’s around her carrying a variety of groceries. She could also she the brick like paths underneath her feet. She felt like the roster out of all the hens. Their was adults giving her a death stare. None of them adopted her, she felt lonelier than she ever felt before. At least she had her dog Maggie but now it was worse.

Poppy did find a bench to make a space for her to enjoy herself. The sun started to set as she laid their writing on her sketchpad. All she had on the bench was her bag of school supplies and sketchpad. Everyday after her school homework she made time for drawing. It was her favorite thing to do. She loved to draw Poppy flowers. They were red like her hair and had a black middle like her gray eyes. She was even born on Memorial Day and was even named Poppy. The flower resembled herself beauty. It’s why she had confidence because she drew it every day. It keep Poppy moving forward with her father’s abuse.

As night fell, cricket’s started to chirp. The sky light up with stars. The people that were once present at the town square where all gone. All that helped see in the night was the occasional glow of the street lamps. Poppy was left on the bench alone with hope she could still find a family.

Later that night around midnight a mysterious figure approached Poppy who laid on the bench asleep. Poppy held her sketchpad close. The stranger came into the light revealing his face. He had a nasty beard and had the appearance of a fox. He was holding a sack. As he edged closer and closer to Poppy he pulled out the bag and put Poppy right in it. Before Poppy could scream the man pulled out a crowbar and smacked her in the head in order to make her pass out.

The man lived in an apartment near the town square. It only took him about two minutes to get her home and in his closet. The man left her there for the whole day while he was gone.

Poppy was miserable she had no food or water. She had to do a presentation on caterpillars with Cosmo today and she also had to earn her girl scout hiking badge. There was no way Poppy could get out of this. She thought she failed everything she worked for in her whole life in a matter of a day. All should could do was draw drawing on her sketch pad. She made the poppy flower look evil. She made herself weak and evil. Her confidence went down the drain.

After seventeen hours that man’s up the bag to find a girl with the most horrifying drawing of a flower he has  ever seen. The man gave her water and food but she was tied up. He kept her as his maid, she cleaned. Poppy felt like was snake’s around her wrist’s threatening to bite her if she tries to break free. She couldn’t draw when cleaning and draw when tied up. She only drew when she was in that closet. It felt like she lost motivation for anything.

Day after day she sat in a locked closet for months with nothing except her sketchbook. She began drawing things that were unnatural for kids to even think of. She drew demons and evil. Within five months Poppy lost the color in her face. Her eyes looked darker. You could easily tell she was as skinny as a skeleton. Poppy wasn’t Poppy anymore. She lost her friends and her dog. The things she cared for most in her heart where gone. Now she had no heart.

One day when man fell asleep during the day, he woke up with start as he heard a big thud. He saw the patio door was open he ran outside to see what happened. Outside he saw Poppy dead across the sidewalk. She fell four floors and seemed to land on her head. A dozen people saw the accident. Griped in the dead girl’s hand was a sketch pad with a distorted drawing of a poppy flower.

It went all over the news. The police went to check out the house and found awful things written on the walls of the closet. Some of things said where “daddy is never coming”, “you should’ve never left”, “flowers eventually die anyway”, and “you can never return.”

People blame her father all this damage he brought on his daughter, he was never seen again after the news traveled all over Ohio. At Fallbush Elementary the school honors Poppy on her birthday and her death that happen to be on Memorial Day by planting Poppy flowers.


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