Waiting For The Train

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Dreams can be scary.

Submitted: April 21, 2017

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Submitted: April 21, 2017



I sat alone at the train station, absorbing the area. The platforms. The Trains arriving and leaving in the distance. I checked my phone, no messages or calls. The time was 3:02 AM. My train would be arriving shortly, and with it my ride away from here. I explored the platform I sat on, looking for anyone nearby but the area was deserted. I relaxed my muscles and leaned back on the chair and took a deep breath. I exhaled and saw my breath floating through the cold air, slowly disappearing into the night. I took out a cigarette and lighted it up, placing it between my lips. I was always amazed that I made it this far, all the smoking and drinking never did any damage to me. Which is why I did it, to make my death look accidental to spare others of the pain of my untimely departure. I watched the clouds of smoke travel through the air, like a lost and helpless spirit. 3:07, the train would be arriving any minute. I stood in preparation for its arrival. I saw the lights in the distance, the hard rattling and creaking of the rails. I watched the train move closer with harsh intensity, my eyes straining hard to focus. Finally I could see it clearly. It honked its horn to signal its arrival, as I still stared at it. The train would be in front of me any moment. Then I leapt onto the tracks, tripping hard as my cold feet landed on the rails and by the time I looked up, the train had slammed into my body, severing me from my legs and churning my torso. I screamed in pain, the realest purest pain one could feel. I heard the train slam its breaks on through my screaming. Suddenly I was awoken, my train had arrived. I quickly stood up in a daze, grabbed my bag and stepped onto the train and took my seat. 

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