Sometimes you are most scariest

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16 years old girl facing what she is scared most in her life

Submitted: April 22, 2017

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Submitted: April 22, 2017



She was 16 years old high school student. She had black short hair and she was always wearing hoodie and jeans. Today under pink hoodie there was green shirt and around her neck she had white anchor lace hanging in long, black lace. She was also wearing her black headphones.

She sat in computer classroom typing last words for her finnish class essey. When she was done, she closed computer and took her stuff. When she went into hallway teacher said: "See you tomorrow." She waved for a teacher and kept walking down the hallway knewing something wasn't right. Teacher never said anything to her. Even if he noticed her using cellphone during the class.

She puted her backpack top of sofa they had in school hallways between lockers. She went to pick up her wine red jacket with hood with a hairline. When she turned around the corner and picked her jacket she felt weird and looked back. She saw teacher comming towards and puted jacked on when she heard scream and ran away.

She ran out of doors noticing someone in same type of hoodie following her with small scissors covering its face. She ran quick into forest because it was fastest way to get somewhere near other humans. It was winter and open jacket was cold. When she looked behind weirdo was still following her. Attacker was walking, but it seemed to be teleporting since she disapeard and showed up soon even closer. It didn't even leave footprints into snow.

Running didn't seem to be enough to save her so she hided under cliff. She didn't dare even breath. She had never been so terrified. She was sure she was gonna geta killed. She tried hold back tears. Crying wouldn't save her. When foot steps went away she dared to look. There was no one. Was it really gone?

When she got home she just went to her room and closed door. She took deep breath and taught should she tell. No. Who would believe her. She lied down on the bed and listend music when she realized she had lost her necklace during running and she left her backpack in school.

She opend her eyes when she saw that psycho right in front of her. She didn't even have time to scream when psycho already stabbed her. Psycho took her jacked and stopper covering its face. It opened hoodie and under that was green shirt nd white anchor lace hanging from black, long chain. It had black short hair. It puted jacket on and took headphones. It puted them on and then disapeard.

When She opend her eyes she was lying top of green crass. She couldn't remembe what happend. Her hair was long and it was summertime. She was wearing dress with red flowers. Dress wasnt long. It reached knees, but nothing more. It had no sheets, and skirt part was wide.

She stood up and walked into woods confuced when she spoted note in ground. "Sometimes you are most scariest" it said. She turned around and saw herself way she used to be holding scissors.

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