Love: ended by the curfew day's. (Part-1)

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This is a story about two lovers of Kashmir valley which describes how there love Start's and ends by the bad situations conflict at Kashmir

Submitted: April 22, 2017

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Submitted: April 22, 2017



I don't know why people are saying that ,'love is powerful'. I a Kashmiri young student who is living in conflict from childhood period. My day often starts with The announcements on Loudspeakers- sounds of Bullets - Smell of Teargas shell on. Today I'm going to explain how A love life is effected by the Bad environment In a peaceful Valley of Kashmir. Today is 20th April, 2017, Same day When my Life start Witnessing some Joyful Moment's. It was a Fateful day Of April 20th 2016 when I meat Gazala (my batch mate at collage). She was so worried about her exam form which was almost going fail to submit, as there was a 'Hartaal-call' given by Huryat leaders following the killing of two militants by army yesterday at south Kashmir. And there was no traffic either public or Private on Roads. I was in collage where I receive an unknown phone call from unknown numbers. I pick up the call it was 'Gazala' calling from her Brothers number.

'"Shayo (my name) where are you, I have problem, here is no Bus or other vehicle Running here,as today is last date of form how I reach collage.". She said in Soft voice. Where are you right now, I reply.

'I'm At Ralman Pora Bus stop' she Said. "OK don't worry I'm coming. Please don't move anywhere from the Bus stop, I'm coming."" I Cut the call Start my bike, on which I had come to college. As I reach there, she was Setting on the back seat of bus stop, look's like that she never had moved an Inch. As she Saw me she smiled at me. But this was not the smile of Happiness, as she even was Worried about her Examination form. "Come on we will be late " I said. I pick up her on my bike to the college where she Submit her examination form at about 4:00 pm. After coming out from the collage i notice a smile of Joy in her lips.This was not the previously like smile. Now she was Happy. First time with the smile of a girl I got impressed with. There was some kind of pleasure in my Heart, i thought i will propose her right now as we were only two present in the collage Ground's except some teacher setting on office, but I was afraid that She will not Accept my proposal, as she was considered among the girls who live 'moral life' - Islamic life. After dropping her home, i ask her phone number in order to send her Some questions on WhatsApp. She give me her number and I leave. After some miles of travelling there was a naka (Barrier on Road)where some Army men stopped me and asked me for I'd card. I saw a number of boys, women's, children's elders too where stopped by army and police for card checking. I show me my Collage card to an officer of army, as he saw my card he Call the army men to Let me go.

The reason is was that I'm was a law students studying at Kashmir university which is considered as of the the reputated university of the state, plus a law student which was enough to show my identity.

After reaching home, I had a Long conversation with Her on whatsapp. Sending questions on WhatsApp was just an excuse to ask her Cell number. We Talk all about what ever we reach. We even make phone calls. After some couple of days I proposed her, she first shocked then accepted it after 1-2 hours of discussions and debates of love. This was about 5th of may 2016, when we start our lover journey. We start talking even full days or even full nights with each other on phone. We even meet some times. The most memorable meeting was when I kiss her. It was a moment which I can't forget till my death.

After the visiting of the famous Tourist place Here in our district, she asked me show her our apples orchard. Everyone in our village was in Their homes as there was hot outside and people usually in our village Even our Family members too, visit's Orchards especially in morning or in evening. I and Gazala walk's some meters then Sat in the shades of Apple tree. The sun was in its young age. The temperature was hot, but the Breeze's often pass with cool air every 20-30 second. "This is the most unique in Kashmir valley. No matter how much temperature is, breeze passes up with cool air which gives a Heaven like feeling." After some romantic conversation I Hold her hand. There was some kind of Shivering in her Hand. My heart was also beating fast. I Kiss on her hand then Hold her head with my right hand and Bring it closer to my face, then kiss her on her forehead then final on her lips- and hold it about 10-12 seconds. This was a moment of Joy, a best feeling which I remember the moment which I notice till date. This was going till 8th of July 2016 a day after eid.

It was 9 p.m of July 8, when we talk last time Happily. There was also the protects were spreading the valley on that evening as there was Death of Top Hizbul Mujhideen Commander Burhan wani- a young handsome kashmiri rebel millitant who was killed by army With his another two associate's. After the death of Burhan Wani, violation's, protests were Spread like wild fire in Kashmir. I was not expecting that this will be our last conversation with my lover. In morning of 9 July, when I saw my phone there was emergency mode showing on it. internet service_networks were all Blocked. There was announcements, Anti-indian Rallies_everywhere in the town. I had not threats of all this, but I was worrying about my Girlfriend, My love. These protests, Network blocks continuous till 4-5 months. Nobody had expected that too much long time.

I didn't talk With Gazala even on a single time. I visits 10-15 time to her village but I didn't find her, as I was visiting her village during late evening as there was Curfew whole days even in village's. Our numbers were now Rejected by service providers, as there was Continues not not in use from past 5-6 months.

This was about 8 November when I was going to a local Town where I saw her. She was with her sister. When I saw her I Stop my bike within no time.My heart was beating fast, very fast. I was feeling to hug her tight. But this is Kashmir - restriction are manufactur here, either religion or social restrictions. She was with her sister buying some wedding material from a shop which was half open as there was a relaxation given by Huriyat calendar after 6pm every day. Every day was followed by This Calender's. Whether there is hartal or strike or not, everything was clearly writing by this calendar which was publishing on every Saturday by local newspaper. When I came close to her, she Said me 'Asalamualikum'. I reply the same and said there was you,where is your phone etc etc, she also repeat me same questions. We were wondering what to do.Her sister asked her who is he,she reply that I'm her Class mate. After that she ask me for my new number and premise me that she will call me at night.

She was very upset, when I ask her why, she didn't say anything and said I will say you everything on call.

When I reach home, I park my Bike and leave for orchards without inform even my mother. That was the only place where I can talk to her, without any disturbances, where I can cry and laugh loudly. This was about 8 p.m when my phone vibrates as it was set on silent mode. There was very chill outside so I had kept my phone in my Pocket of my Faran ( a traditional kashmiri long woolen kurta like cloth that protect from Cold).When I pick up the coll she said nothing and start Crying more and more. First I thought the reason of crying is that she didn't talk to me a Long while so she is crying but After some time when she said me that her parents had fixed her marriage with a guy of her villages. I shocked. When i ask for reason why she agree for marriage, she said that she was forced to do so and her mother threatened her that if she will not agree with this marriage She will consume Poison. After some explanations and illustrations she finally said ' I will miss you a lot, Take care of yourself' and dropped the phone. She even did not listen my views or my words which describe my feelings. And then our Love life end's even before 1st anniversary. Three months had been passed, and I still was not able to Forget her. I was still waits her, as I don't Know whether she got married or not. The worst moment is when I Think that, "if she had got married, then." !!??

(End of part -1)

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