Kaptin Komma

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first of four parts - Kaptin Komma, the alien that saved mankind

Submitted: April 22, 2017

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Submitted: April 22, 2017





The alien that saved mankind





Nothing of importance bothered the silent man.  He sat dormant on his brown cotton sofa.  He stared at his burning gas fire.  The silence seemed to echo around the stillness of the sitting room.  The man was wondering how much his gas bill might be next time and whether he would run out of dole money one day in the near future.  No hope seemed be around the corner.  His mind tried to wander in to a happier thought.  When he spent Christmas with his close relations.  He waited unknowingly for destiny.




A tinny noise was heard.  Clanging of metal from a foreign object alerted the ears of the aware man.  Dust coughed out from the fireplace.  The lit gas seemed to shudder.  In seconds, an oval shaped object, about the size of cricket ball, thudded at the feet of the silent man.  The man looked toward his curtains, he could tell that it was dark outside.  The stars were clouded out.  But it was dry and quiet.  Perfect for the unusual to happen.


The man nonchalantly sat on the edge of his sofa.  With only a side lamp on, he pointed his small hand torch at the object.  It lay there.  It had scales like a pineapple.  With a smooth top, where a plant may have greenery.  The torch beamed.  The thing began to grow.  The man jolted back.  A tone like a quiet firework emitted.


His eyes bulged when the thing stopped growing at about six foot tall and three foot wide.  Was this really happening.  The man had his hands on his head.  He just about held his nerve.  The purple skin of the large mass turned dark at a central point.  A figure was visible and seated, staring silently at the man.  A frond like arm seemed to beckon the man closer.  After a few strange bleeps like the echo of a sheep.  A snarling deep voice slowly spoke, some words in English.


‘Help - me, Fool?’ curdled the jagged tones of the alien.


It sat in its pod.  The man ignored the ‘fool’ bit, although he felt it pretty rude.  ‘What happened to you? And how can I help?  Who and what are you?’


The appearance of the alien was like a sheep.  With the arms and legs of a bear.  Its torso was concealed by a garment that was also a tortoise shell-like shield.  A pocket was filled at the front.  The leaf and twig like hands gestured in a weak manner.  The ram head resounded with a mean tone.

‘I was in a great battle.  I was hit and fell to the nearest point.  You where the closest choice.  My body is going to die.  But my shell needs a new host.  I was so close to killing my race’s foe.  When I was hit.  You can replace me and avenge me.  Kill my foe.  Then my people will be the conquerors.  The Fools will then kneel at the feet of the Great and Fearsome realm of mine.’


At that moment the alien voice coughed and stopped.  An evil presence came from the alien.  It was clear to the mind of the man, he was helping a race of bad aliens.  The shell was opening like a crazy kind of box.  ‘put it on,’ a voice said inside his head.  The man saw the alien sheep collapse out of the shell and onto the floor.  The man went to help.  But the creature used its dying energy and pushed the human towards the suit.  The man blindly stepped into the case like object.  It buzzed then clunked shut.  The man sat back down on his sofa.  Head in his hands thinking, ‘what have I done.’




The silence of the sitting room was interrupted by a low humming.  Before the man lay the alien.  A deep hole in its side seeped out blue syrupy lotion.  The being growled bitterly.  ‘It is up to you now, Fool.  The shell will give you strength and power.  Even so you are not immortal.  Sit in my capsule and you will soon learn how to pilot it and return to the Fleet.’  At that moment the alien sheep come bear, with a bad attitude and scarred face, died.  Its form dissolved into carpet.  Only a blue stain remained on the tan floor covering.  Then somehow, it was all quiet, again.




The man checked in his mind, that the front and back doors of his house, were locked.  He knew it to be a midweek night in midwinter.  The nightlife was pretty quiet.  Except for the odd car or small gang of yobs harmlessly smoking fags and cider in a side street.  The man was mentally preparing to commit himself to ordeal.  He could not stop it anyway.  The strange parasite, had, taken over him. 


The man noticed that his clothing had all dissolved.  It was replaced by a rubbery substance.  It was more like diving suit, but much more manageable.  It was a dark purple.  His hands and feet were scaly.  His head his but more like fur and leather.  The hair on his head had grown and covered over his balding scalp.  It was like a strange plastic.  The shell was dark blue, his limbs dark purple and his head black and green.  He looked like a clown dipped in acid.  Yet he felt really great.


The six foot orb seemed to shimmer a green luminescence.  He felt it to be a indictor to act.  The strange man stood next to his sofa.  He placed his right foot into the orb.  His form moved back into the plinth seat that had a socket that encompassed the head.  His whole body and limbs were secure.  He notice his reflection in a mirror, hanging from his sitting room wall.  The man swallowed hard, he realised that he was looking at a totally new species, of alien.  The shell suit had redesigned his appearance.




Inside the craft, the man could see a small display panel.  It had two vertical lines, of four and three lights.  His hands were over two consoles.  The right was a like a joystick.  But his hands seemed to be clasping an upturned crab.  He could steer and rev the craft.  Right, left, and up and down.  ‘wow,’ he thought.  He could fly.  In his left hand was another devise and a panel.  A voice in his head, told him not to touch this yet.  As it was a weapons console.  So he squeezed the right stick, causing the machine to hover.


The machine could read his mind.  It told him how to work things.  He could if wanted, do almost anything.  He pressed a pink button on the steering stick, it began to make the oval orb to shrink.  His room became a massive obstacle course.  His chairs and sofa, were buffeted by his alien craft.  He thought about going through the window and outside.  Before he could speak, the egg craft sped into the glass, without shattering it.  He could go through solid objects, ‘wow,’ his orb echoed. 


He was shocked by his voice.  It had a deeper tone.  Harsher too.  He desired to enter space.  The lever and lights moved and flickered.  The craft grew to about fifteen foot.  With him sat at six foot, inside.  The machine passed a group of teenagers, throwing stones at an old man’s car.  This irritated the man.  The craft appeared before the yobs, hardly visible, as it shimmered a dull purple and hummed silently.  A stone like surface fell upon the three louts.


The scrawny males cowered.  Bruised and shocked they fled.  An old man opened his car window.  The man did not realise the victim was there.  The old codger waved and praised the strange sight.  The man noticed as his craft rose slowly in to space, the yobs had collapsed and died.  The machine had caused them to die.


A sober feeling was being realised.  His attitude, appearance and effect on others.  It was not for good.  The craft was taking him home, to his new realm.  It was not Earth.  And it was not very nice.  He could sense that, before he left his house.  The man was not merely an alien, he was one of the worst kind of aliens.  He was monstrous and very, very Evil.


* * *





The alien man soon learned that in space it is dark.  The twenty foot long orb that he sat in was surrounded by black nothingness.  Yet the rays of the sun and glow of Earth and the Moon allowed a sense of being.  The alien craft was indicating that it wanted to go to the farthest side of the Moon.  The man piloted himself.  The speed was not shown on the console.  Only a flickering light, increased or decreased the closer it came to a staggering object.


Loitering behind the Moon lay a whale of a craft with out tail or fins.  The man guessed that it was the size of a small city of Earth.  Two bright points seemed to show the way into this goliath.  The base was pale grey at a distance.  Then it became a reddish tint on approach.  It captivated the man.  The man did not know what he was doing, really.  It all just felt right.  Something in his head told him to report in.  To whom or what, he was not sure.  Though he would when it mattered.


His machine hushed into a great bay.  It landed on a foot wide circle that made a pop sound.  His craft shrank to six foot tall and calmly released him from his pod.  Other aliens stomped too and fro.  Their appearance ranged from Sheep/bears, to Pig/panda and Fox/human.  Some where not Earth like at all.  Some had squares for heads.  Others round, oval or squiggle shaped forms.  Yet all wore the parasitic shells.  His senses told him, ‘You are not in Kansas any more, boyo.’



The majority of the aliens were of one design.  They were the first hosts of the shells.  The man would find out, that they were the original form, since a great experiment went wrong, or horribly right.  These aliens were all similar sizes and fitted into there orbs the same way.  The true aliens were like demonic form within the shell.  The man felt like he was in Hell.  Among evil on an evil spaceship.




The way to go was shown via hovering dots.  They were panonites.  Life forms without brains.  Rather like a plant.  A unknown reason allowed them to used as direction beacons.  It was believed that they fed on the energy to control how one knows how to get somewhere else.  Whatever, it was enough for the man to follow.  The man descended into a lower level.  He gathered beside an array of other aliens.  They were all in a huge debriefing hall. 


The chamber was the size of a small theatre, with three prominent aliens at the front.  The stood on a high up stage.  Some 6 foot above the crowd.  The man felt there to be over a hundred aliens in the room.  Some aliens were female.  One or two even snarled at the newcomer.  The man realised that he was observed by several beings.  Most alien shells glowed green.  As the speaker began his debrief.




The alien was General Kanta.  His head was like a upside down pyramid of green flesh.  A yellow circle on his shell, signified his status.  The ape like arms and legs gesticulated at a chart on the wall.  It seem to show the realm that they had come from.  The world Dredalo was far away in a galaxy unknown to Earth.  Yet it was close enough to engage in a war against a foe in the Andromeda region.  The man learnt that his new kin were conquerors but had come across a race nastier than themselves.


The battle had occurred near Pluto.  The enemy used it as a battle station.  Their weaponry was based on freezing technology.  A blast of gas particles had erupted in the last fight.  Several alien warriors were instantly and brutally killed.  At this some aliens grunted in pride.  The speaker revealed that one fighter had survived and returned to them.  At that point every alien looked at the man.  In a gravity spew of words, ‘welcome back Kaptin erm,’


At that the man retorted, after searching for a new name.  ‘Kaptin Komma.’  This was after thinking, ‘at your command sir,’  But his vocals could only cough out ‘comma.’


So, by some fluke, the man was now Kaptin Komma, the alien.  Not only that.  He learnt that his shell and former host was a great evil warrior.  Some aliens cursed his name.  none had seen human host before.  Not so puny and weak.  Even with the enhancements and feature changes.  They did not know that the human mind was stronger than any other race, when it was really needed.  That was to be the secret of the mighty alien, Katpin Komma.


The General continued, ‘We the Scaronites, shall crush and defeat them all.  I say death to the Dromonice.  May our might crush their petty army.  I have been informed, our second ship, the Crell shall be in this system soon.  Then we can rule these two Galaxies once and for all.’




The General directed out attention to the whole squadron of Scaronites.  A sketch of the enemy, showed an ice plinth, that was a diamond fighter.  It shot out ice cold lasers and bolts of ionic steel.  The alien man thought the craft looked like an arrow with a blue body that was the pilot.  It was the arrow that took out the previous host of Kaptin Komma. 


The mind of the man contemplated the situation, inside the form of Kaptin Komma.  Earth was to be a world that they were to conquer or eliminate.  The man had to do something, to change the actions of his new comrades.  First he had to help eradicate the more nasty Dromonice.  Then formulate how to save mankind.


* * *





There was plenty of time, before the other spaceship for the Scaronites arrived.  There was even more eons, whence the battle would recommence.  The alien man, Kaptin Komma, decided to take a tour of his new home.  Together with General Kanta, they roamed around the ship.  The leader, knew that a new host could be slow to learn certain things.  Some of his fighters had died and reborn in previous wars.  It was expected, when one was bad and evil.


Most evil rulers of space, understood the consequences of being masters of evil.  It was commonsense to most intelligent creatures of the know universe.  The trouble was, the more evil won over others, the more they wanted to be evil.  Many found it more addictive and delicious than any drug or intoxicating beverage.  And the Scaronites were among the most seditious lot, in the know parts of the Universe. 




Earth was quite a new realm to overcome.  Numerous probes had been sent over the eons.  Most aliens thought humans as a waste of space.  Probes had noted how mankind was so interested in their history, whether ancient or most recent.  Not many other races bothered with the past.  Most either wanted to rule the next day or have a quiet life.  That was until some race like the Scaronites turned up.  Then, it was doom or gloom.


The General knew little about humans and their feelings.  Except that they could be scared by a shadow, for no apparent reason.  Scary things just made Scaronites laugh inside.  The leader did not sense any fear in the Kaptin.  He continued to show off the massive spaceship.  The resting area was first to be seen.  It was the size of one big straight high street.  With free shops to eat, drink or sleep.  Party’s were banned on spaceship, unless total victory.  Then any alien could go wild and do the Scaro - all-nighter.  The General entered a bar.


Several heads, some with conjoined bodies or two heads, turned surreptitiously, wary of the General.  He was a leader not to be reckoned with.  He was known to shoot first and check after, and that was just with his own kind.  The alien man though was oblivious to this.  It did not bother him.  He had just been torn away from his quiet but safe Earthly life. 


The bar was like a bathroom.  With the scent and scenery of Radox and Deep Heat.  A bottle of Scar brew was downed.  A flame hit the insides.  Filling the host and shell with a warming charm.  Kaptin gave a wry smile, with his hideous appearance.  The General then lead them to the weapons area.  This was full of flying machines and arrays of attachments.  It was these things that reminded the man that he was trapped amidst a war.  Yet it gave him an idea.  That would he keep to himself at that time.




At closer inspection of General Kanta, the man discerned.  A fleshy triangle head, upside down.  Two black orbs were the ever watching eyes, situated near the top angles.  He had no nose, one nostril flirted as he spoke and breathed.  A soapy lip opened with a sponge like mouth.  His body and limbs were like yeti, he could have been one.  The shell was covered by straps and badges that signified his might as a evil leader.  If a shadow was evil, then he would be it, thought the man.


A mirror reflected the man.  His head was round like a bowling ball.  Arms and legs like a spindly plant with flesh within a hard bark like hide. 

The man mused that he did not look evil, but agreed that he could be a monstrous sight, with his shell dark purple and limbs blue, on a foggy night.  As told, other aliens were monsters too.  Ranging from Evil to down right silly, actually.  Some were like red jelly.  Others akin stringy cheese.  Nice on toast, smirked Kaptin Komma.




In the armoury were space pods, different to others.  One could encompass an enemy fighter and soak up their minds and craft.  Then conform it into a Scaronite.  Another device would attach to a pod and be used as an on-suit bathroom or living quarters.  Specially useful for long haul Scaronite Scouts.  They were a special division.  They would send back reports of possible worlds to conquer or globes to set a base.


Scaronites ruled approximately 20% of the known galaxies in the known universe.  That was quite feat for a relatively small nation of worlds.  Way beyond the realms of Earth.  Yet they had made it that far.  And aimed to rule much more.  The one place the new Kaptin Komma wanted to see, was the home world of Dredalo.  That was to be the next and final tour for him.  Then all would have to wait for the oncoming battle.  The man deep inside of the Kaptin, shuddered fearfully.  Never before would one of mankind see Evil war with Evil, let alone be part of it.


* * *





The pair of aliens passed through a doorway.  Into a copy of Dredalo.  It was very realistic.  But only a horror-graphic image.  It showed a fiery land of volcanoes and jungle, with a imitation fort that was like a tiny part of the home world.  In the fort was a chamber with the Evil God of War and Everything Bad, EGWEB, shown as a statue.  The image was of a six foot egg like form.  It shimmered purple and omitted a terrible odour.  Like acidic bad feet.  It made Komma feel sick.  But it made Kanta feel great.  He bowed and revelled in the odious sight.  It was only a copy.  But it gave most Scaronites inner strength.  The power to be really nasty too.




So the Kap had been shown most parts of the ship.  Except for the bridge or nasty ass place, yeah.  Or Napy for short.  Kap laughed deep inside his shell.  Thought it spelt, nappy.  But his spelling was as bad as the humour and evilness of the Scaronites.  On the bridge was a busy place.  In the centre sat Kaptin Rattling.  He was a very square alien.  His head was square.  Even his shell was a box shape.  He waved flat hands at his crew of three. 


On his right was Private Lot.  A young alien of the original species.  He monitored all communications.  He was in touch with the second spaceship.  It was half way across the visibly known universe.  Sitting before the Kaptin was ship pilot, Private Krunch.  He was a fat blob of an alien.  But he was very good at flying spaceships and playing the Earth game Space Invaders.  The ship was in orbit of the Moon but remained out of sight of manmade satellites. 


To the left of the Kaptin was a female.  Private Smoz.  She was ammunitions officer.  She was as cool at her job as in person.  Yet she gave a sinister glare at Kaptin Komma.  The General prodded him and hinted, ‘you should be flattered Kap, she shot her last fling.’  The General laughed out of earshot, ‘My kinda gal, ha, ha…’


A screen was on the wall.  It was huge.  It showed everything outside the ship.  Small parts of it displayed views of behind and of the machines condition.  Earth could be seen hiding behind the horizon of the Moon.  It cause Komma to breath deep.  It was his homeland.  His mind recalled parts of his human life.  Holiday in Turkey with friends.  There he saw a gypsy woman.  She said he would one day, ‘rule the day.’  That sunny place left his mind, but helped to stir his actions.  At that moment, a large red light flared up.  Then a deafening siren, screamed.  At that, Private Lot yelled, ‘red alert, Sir,.’  Kaptin Rattling smiled..







Sirens roared.  Aliens ran down short cuts to the fighter bay.  Kaptin Komma followed some gangly aliens.  The hanger was full of over a hundred tiny egg shaped and sized things.  They were the all like the machine that the man, had arrived in.  The orbs grew to about six foot.  Some more, some less.  Some differently shaped, but all of same design.  All fighting craft for the Scaronites.  And home when away from a Dredalo spaceship or the home world itself.


When desired, the Kaptin found his craft.  It allowed him instant admittance.  Groups of orbs soared out of the mother ship like snow.  Komma trailed two other pods.  They raced towards Mars.  A white wall seemed to between the Moon and that world.  On closer inspection, the alien man, espied up to a thousand splinters of light.  They were the oncoming force of the enemy.The Dromonice hoards were attacking.




Kaptin Komma sat in his pod.  In one hand was the control for steering and speed.  He grappled gently at the spider like stick and bony handle.  With one move, his pod veered in a left manoeuvre.  Following the pair of scout fighters.  They were the hardest of all warriors.  To them, death was a privilege.  To the man who was now alien, it was an opportunity to learn more about his new comrades.


The twosome poised in space.  Before Kaptin Komma.  The pods grew in size.  They became world sized shields.  The pilots sat inside at six foot tall.  The eggshells had actually encompassed the whole race of foes.  It was awesome to see.  To the former man, it was like the Neon Lights on Earth.  But fully covering the enemy.  The light shimmered iridescently.  Puce, emerald green, purple, black and yellow spasms of colour.  


Before the man could believe what he saw.  The whole expanse turned a very chilling sky blue.  The scouts were frozen to death.  Then blasted into smithereens.  The particles flew everywhere.  Even without gravity, bits smashed into nothingness.  Some smacked into the shell of the lone man.  It pushed his craft violently some miles.  Kap touched his throttle and sped back.  Back to the safety of the oncoming armada of the Scaronites.


About halfway between the Moon and Mars came the warring might.  Kap guessed that about 200 fighters had come out of the spaceship.  It did not seem too many at first.  Then the orbs grew to the size of the mother orb.  A rainbow of circles spread as wide as the thousand plinths that were the Dromonice. 


Ice Warriors shimmered blue and green.  The Scary Knights blazed a sinister purple and orange hew.  The battle was ensuing.  Kap could hear General Kanta hail, ‘Scar or die, Scar or die.’ 


The sound came from the walls of the every pod.  Not only for Kap to hear.  The words resonated through time and space.  The pitch turned into a mighty force.  The wail of sound raced into a wall of hail.  The blueness seemed to fuse.  Some Dromo Fighters fainted into submission.  Cracks and pops echoed.  The battle was at close quarters now.  Kap was in the thick of it.  He had to learn fast and act faster. 


The sound wave gave him an idea.  He was afraid to try it but gave commands to other knights.  The bombardment of enemy was blasted away by pods becoming reflective shields.  The counterblast push the fighters away.  In a sudden move, most Scaronite pods conjoined.  Then became one colossal bubble.Then when ordered, the chant restarted, but General Kanta altered the phrase, ventilating his words, ‘Kap Ko Ma, Kap Ko Ma.’


It was all too much for the chill burnt Dromonice.  The deep thunderous tone revolved like a tumble drier.  Sending the ice cubes smashing into each other.  Kap recalled an Earth refreshment, a ‘slushy’.  The poor men from Pluto had no chance.  There hardness was there downfall.  The giant orb was spongy and tolerated harshness.  When the end was sensed Kap ordered all to catapult all the pieces into the Sun.


The command was heeded.  The splinters melted into the orbit of Earth’s warming star.  The Scaronites returned to the mother ship.  The party was very much on.  Kaptin Rattling announced that the Crell had arrived.  Their was to be a celebration.  It was assumed that this sector of the known universe, belonged to the Scaronites.  At least for the time being.


The virtual all-nighter was called for.  Kap watched the merriment take place.  Alien heads bobbed and boozed in victory.  Even the nastiest of them cheered.  The leaders from the Crell came over to plan the take over of  base of the Dromonice.  On Pluto.  They were unaware of what was to come.  Kap also had a hidden agenda, to protect Earth.For now though, he drank the putrid Scaro Beer, with the others, as he was hailed the clever clogs that won the Battle of Outer Earth. 


* * *

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