colony b-26

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this is my first ever story i've ever written so please don't be too harsh.

Submitted: April 22, 2017

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Submitted: April 22, 2017



Colony B-26

22nd of April 2417

Tom was alone floating through the vast emptiness of space just waiting for a sign of help in the abandoned space station colony. His mission- find out what happened to colony B-26 had gone wrong his ship that got him there had ran out of fuel and his partner had mysteriously disappeared he was all alone in the colony floating through the depths of space- or so he thought a banging sound came from storage then a terrified scream that sounded like his partner. Tom went to investigate and rushed to the storage room he pried the doors open with all his might and what he found was worse than a horror movie. It was his partner sprawled across the floor in a bloody heap, mutilated. His neck was cut open and his arm had been cut off and thrown across the room, his leg looked like it was still attached to his body but Tom noticed a red slit about 1 centimetre between his hip and his leg so Tom pulled on his foot and his own partners leg slid across the pool of blood like someone on a slip and slide Tom took his partners dog tags and loaded his revolver Tom wasn’t alone and he knew it he stood up while covered in his partners blood holding his revolver in one hand with his elbow bent holding his gun close to his body and his partners dog tags dangling from the other Tom looked small, scared and pathetic as he looked cautiously into the darkness just staring for 15 seconds until a deep groan emanated from the shadows then two orange eyes peered back at him from the depths of the darkness Tom felt a chill rush up his spine as he stared into the cold, soulless eyes of a monster knowing that it had seen him however it just sat and stared at Tom, and Tom stared back with his revolver still raised then a slithery black creature that stood at about 7 to 8 feet tall lunged at him from the shadows it looked like a cross between a Human and a Lion with a mane of razor sharp spikes like something you’d see in the pits of hell, made by Satan himself Tom raised his gun and shot it in the shoulder the creature stepped back holding its upper arm and then let out an ear piercing roar while turning its head and shooting a spike from its twitching mane into Toms thigh which sent him back onto his rear then it jumped on him and raised its hand getting ready to slash at toms throat with its sharp nails in an act of desperation Tom shot it in the stomach as the creature stood back he emptied out all the other 4 chambers with a thunderous bang and an orange flash. Tom looked on in horror as it staggered back and dropped onto 1 knee and held the holes that had been punctured from the hot led as blood poured out once again they both locked eyes for about 10 seconds Toms eyes looked scared while the creatures eyes looked angry it let out another roar and scurried back into the darkness Tom stood up and pulled the spike out of his leg but held onto it as a dagger he knew the battle wasn’t over Tom took his partners bullets and picked up his dog tags then took a snapshot of the scene he then staggered his way to the medical facility to treat his wounds once he got there he heard the creatures roars through the vents he loaded his six shooter and pointed it to the roof as he took care of himself. After he finished patching himself up Tom could hear the roars getting closer so he dashed to his next stop the digital archives he logged on and typed in the creatures appearance Tom found what he was looking for. The creature was a highly intelligent unnamed Extra Terrestrial from the planet BGA- 45 in the Triangulum Galaxy its race had gone extinct 10 years ago after a giant meteor that was 5 kilometres in length hit BGA- 45 destroying every living animal on its planet except for small animals however a small group of its race managed to escape in time and agreed to travel the universe killing everything they found believing that something in the cosmos launched the meteor at their planet the document also mentioned certain races trying to reason with these Extra Terrestrials but the Extra Terrestrials killed them and their entire race but there have been no human interactions with them and that no one has managed to kill any of them or best them Tom leaned back after reading the document feeling sorry for the alien but at the same time even more scared than before but then Tome noticed a blob of greenish liquid drop onto his nose and then a painful burning sensation where it had dropped then a navy blue tongue rolled down in front of his face, it was the alien it grabbed him by the head and flung him across the room it then jumped across the room and sliced his throat narrowly avoiding Toms jugular its tongue rolled out again Tom saw this as an opportunity and grabbed his dagger the stabbed it in its tongue the aliens jumped back in pain but in the process its tongue ripped in half it let out a roar and fired a volley of spikes into Toms stomach he screamed in pain and dropped to all fours then the alien approached him and roared again then it raised its hand about to slice off Toms head but before he could do this Tom shot it in the head he stood up and fired his gun at it once again in the chest while the light of Earth shined through the long window acting as a beautiful backdrop for the battle Tom took a quick photo of the alien and then ran into the bathrooms and hid from the alien that wasn’t paying attention to him so he could heal himself but while in the toilets he found a dead corpse holding a double barrelled shotgun with 2 shells in it and wearing a space suit as if getting ready to leave the colony before being killed Tom picked up the shotgun and put on the space suit on and stayed hidden he could hear the alien roaring outside a tear of terror rolled down Toms cheek while he was praying that the alien wouldn’t find him just as this happened the alien kicked the toilet door down and started looking in the stalls for Tom and then he opened Toms stall and found him the alien grabbed Tom by his arm and smashed him through the sink head first and then grabbed him by the neck and dug its sharp nails into his flesh Tom let out a scream of agony but he grabbed his revolver and emptied out the 5 remaining bullets into its head and then ran the alien sat on the toilet floor drenched in its own blood and roared once again in pain then jumped back into the vent Tom had bested the alien once again been bested by Tom and was facing quite a tough challenge in Tom but it had almost slaughtered its prey Tom ran to the communication station and sent Nasa a message telling them to come and save him as soon as possible they responded with a message saying they’d be there in 5 hours Tom was so happy that he’d be out of this hell he heard the aliens roars echo through the vents but Tom didn’t care he jumped up and screamed of happiness and loaded his revolver the alien roared even louder Tom laughed and grabbed the portable communication device then went to the food court and ate and had a well-deserved pint of beer it was times like these that he realised how truly great it is to sit back and relax it was like he had lost all fear he had grown much more confident since his first encounter with the alien he now held his gun right out in front of him with a straight arm instead close to his body with a bent elbow like he used to and he looks into the aliens eyes with confidence instead of fear and he took much more risks and Tom knew this he found a cigar on a dead corpse in the food hall he took it and lit it and started smoking it remembering what it was like when he was at home on Earth with his wife and son watching the Tuesday night football as he smoked the same kind of cigar and a juicy delicious hamburger he took one last sip of beer and poured the rest onto his partners dog tags after another 4 hours and a half passed he got a message from Nasa that they had arrived he put his space helmet on and opened an escape hatch and there he was standing on top of colony B-26 he took a picture of the cosmos then turned towards the space ship and started walking towards it as his friends from Nasa poked their heads out and waved at him Tom with a smile on his face knowing he had achieved the impossible by besting the alien twice waved back but the he felt a deep slash on his back he turned around to see the alien once again it dug its claws deep into Toms stomach he screamed as the alien twisted its claws inside his belly Tom grabbed his dagger and raised it and stabbed the alien in its forearm it let go of Tom he ran towards the alien and stabbed it in the stomach and continued running driving the alien onto the floor Tom then stabbed it in the eye and pushed the full length of the spike into the aliens head stabbing its brain but not touching and vital parts it let out a roar of pain Tom the pulled the dagger out slightly and soccer kicked it cracking its skull across its face along to its nose and down the side of its head he then gave it another kick as the alien  roared in pain sending the crack around almost it entire head tom raised the double barrelled shotgun to its head but it slashed his space helmet open and then shot a spike from its mane into Toms helmet luckily the plexi glass stopped the force of the spike and it didn’t reach Toms face it then shot a spike into Toms shoulder sending him onto his back Tom fund it increasingly hard to breath since there were holes in his helmet and his wounds had frozen and his innards were going to freeze soon if he didn’t get onto the ship quick enough and he would die before he could get up the newly named black lion jumped on him and started tearing his chest skin up trying to dig a hole into Toms heart Tome found it extremely painful especially since it was already starting to freeze but just before the black lion reached his heart Tom grabbed the black lions head and stuck his hands into the crack in the aliens face and opened it he then stuck his shotgun in the crack then pushed it onto its back and they had switched positions the alien let out its loudest roar yet and then Tom with all his might said the words “die mother fucker” and pulled the trigger emptying both shells into the black lions brain and blew its entire head up then Tom took a picture of the decapitated alien and threw the shotgun on the floor and grabbed his revolver and his partners dog tags from his pocket and stood up covered in the black lion’s blood while holding his revolver at his side in one hand and his partners dog tags dangling in the other he looked more confident than ever then he walked back onto the ship and celebrated with his friends who ended up videoing him and the black lions final conflict on the way back to his home planet Earth where he would be greeted as an international hero to all and be knighted by the queen for his noble efforts aboard space station colony B-26.

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