United : A House of Ghosts Collab

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Action and Adventure  |  House: House of Ghosts

There are tales of them. 'The Five' Ancient warriors chosen to defend the planet from disaster. We're taught the lessons in school, hundreds of years ago there was an ancient evil known as The Myuat who descended upon our planet with the intent to wipe out everything....

We believed that they would, they were much stronger than humans. Smarter than humans. More determined that humans. At least that's what we believed initially and then something....happened.
A group of 5 strangers from different walks of life were all connected together.

One from the Sands that scorched like the sun,

One from the Dark where the light cannot run,

One from the Seas that crash like a storm ,

One from the Skies back to the air where the soul is born,

One from the Earth straight from the Mother's grasp,

One from the Light where the darkness can never last,

Together these strangers gathered together and pushed away the Myuat. Our world was saved, and in that dark time we as a race realized something.
They weren't stronger than us.
They weren't smarter than us.
They weren't better than us, but they were United.
For so long humanity fought against itself. Waged civil wars. Not once had Earth ever been United. But ' The Five' proved that there was hope. Hope for us to be something more, something more fierce than those that wished us harm.
If we put our minds to it, we could be unstoppable.
If only our hearts could have remained...United.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1

Klause   Klaus was sat in his office in the Albon Chateau, his icy blue eyes piercing the files that lay befo... Read Chapter

Chapter 2

Zephyr   It was a late start for me, already way past noon by the time I staggered out from my room, still groggy fro... Read Chapter

Chapter 3

Akina   “You won’t believe what I did…. I actually applied. To the School of Five? Remember? We talked about it ... Read Chapter

Chapter 4

Kaitlyn   Everyone and everything perceives things differently, like the hundreds of eyes that stared back at you, un... Read Chapter

Chapter 5

Penlope     Had she known of the occasion that was taking place she would not have come home, but how was she ... Read Chapter

Chapter 6

Magnus     “You have to isolate each variable to get their values…” I was watching and somewhat listenin... Read Chapter

Chapter 7

Sherry   "Sherry, ye come down for breakfast now?" "Coming Uncle." Another day, another story. I've come to accep... Read Chapter

Chapter 8

Magnus   Sitting here watching as students continue walking into the classroom one by one. The room quickly fillin... Read Chapter

Chapter 9

Sherry     "Welcome to the first day of hell!"   I should be excited about this, right? So why wa... Read Chapter

Chapter 10

Penny   Was there someone speaking? She was pretty sure there were voices, someone had been talking. Someone was sayi... Read Chapter

Chapter 11

Zephyr   The classroom buzzed with silence, like a weird ring in the ear that refuses to go away. Nobody was saying a... Read Chapter

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Recent Comments

Kossettes Novellettes

#Firstcomment ;)

Mon, April 24th, 2017 3:56pm


Oh this was a good chapter! I felt so proper reading this XD like I wanted to be like super posh and I low key read everything in an English accent...forgive me. Anyways I liked that Klause was keeping up a facade with the people around him but dropped it as soon as everyone left the room. Although it does make me worried why he feels he needs to keep up the lie? Is it just because of what we know so far, his family needing to keep their name or is it something more? 0.0 Anyways good work giving us those sweet moments between him and his butler Xander (assuming that's what he is) and between Klause and his mom I loved that she was so understanding. I am excited to meet his sister she sounds like a wild card and I'm sure this isn't the last we've heard of her! What a great way to start off the series and I can't wait to see Klause again! :)

Mon, April 24th, 2017 4:54pm

Kossettes Novellettes

I like Klauses life, like literally I wish I could live it. He's basically bat man but like more toned down. I feel like this was a perfect beginning to the collab because it was so calm. alos I feel like I could hear orchestral music playing in the background while I read, like he was listening to a gramma phone wile he was doing his office work.

The dialogue was perfect I have to say I adored it, the posh uppity proper speech set the tone for the setting so amazingly and the way his mother was dressed all fril kind of made m smile because I half expected it. It was like the so obvious rich life style that everyone envisions and he has it. He can do anything and have anything. This was great I loved it.

Tue, April 25th, 2017 1:37am

T. E. Jackson

Great way to start off this collab, awesome job. Really well written and it kept a nice plotline throughout the chapter. Klaus seems like an interesting character and I'm sure there is more to his story! Can't wait to read more about him!

Tue, April 25th, 2017 5:52am

Samuel Exalt

Well, it seems my chapter was first. Huh, fancy that. Anyhow, I tried, and honestly, I can see a few problems, specifically the pacing. The ending was slightly rushed, in honesty. I'm glad for the feedback, though, and I think I have some ideas now.

Tue, April 25th, 2017 2:27pm

Miss Midnight

Excellent start. I enjoyed the flow and descriptions. The emotions are also well written and didn't feel forced or over the top. Mmm, wealthy people, they really do live differently, lol. I feel for Klause, can't be easy to live up to everyone's expectations and forgoing your own. A few sweet moments bubbled up, and then we saw a little more of the real Klause. I like this character, and I can't wait to read more about him.

Wed, April 26th, 2017 5:32am

Avery White

I absolutely love the first chapter! What a wonderful start to the story! Though..... (And I'm just nitpicking, I don't mean to be rude :) ) Some of the tenses (As in past and present tense ) are a little bit off. You might want to check that, just saying. Thanks, and keep up the great work!

Fri, April 28th, 2017 12:10am


I should've got to this sooner, hahaha, but I am here now, and this was a great way to start off the collab. This character tries too hard to be someone he isn't, haha. I am hoping, as this collab continues, that he will learn to relax and be himself around some of these other characters that are in this too. I think that would be really great to see. I am interested in why he tends to be like this though, and hope to get a better understanding of it at a later date :D anyway, great job :)

Fri, April 28th, 2017 9:41pm

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