The incapacitated revenge

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Feelings and power, born or bred?

Submitted: April 22, 2017

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Submitted: April 22, 2017



the incapacitated revenge

In the secluded village of shevildig, there was uncommon unrest. A group of guerrilla infiltrators had been launching attacks on the villagers of shevildig, and to the victim of this horribly cruel happening, this situation was unknown. For the village hidden in the leaves and floating on the water, the world existed only until they could see, which was, the darkness of the trees and the fogs of the cliff wall in the north. The females of the village would cook the food grown by the labour of the males and they would create children when each elder was soon to pass on, for, it was a ceremony for the elder to look upon a young infant upon birth, as when life was soon to end, it had to be reminded of the beginning, that it itself, was soon to regain.

For this village, monsters attacking the villagers one by one and cutting down the trees to make shelters, was hurtful. One of the tales from this heartbroken village is as follows.

Once there was a female, brown kneed and black eyed, whose youngest child, was thrown away by a guerrilla monster into a fire, for the child had wandered too far into the darkness of the trees which was lighter now, for the trees had fallen.

The female from shevildig experienced a feeling of rage so utterly powerful that she ran at the guerrilla monster who was inhumanly dancing at it's triumph over the young child, and grabbed it by the neck and bit it on the cheek.

To her horror, the guerrilla monster, with one hand, threw her off and aside.

And she felt, for the first time again, a feeling of rage but now, the feeling of rage was not to the the breath of life, the feeling of rage turned upon it’s creator, and bit the choked the female from shevildig, on the note, the she from shevildig was incapable of taking revenge on the much more powerful guerrilla monster.

A male of the village saw her, crippled, and ran to her. Learning what happened, he turned to the monster of the guerrilla and felt, himself, a urge of rage, that took birth in his fist, which was burstingly closed.

But it of the guerrilla lifted it's light cloth lingering between it's legs and the he from shevildig felt of the utterance of rage turn to a murmur of seduced gibberish and the male from shevildig forgot all about the female from shevildig and released the built up rage, into and not upon, the monster of the guerrilla.

And she from shevildig, whimpered with the loss that was not recovered, the feelings that could not be satisfied and the revenge that was left incapacitated.

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