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This is a short story of the few years have lived on earth, how i experienced a major health challenge that made me initially loose hope of life but i laterovercame , faced it and still achieve my goals . It will inspire you

Submitted: April 22, 2017

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Submitted: April 22, 2017




A short story of my life encounter .

Am grateful for the privilege to share this with you, I do believe this short story of my few years on earth will impact your life and inspire you greatly to go above the challenges confronting you and achieve your desired goals. Your goals are attainable!


I am 23 years old today the 22nd April 2017. Celebrating it, reflected on my journey so far, I see it has been full of ups and down, thorns and thistles but wonderful after all as Robert Schuler wrote; “Tough time never last but tough people”. Despite the challenge, I have developed a positive mindset, tough skin which has really helped me to push toward my goals in life. At the present, I have NO JAW (currently on prosthetics) but I have no regrets because I have found a NEW JOY for living.


When I was growing up I had bright dreams, aspirations of what I will become and achieve in life, but all of a sudden, it began to fade out of my sight when I encountered a major challenge. At that time I was in my 300 level of higher institution, I just found that I started struggling with headaches, pains, couldn’t comprehend nor cope in lectures anymore, my head feeling like its heavy, couldn’t eat properly, my gums oozing out blood, sooner people began to tell me my face looks like it’s inappropriate in shape, my cheek bulging and teeth getting disoriented. Took the advice of my lecturer and Pastor (of blessed memory) to see a doctor, called my parents and came to Lagos State General Hospital then refereed to the Teaching hospital, tests, X-ray and biopsy were carried out and then the news came to me that I had developed a tumor called ‘flexicom ameloblastoma’ already spreading across my jaw and if I wait longer like for a month, it will become cancerous.


Right there at the clinic, my mum began crying because she could not comprehend how her son who was healthy before going to school should suddenly developed a tumor which is life threatening. The case was tougher because mine was growing internally than notable ones people know that grows bigger on the external. We were informed that the only remedy was to perform surgery in earnest to remove the tumor which entails wiping out completely the entire jaw along with teeth, gums.  At this moment, I began to feel my world coming to an end, as the weight of the world compressed my tender heart, with a lot of negative thoughts like what of if I don’t survive it, what will my life be after if I survived, will I be able to carry on with my aspirations again and so many uncertainties. Tears rolling down mine and my lovely parents cheek for I was to be in my final year. It became a tough situation to bear for me.


I had to pull out from school activities with the permission of my department to undergo the surgery and finally it was done at the Federal Government Teaching Hospital.  Before the day, I was handed a consent form indicating that the surgery is a 50-50 situation that I and my parents should sign that they understood that negative occurrence could occur like death, brain damage, speech loss. Tears still rolling down my cheek, it was signed, as I was told the surgery lasted for 7-8 hours. At this period, everything became dark for me, it looked like 19 years of my life had been wasted, shattered and lost in a dark stage, then I was transferred to the intensive care unit (ICU) after the surgery for 2 days on oxygen.


Behold I opened my eyes to find out my jaw is gone, face heavy. Lost hope and crying to God from with the voice of my heart; GOD, WHY ME? But during my recovery period at the ward on my bed, a day came an inspiration dawned on me like a lightening after studying two books by Robert Schuler “Tough time never last but tough people do” and Myles Munroe “Unleashing your potentials” that this particular challenge has happened for a reason, I should found out why and decide either to give in to hopeless living or rise up to face this new stage of my life and fulfill God given purpose for existence. I pondered and found out that my life has been designed; events have been orchestrated to inspire humanity to overcome their challenges as my mentor, Dr. Martin Luther King Jnr. Said:


 “We are prone to judge success by the indexes of our salaries and automobiles rather than by our love, relationship and service to humanity”


The remaining part of my life from 19 years upward is to be dedicated to serving God and affecting humanity positively.  

I was told by the doctors I wouldn’t be able to talk properly again and true to it, I had speech loss. Couldn’t communicate soundly again for up to a year but I didn’t allow this to hinder me, I went ahead to start training myself to speak even if people couldn’t understand what I was saying, I persisted and now I can speak properly to the amazement of my surgeons and doctors.

I was advised not to go back to school or handle any strenuous activities that I will be affected but I didn’t allow that to stop me because I have a goal to finish my schooling. I defied all odds and went back to school, despite the struggles to cope, I wrote my final exams and I can boldly claim a Bachelor of Science (BSc.) degree in Biochemistry from a state owned university in Nigeria, also holds other certificates in various aspects of human endeavours and best of all I just completed this April the compulsory National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) Scheme by the Federal government of Nigeria.  Also I have been actively engaging opportunities to go places speaking , counseling, motivating as well as encouraging both the old and young , physically challenged individuals to defy all odds, overcome their challenges ,go ahead and succeed, living a glorious lives.


Dear friend, your challenge might be tougher than mine or less compared to mine but still you must not give up.  I have no jaw now as my doctors had declared me free from every trace of tumor but have found a new joy.  I say to you:



Thanks for reading.


© Copyright 2018 Samuel Idonaba. All rights reserved.

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