The First Full Moon

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Submitted: April 22, 2017

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Submitted: April 22, 2017



The First Full Moon

On the night of the first full moon, all werewolves around the world will howl at the moon in unison, all heads upturned. Tonight will be the night where all of the werewolves-- including Kelly --would transform into what they really are on the inside: wolves.

Kelly was nervous, as this was her first time, her first full moon. This was the year she turned sixteen. All werewolf cubs wouldn't be able to transform only until they are at the age of sixteen. But tonight, tonight is the night Kelly would finally know what it feels like.

  "Kelly, are you done daydreaming yet?",asked Mack. Mack was Kelly's older brother. He gestured for her to come out of her room. "It's going to be night soon. Come out; mom and dad's waiting." Following Mack, she walked out of her room to her parents. They were sitting on the patio, chatting. They smiled when they saw Kelly. "Look at our baby girl," said Kelly's mom with a soft smile,"all grown up." They continued to chat, until alll they could see in the sky was the full, round moon, ever so bright. "It'll be okay Kelly. Just don't feel nervous.",said her dad. That's when Kelly felt it; the warmth in her bones, the feeling of comfort spreading from her head to toe. She felt her ears grow sharper, and her canines growing into fangs. Her nails grew into claws.

  Then she looked up to the sky, and howled together with her magnificent werewolf family.

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