She was beautiful

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Submitted: April 23, 2017

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Submitted: April 23, 2017




I saw her, she was so beautiful man!
Her hair, those eyes and the complexion tan!

When I dared look at her
She frowned with a little mur-mur!

Her lashes moved like a paint brush
Loved at first sight dude, not the crush!

I waited and waited outside her home
Was oblivious to me if I stay or roam!

You know it was night by nine
But I was ok, I was fine!

It had been a week she did not bother me
But I got stuck as hive to bee!

She laughed at me; her friends made my fun
'Look at that nonsense, got nothing got none!'

Might have I winced at what they said 
Stayed quiet; gifted her flowers in Red!

From that day till this I feel like esteemed dove
I flew with her, my ecstasy, my only love!

I laugh at myself after all I had to push for her "yes"
Had to suppress my cowardice and cover all mess!

Nothing is more difficult than to persuade girls
Takes so much spins and a lot called "whirls"

After all I had to do to make her mine
My world has changed, got the eternal shine! 

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