Moulds we are forced into

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Kind of rant/opinion kind of writing :)

Submitted: April 23, 2017

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Submitted: April 23, 2017



We are born into this world and we have no idea what family we are born to, where we are or what’s going to happen. From this moment, our path is carved for the journey of our lives. We grow up with the people around us (family) and each family is different, some are bad, some are okay, some are good and some are amazing. They are the first to start to mould us like clay. They cut our hair, they teach us the common start of being a child, how to talk, emotions and feelings. The next mould is school. We are sent to school and instantly we are changing again, we are put into a box. The smart one, the funny one , the badly behaved one , the pretty one. We are given a heading and to us that is what we are. We are not old enough to understand that we are already being judged and judging at the age of 3 to 4. We make friends, we learn our abc’s , we even are being taught how to behave properly for a gold star. Like dogs. All through school we are being moulded, we go through a bullying stage (being the bully or being bullied), we become so self-conscious about ourselves , we even ignore our inner voice that’s telling us that’s wrong or I should stop that. The school says its teaching us morals but why are so many schools teaching their pupils that its ok to ignore your primal instinct or ‘your gut’.

Once you complete school , you are so far from the person you started off as , it’s like being a baby deer standing for the first time. It’s like a whole 11 years of your life you have been floating and then gravity happens and you plummet to the floor like you’re just waking up. For some school will be the best time of their lives , and others the worst or even just ‘okay’.

But that’s only a small fraction of our moulding. Next we need to become independent and find a job that pays the bills with the experience or college degree you have (which by the end you might not even like doing). After you have found a little house and a mediocre job , you meet ‘the one’. ‘The one’ that you have made up in your head and just praying this person is them because otherwise you’re going to be disappointed and heartbroken. By this point you are so compacted into a specific mould that this ‘the one’ isn’t even meeting the real you and you aren’t meeting the real ‘them’. How are you meant to find your soul mate when you don’t even know you.

So you may or not get married, have kids and not find yourself at all and live a life that is like a ghost of the real you.

Or you experience something that puts a tiny crack into your mould. The crack is heartbreak. Such a strong emotion that it has broken through all the false sense of security you had and has silently smacked you in the face to wake up from a sleepless dream life.

Some may not experience this heartbreak through a love story, it might be from an experience you went through, betrayal or even a loss. Whatever it was, it sent a beeline of electric right to your heart.

Now there’s a crack in your ‘life’ or the life you think is yours. Some may realise it and some may ignore it, but you have experienced it , it’s there. Probably by the time you have finally ignored it, something else is going to happen in your life that the electrical zap steals your breath and forces the small crack to push apart even more.

 I’m not saying pain is the only way to wake you up! But some are clouded by so much fucking bullshit, that other emotions aren’t strong enough to break through. Love may be able to break through, but how are you supposed to know Love when you have no idea if you have even loved properly, or are you just loving a load of different moulds of people you think you know.


Some say that ‘ you must fall to build yourself back up’ , I don’t think you need to fall all the way to the bottom, just enough of a drop so you get that feeling , you know the one where you feel like your falling in your sleep that your heart does that funny beat and it actually wakes you up. It may only be a few feet drop but it could be enough to do it.


So are you going to be able to let yourself fall and break the mould or are you going to cling to the ledge for dear life because you’re so afraid of the unknown that you refuse to live fully.


If you are in a mould, allow yourself to fall, it will be the best thing you ever did.


Let yourself wake up because inside you’re dying to be let free.


To fly instead of float.

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