I love you, is that okay?

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: I love you, is that okay?
will it happen?
Gemma is nice and has an attached
James is full of him self and thinks he can get any girl

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Chapter one

Submitted: April 23, 2017

I wake up and see it's 7:30am college doesn't start till 9:00am so I hopped in the shower then put on my black skinny jeans with red and grey top. I heard my dad shout up the stairs "Gemma your going to be late for school" I was an only child and dad always treated me like I was 10
"Dad college doesn't start till 9:00"
I shouted down to him as I finished putting on my make up and shoes and I looked at the time it was 8:20am.
I grab my denim jacket and house keys as I ran down stairs putting my bag on my back dad hugged me and I get on my bike and started putting on my purple helmet.


I parked my bike and took off my helmet. it was a sunny day so my hair looked blood red in the sun or that's what I was told in little school. I headed to the homeroom that's what I call my favourite teachers room I walk in and I said "morning Miss Green" an old lady in her mid 40's with grey hair and a light pink summer dress on turns around and smiles "good morning Gemma how is your father" she said and I looked at her and I smiled "he's good still missing your Cookie's tho" I giggled and so dose she.
You see Miss Green was my babysitter when I was small but now I'm 17
I put my helmet on her cabinet at the back of the class room she always let's me keep it in her class room.
"You better get to class sweetie or you'll be late" said Miss Green with a smile on her face "okay I'll see you after college" I said as I hugged her and headed to my English class.
I hate English but I understand it unlike the monkey's I call class 'mates' I don't talk to them I get to English and sit in the back right corner.
I see James the college 'bad boy' or as they call it I always thought he was more emo then bad boy
With he's long for a boy black hair grey and black striped hoodie, black skinny jeans, red converse and a red Vneck top
He always has silver headphones around he's neck. Read Chapter

Chapter 2

Submitted: April 23, 2017

chapter 2

Submitted: April 23, 2017

James sat on the opposite side of the class room the teacher Mr pink walked in and starts talking about a project that we need to do. I didn't listen to much as I had headphones in listening to Amy Winehouse Valéry it's my favourite song as my dad says its about me just change the name to Gemma I slowly lay my head down and as I'm about to fall asleep I jump hearing a book land on my table and a girl laughing. I look up to see a short blonde girl, she had pink high tops on mini denim shorts and a mini black jumper "hi I'm Luna Carter " she said as she slowly stopped laughing "I'm Gemma Smith" I said moving my bag so she can sit down.
She sits next to me and she smiles at me "I'm your partner in English okay?" Luna said "Yea sure sounds fun so who's house should we work at" I said smiling back "my house is free only my brother and his mate" Luna said I nodded "I ride motor bike so you can have a lift to yours" I said and she lights up hearing that and hugs me I hug back "yes that's way more fun then being stuck in a car with my brother and his mate Alex".Luna said
At the end of class me and Luna walked to my bike " I'm going to go grab my helmet okay I'll be right back " Luna Nod's I run to miss Green's class room and grab my helmet as she nods and smiles at me I run back to my bike to see James talking to his sister.
"Luna come here" I said as I grab my super helmet she smiles and I put it on her then put mine on and start the bike "see you at the house bro" Luna says getting on and wrapping her arms around me.

                      ~At Luna's House~

I ride up to a big house parking at the side as Luna told me to and we took the helmets off and Luna unlocked the door as we headed to a hangout room. There was a big TV, xbox one, two Sofa's and some beanbags on the dark blue carpet. Read Chapter

Chapter 3

Submitted: April 23, 2017

We sat on the sofa across from each other "so what is our project about" I asked taking off my jacket and putting it on arm of the sofa. Luna smiled "its about a love that can not be" "I take it you like this project" I say smiling Luna Nod's and said "I play the keyboard so we can do a love song if you want"
I looked at her shooked that she would say that. Luna looked worried "do you not like that idea" she asked "no no I love it I didn't now you would like that" I say smiling as she goes and sits at the keyboard I nod and she starts playing love me like you do.

I close my eyes and start singing along ad I finish the coreras I hear clapping I open my eyes to see Alex and James standing in the door way "why didn't you tell me they were here Luna" I asked her
"Ohh...was I ment to do that" she asks confused about it I giggle and nod at her "so that is the song you are going to do" Alex said as he walked to Luna.
"No we haven't picked yet...ohh...before I forget Gemma this is Alex my brothers best friend and this is James my twin brother boys this is Gemma smith no touching her got it" she said and I smiled at her Alex just noded and went back to talking to Luna.
James sat on the sofa with me "dose Luna now" I ask James "she has no idea that Alex likes her" he smiked looking at them "and your fine if your best friend date's your twin sister"
I say and push up my glasses he looks at me.
He smiks at me "yae he's a good guy and his been in to her seens year 9 and hasn't dated anyone"
"That's cute they would make a cute couple" "I've..."
James was about to say something but Luna run up to me and pulled me up to her room it felt like she was trying to pull off my arm.

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Chapter 4

Submitted: April 23, 2017

When we get in she starts giggling like a crazy person I sit on the bed "what's wrong Luna" I ask as she finally calms down and sites next to me.
She looked at me like she new something that I didn't "I sew you with my brother" I start laughing and fall back on to the bed "really you had me worried it was something important"
Shy jumps on the bed looking down at me "heyy Gemma" she says smiling like a crazy person "heyy Luna" I say back.

"What time is it" I asked queries as how long we have been thinking about our song
Luna jumps up and checks her phone "it's 8:30pm" she says laying her head on my lap "wow really" I say sitting up and smiling down at her "its really dark and looks like there is going to be a storm"
As I say that Luna sits up next to me and I sigh as I put my shoes on.

Luna runs down and as fast as she ran down she runs back up stopping right in front of me and says "Gemma take off your shoes your staying here"
I take off my shoe's and sigh "Luna you are a crazy little one aren't you"
I say as I text my dad.

Gemma: hey daddy I'm staying at a mate's house to night

Dad: okay sweetie I'm not going to be back till next Sunday as I have some bissnes to take care of

Gemma: okay daddy love you

Dad: love you too sweetie there's money in your draw

Gemma: okay thanks daddy love ya

Dad: night night sweetie

" my dad said okay "
I say looking up to see luna grinning.

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Chapter 5

Submitted: April 23, 2017

" Yae!!! " Luna screams and then just stop's out of no were "you okay Luna" I ask her a little worried something is wrong then I hear a voice it sounds so sweet "come on I know who that is" Luna says grabbing my hand "who is it Luna " I ask as she drags me down stairs.

I see a glimes of James as me and Luna hide behind the sofa so they can't see us there playing ( nightcore galaxy - all time she's a great youtuber and I love this song)

Alex: the city could crumble and fall
we'll still be here though it all
and even if the stars all go dark
I still have you in my arms

James: the city could crumble and fall
will still be here standing strong
and even if the stars all go dark
I'll still have you

Luna looks mezmrised by Alex they finished and spotted us but she's not in realty yet.
I shake my hand in front of her face and say "Luna your drooling earth to Luna "
I can't help but giggle as the boys walk over to us "yep over Alex who else " I hear a deep voice as I look up to see James "well your gross so yae hehe" I say giggling as Luna goes to hit him James grabs my arm and pulls me in front of him instead of hitting him she hit me " ahhhh..Luna " I scream as i fall on to the sofa, she is stronger then she looks.

Luna trys to hug me and we end up on the floor "I'm so so so sorry gemm"
Luna says hugging me tight on the floor
I smile and hug her back "its okay its not that bad plus its not your fault its your dumass brother over there"
I say hitting him in the leg as Alex turns around and hits him round the head.

All I see is Luna's eye's light up when she see's Alex grin "ahh...what the hell dude" James says holding his head "you never use a woman as a shelld man" Alex says as he helps Luna up and then me "I going to make dinner James mum isn't here to night and Alex are you staying" Luna says as me and her walk in to the kitchen "okay little one" I hear James say then Alex says  "yes please Luna can I stay " Luna smiles so bright goes red "yep of course you can Alex"  I say before she can say anything she hits my arm and says "gem what the hell"
"I know you like him and dummy he likes you too" I say and go out in to the den.

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Chapter 6

Submitted: April 23, 2017

I go in to the den and sit on the sofa as Alex walks up to me "hey gem" he says "hi Alex what you up to" I say trying to be nice "here put on some music I'm going to see if Luna needs some help" he said handing me a tablit couneted to blue teath speaker's.

10 minutes go by and I hear giggles coming from the kitchen then see James get up and I drop the tablit on the sofa and grab he's arm "what the hell" he shouts at me turning around to face me as I hear the back door close "let them be they like each other" I say holding on to he's arm tighter "that's my sister and bestfirend out there, I can't" he shouts louder and gets out of my hold "stop it James just let her have fun she told me everything james"

You see when me and Luna were up stairs she told me when they were little there mum was a drunk and slut she never did anything just hid behide James through out there inter child hood Luna just wanted James to help him self know but he won't let her go.

Breaking out of my memory's to hear James shouting in the kitchen I get up and walk in to see a very pissed off James sat on a chair with a broken glass on the floor "what's wrong" I say to him a little scared.
He hand's me a note.....

Hey thanks gemma me and Alex are going out we'll be back in an hour so please look after James
Luna & Alex

"Ohh......so I'm babysitting" I say trying to make him laugh it didn't work "great know I might lose my baby sister its bad anoth our mum was a drunk slut" I hear from him as he gets up and walks in to the den as I follow him and James sits on the sofa and I sit on the other side.
James looks at me like its my fault "I'm sorry to hear that but its not my fault James" I say looking down at my feet feeling bad for him I felt a hand on my shoulder and looked up to see James "I'm sorry Gemma my mum was always mean to me and Luna, I took it out on you, I just wanted to keep my baby sister safe" he said and I quickly hugged him tight.

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Chapter 7

Submitted: May 13, 2017

An hour passed and James had fallen asleep on the sofa in the den and I was on a beanbag when Luna and Alex come in Luna smiling as big as possible.

"Hey gem did he freak out much" she said as she put a blanket over James and Alex made himself a bed on the beanbags "no he was fine when he fell asleep hehe" I say giggling as I get up "that's good then, right we should get some sleep night Alex"
Luna says as she pecks Alex on the cheek then head up to her room.
When we sit down in our pj's Luna still had the biggest smile on her face I look at her and grin.
"Tell me everything that happened right know" I say so close to fangirling Luna Start's telling me everything
"Well Alex told me he liked me and took me to this little diner were we sheared a milkshake and talked about how we are going to tell my brother "

It souned like a fairyteal Luna the princess and Alex the Prince I smiled imagining them together yep definitely a fairytale soon we were both fast asleep.

In my dream

James was making dinner and Luna was with me "hey hunny" I heard someone say I looked up to see James trying to kiss my cheek I slapped him hard and woke up.

"Eww that's Luna's brother and the bad boy of the school its like my brean had a death wish" I said to myself I got up to get a drink and saw something I wish I didn't James and some Blondy making out on the sofa. I got my drink and ran back to Luna's room and saw her and Alex cuddled up together in her bed so I get my blanket and go sleep in James bed as he's down stairs. Read Chapter

Chapter 8

Submitted: May 31, 2017

I was woken up by Luna "gem wake up its 1:00pm" I sit up and smile seeing Luna "morning I need good" I say smiling as my belly rumbals loudly Luna jumps at this and giggles as we go down stairs to see James kicking Blondy out, its a Sunday morning and this girl is doing the walk of shame. Me and Luna sit down at the side as Alex hands a playt of pancakes to me then Luna as he kisses her cheek she smiles and gets up going over to James hitting him hard Alex saw my confused face and told me "Luna hates it when he plays with girls hearts he never listens" as u finishes my pancakes Luna comes back "he's a dick ahhh" she says. she really dose hate when he dose this "Luna we don't have time and I have something that will make you happy "
I say grabbing her arm and going to the den I turn on the mikerphone and she turns on the keyboard "okay what is it gem" she says
I started singing and Luna was playing the keyboard (Taylor swift- mine)
"Ohh..ah..oh..you were in college working part time waiting tables, left a small town never looked back I was a flight risk, with a fear of falling wondering why we bother with love, if it never lasts I say can you believe it, as your lying on the couch"

After we had finished I told Luna I had to head home to fix up the song and I'd see her tomorrow in school giving me a hug Luna and I say later and I headed to my bike as I got everything and headed home or tried to.

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Chapter 9

Submitted: July 01, 2017

I got half way up my road and realized a car was following me so I went to the side and stopped I see James get out the car and walk up t... Read Chapter

Chapter 10

Submitted: July 04, 2017

I sat in the back as Luna came in behind me she said "hey gemmy" and sat next to me with the biggest smile on her face her long blonde ha... Read Chapter

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