I realized

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Submitted: April 23, 2017

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Submitted: April 23, 2017



A sudden appearence, 
A sudden disappearence.
You act like we never were.

Already moving on.

Why can't I?

You came over yesterday,
And the light came back to my life. 
A smile tugged my lips,
and for a while,
I forgot we broke up.

You stayed the night last night.
It was unexpected, 
but you were drunk,
and I was sad.

You slept across the giant bed,
careful not to touch me.
But you couldn't sleep,
you have't in months and neither have I.

I rubbed your back until you dozed, 
and I followed soon after.
I woke up with you breathing shakily,
pressed against my body.
you were trembling as you held me close.

I wouldn't call it making love,
but I guess we said good-bye.

I know we'll stay friends,
and pretend it never happened.

You'll have a new girlfriend soon,
and I won't tell you how much it hurts,
but I wish you the best. 

And I realized when you left this morning,
that we lost whatever we had.
And even though,
 I don't know if I'll be okay,
And I know my heart is broken,
I know I'll try my best.

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