Who She Was

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Submitted: April 23, 2017

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Submitted: April 23, 2017



I hope one day, someone finds this and it gets published and shared across the world. People read it and think “Awe she was such a beautiful girl”. A beautiful girl. Only if I heard those words a little sooner. Only if you knew. Only if. The battle that I am facing within kills me every single fucking day. This time, the pills will work. You just watch. This time, my feet will drift off that bridge. This time, I will run out onto that highway. This time I will stay under the water. This time I will hang there. Restless. This time it will work. That beautiful girl, wasn’t so beautiful after all. She was from the dark. The side that none wants to visit. For you want her to be happy, but get upset when she leaves. For those who are struggling, with anything, Theres always a light to the darkness. But you see, whenever you wake up. From that nasty horrifying dream you had, your nightmare ends. Mine. Well, Mine doesn’t. Its a living hell out there. Don’t do it. Don’t get attached. Don't get involved. Don't be yourself. Don't do it. Or you’ll end up like me. Stressed, Depressed and suicide obsessed. Well you see, kids this beautiful girl wasn’t so beautiful after all. And that’s just the beginning. Silly girl, thinking she was beautiful. Thinking she was the light that brought happiness into this world. Funny thing, isn’t it? But she’s fine. Help me. No one heard her screams. Because she's fine. I don't think they’ll ever understand. She’s lost her mind godammit. Only if someone would notice. Oh wait, she’s fine.

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