The Rusty Axe

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Submitted: April 23, 2017

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Submitted: April 23, 2017



This is the story of Benjamin Baker, who is he you might ask. Well he does not go    under the name Benjamin Baker, at least not anymore. You see he left that world and that name long time ago, many peoples has strangely given him another name Slender Man. But the story itself begins long before the nickname Slender Man, it begins many decades ago in a little city called Rothenburg. 

Benjamin Baker was born into a family with three older hardworking brothers, his mom was working at a factory making silk and his dad worked in a mine not far from their home. Little Benjamin came into the world on a snowy December, even though he was unplanned his mother loved him unconditionally just like the other three brothers. But Benjamin’s father wasn’t so happy with another mouth to feed, that night he putted up a huge fight and asked again and again how they would manage the cold hard winter. It escalated quickly and the father couldn’t stand the thought of another child, he ran outside of the house and picked up the axe he used for chopping wood. He came back inside screaming at his wife to get out of the way, she refused and stood her ground holding little Benjamin in her arms protecting him from harm.  Full of rage and frustrated he swung the axe against Benjamin,  with three chops it all was over or so he thought.  When he looked up to see what he had hit , he was shocked of the results he saw his wife’s arm lying on the floor completely chopped off.  He could see his wife’s lips moving in a loud scream, but in that moment he only heard his own heavily breathing. He saw the dark blood running down his wife’s body, as she still held on too Benjamin crying and screaming at him. 

Years went by and his mother did survive the incident, the family had it much tougher now than before the incident. She couldn’t  work at the factory not anymore, without her arm she was too slow and the chief  fired her after the first week.  Little Benjamin was growing fast , he had already grown to the age of six years. Even if he was too young to work, did his father not care much about it he dragged him to different small works anyways. All to make the family survive another day, but Benjamin didn’t care much he actually enjoyed it a bit.  

Years went by in the hard working family, the oldest one moved out and the mother’s condition turned worse over one hard winter day.  Benjamin was capable of working but didn’t get much money, his father was very disappointed in him and threated him to kill him if he didn’t get home more money. Benjamin didn’t let himself get scared over his father’s words and threats, and headed out again to work some more. The hours rolled by and he headed home, only to find out that his mother died under those hours he had been away working. That day his heart sank to the deepest part of his body to never come back up, he always blamed his dad for the death of his mother.  Just a few days later a funeral was held in their backyard,  Benjamin’s father was dressed in this dark grey suit with a red tie. How his father got the money for that suit Benjamin didn’t want to know. But he already knew  where it was coming from, and that hurt the most of all things that his father actually didn’t care so much for his mother lying dead and cold in the ground.  

On Christmas eve was the last time somebody ever saw Benjamin that was the day when he became what is today a legend and a monster. His father had slightly gone mad after his wife had passed away, and blamed it all on Benjamin for always being in the way since the start. Benjamin’s father started to act weird during the day muttered strange words, and sometimes just stared straight ahead with nothing in front of him. About an hour later Benjamin was in his room looking at old photo of his mother, quietly he sobbed and tried to not be too loud. As he was going to put away the box of old photos his father stormed into his room with the rusty axe from long ago. His father started to swing furiously against Benjamin, trying to hit him as hard as he could. Benjamin started to do all he could so he didn’t get chopped up, but he took one wrong step and slipped on the carpet on the floor and landed on his face. The father saw the opportunity  and chopped against his son, he chopped four times against his sons face. The first chop hit the face, the father had sliced the face plain off. His nose his lips his eyes his everything , Benjamin tried to scream but his mouth were full off blood that was streaming all over his face.  The father chopped again and this time one of the ears fell off, Benjamin couldn’t even react anymore he just lied there trying to figure out if it were a dream or a nightmare. Chop! And the other ear was off too, Benjamin didn’t know anymore what was happening. The last thing the father did was to cut Benjamin’s hair off with the rusty axe, the father spit at him three times and then dropped the rusty axe as he walked out of the room. Benjamin just lied there not alive nor dead just being there, even if his ears were cut off could he hear a voice asking if he wanted revenge. Without thinking Benjamin answered with a whispering voice 
“yes… Yes I want revenge”.
With a bleeding head Benjamin found his power to stand up, he searched for the rusty old axe that I found lying around near the door to his room. He walked heavily steps down the stairs, with the rusty axe in his left hand. As he came down the stairs he began to regain his sight, he looked around and walked slowly towards the kitchen. As he entered the kitchen he found his father siting on one of the chairs, with a furious chop he chopped his father’s head off. The voice that was talking to him before said
“You’re task is done now you can rest”.
But Benjamin didn’t want to rest not now he wanted to live,
“Please… Please let me live I will do anything”. 
He whispered while his sight slowly was fading black again, the voice answered in a clear tone .
“ Anything huh? Well alright then kill you’re brothers “
The voice said in a bloodthirsty voice. 
“B-But my brothers”,
Benjamin whispered through the crack where his mouth used to be. 
“You want to live do you?”,
The voice asked now even more bloodthirsty. 
Benjamin said and realized that he either needed to die or his brothers. He waited for another hour, his brothers wasn’t at home until the evening. During that time he put on his father’s suit the dark gray one with the red tie, and waited with the rusty axe. As his brothers stepped inside, he swung the axe against them killing then instantly. 
“Good, Good now kill more”,
The voice said in a more demonic tone. Benjamin didn’t even question it anymore he just kept going, until he could hear and see everything again. Once he butchered all of the town’s peoples, he found a mirror smashed into the ground. He slowly walked up to the smashed mirror and looked at himself. His face was back, but not as he remembered it. Instead of eyes mouth or nose it was just plain white flesh covering all of his head. He also noticed that his hands all of his body was covered in the white flesh, 
“what have I become” he whispered softly.
“You have become a god” the voice answered him. 
“ A god “ he said with doubt in his voice.
“Yes a god you can choose if right is wrong or wrong is right child” the voice said in a much clearer voice. 
“…Who are you” He finally asked the voice. 
“I am an image of what you want me to be, I am an illustration of what you think I would be” the voice answered.
With those words he started to walk straight out in the woods, he didn’t want to be found. But sooner or later he would be either way, he is still out there stealing children from their beds. He is still out there watching you smile, he is outside of your house just waiting for the perfect time to strike.

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