Ghost Call

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Submitted: April 23, 2017

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Submitted: April 23, 2017



Ghost call

As I hit the surface of the water it hurt, but only for a brief second then the pain was gone. As I took a breath in the cold water, I could hear a distance voice calling for me. I wonder who it is, I thought as I slowly closed my eyes to sink forever. 

It was the last day of school, Christmas was drawing near. All of the school was one this stupid wandering around town, even if mostly everybody hated it I kinda enjoyed it a bit. I mean we passed my old school, where we always would play on the small fake boats. We often pretended they were real, and a huge sea was all around us. We also passed the canal, were me and my little sister always used to go by with our mom. As the thought hit me again, my eyes sank to the ground. This was also the place where she drowned several years ago, her body was never found. Going in my own thoughts my friend Jess took her hands  around my neck,
“Come on cheer up”.
She shouted in my ear, in her a bit annoying but always breathtaking happiness. 
“Yeah yeah”,
I said as I smiled brightly at her. She started to jabber as we continued down the street, I didn’t listen much to it even if I didn’t really knew what she was saying. As the wandering around town was about to stop, by the canal as usual we all heard a repetitive honking. All the others started to scream, as I turned around I saw a big truck moving towards us. It took me seconds to realize what was going to happened, and before I knew it I flew through the air as I watched all my classmates stare at me from higher ground. With a loud splash I hit the water, as I took a deep breath of water I sank deeper down. 
As I awoke I saw a guy in my age staring at me, he was so close to me that I got scared and let out a scream. As I screamed I felt the water fill my lungs, not a comfortable feeling but it didn’t really make me drown either. As I looked around and tried to figure out why I wasn’t drowning right now, the strange looking guy swam  around me.  He could clearly see that I was not familiar with all of this, so he gently took my hand flew up above the surface and above land. 
“Don’t be scared it’s normal for a newcomer”,
He said with a gentle smile. I tried to get lose from his grip but when he said newcomer I stopped and looked at him.
“Newcomer? What do you mean by that?”,
I said in a concerned voice. 
“Well you are new here that much I know”,
He said as he looked at me.
“New here I’ve lived here my whole life”,
I said as I looked at the town where I was born. But it shocked me when I looked at it, it wasn’t as it usually is. It was too much peoples here, and too many of them were flying as well. 
“where…am I”,
I muttered in a low voice. 
“… you are dead”,
He said as he looked out over the town.
“But how did I”,
I said trying to wrap my head around all of this. 
“You drowned”, 
His voice was sharp as he said it but with a pinch of pain in it as well. 
My heart sank deeper into my body, and tears started to fill my eyes. How could I just die, what will mom feel and dad. More tears started to fall from my eyes, he understood the chock for me and flew away for a bit.

 I was there what felt like days, and probably was too. Suddenly I felt a hand on my shoulder, as I turned around there he was again looking at me with worried eyes. 
“you’ve been here for days…”,
He said as he sat down in the air beside me. His expression of concern made me wonder a bit, why a ghost would worry about me. 
“I am sorry that I perhaps was a bit hard on you when you arrived”,
He said and looked away as if he was a bit ashamed.
“It’s okay”,
I replied I was still trying to wrap my head around all of this. With a smile he took my hand and asked,
“hey how about I show you around”.
I guess it couldn’t hurt to get a tour around this place, I mean I was going to be stuck here forever so I nodded quietly. In a blink of the eye he started flew towards the town, with me almost hanging after him. 
He took me everywhere in town, and even if I’ve seen it thousands of times in life it was so changed in death. The playground where we played with the small ships, here it was real ships huge and they sailed in something that looked like a stormy sea. But in a size of a larger sandbox, we climbed aboard for a while and I must say it was pretty cool. The waves got higher and higher, and both he and I fell off a couple of times. Even if the feeling of getting water in your lungs was unconfutable the whole experience was amazing. 

Hours went by, and I got to know the “friendly ghost” a bit more. He told me that his name was Daisuke, and that he died in the same river I did years ago. We also meet with the keeper of this town, she called herself Kyoko. She was a sweet older lady that was the first one to arrive, or so everybody says at least. So she watched over the town, and builds or changes whatever needs to be changed. 

As the night was about to fall Daisuke told me to stay with Kyoko for a while, he had some business concerning the gate to this town. As he flew off the old lady smiled as she said,
“Young lady may I ask you something?”.
I looked at her and replied,
“Yes you may”.
“Does the town makes you more at home than the one you left behind?”,
I was a bit chocked by Kyoko's question so I stood in silence. 
“I know this question was a bit hard but please answer what you’re heart desire you to answer”,
As she said those final words I nodded. Even if I miss my home, my mother and father and the old town. This was pretty amazing, it had some adventures it had all of your dreams packed into one city. 
“one last question… do you love him?”,
Once again I was a bit chocked by her question but I nodded. Perhaps I was to rash with the answer, but this guy stood out from them all. Daisuke was there from the beginning, and really showed me that this after life wasn’t that bad. Kyoko smiled when she saw me nodding
“Good then I know you two will overcome the distance of time”.
I didn’t really understand what she meant, but I guess it wasn’t anything I should worry about. After another hour waiting Daisuke came back,
“Sorry if I was gone long it was just some small problems”.
He said and smiled as bright as usual, I smiled back but not half as bright as him. 
“So have you’re flying improved anything?”,
“Ofcorse it has I’m the best”.
I said and tried to look as confident as possible, but the truth is I hadn’t even practiced anything .
“Alright then how about a race then missy”,
He said with a smile and flew towards the edge of the little canal.
I nodded and flew next to him,
“On three”.
“Three “,
We both yelled and started to fly towards the other side of the canal, I thought I managed really well for a while but as I looked down emotions came over me. With a loud SPLASH I was in the water, and within seconds I was under it. As I sank I heard a distance voice calling for me, who was that?. I kept sinking almost to the bottom of the canal, when suddenly I saw images in front of me of me lying on the ground. All my class mates where there, and mother too. An ambulance and… my heart almost stopped when I saw it. My little sister she was standing next to my corpse, yelling in a much clearer voice now
She kept yelling to me, she really didn’t want me to die or did she save me?. My head started to spin and the vision became clearer, it was almost as a movie playing and suddenly it stopped for a second. I saw Daisuke next to me looking at all of the things I saw as well, he smiled gently and laid his hand on my cheek.
“Looks like you were saved in nick of time Hoshiro”,
He said his smile was still there this weird sad but also happy smile. My eyes started to get filled with tears again,
“does this mean I need to leave you”.
I asked even if I knew the answer I didn’t want it to be true. Daisuke nodded quietly and looked at all the peoples surrounding me. I was drawn closer to my body, I looked back at Daisuke and saw him say something. I couldn’t make out a single word, I just looked at him as I was sucked into my own body again.

When I awoke I  panicked, I wasn’t ready to leave Daisuke behind. My mother and father tried to calm me down, but I guess nothing was going to be the same ever again. I even consider trying to dive into the water again, mostly because of the huge confusion. 

We came home again, we had passed the playground with the small ships. It hurt to see all these things, even if this was where I belonged. I lied down on the bed, and stared up on the empty celling. Everything was perfectly… normal, as I let out a deep sigh my mobile phone let out a quiet buzz. I picked it up and looked what it wanted, it said I had one missed call. I assumed it was my mother before or during the accident, but as I watched the number it was just weird. I checked my voice mail, perhaps this mystical person left something there. I started to look in the voicemail and found one unheard mail. In the beginning of the voicemail I heard just a bit static, and then a faded voice mumbled something. The mumbling got louder and started to form words over the static, and suddenly the static stopped and I could hear the voice loud and clear. 
“I will wait for you Hoshiro… So do not have any rush… When you walk I will walk beside you… when you sleep I will watch over you… and when you take you’re final breath I will met you again…”
The static noises became too loud, and his voice I couldn’t hear him anymore. Tears rolled down my eyes again, Daisuke… how could he?. Suddenly I felt a cold wind against my chin, as I felt it I smiled. 

So I continued my life, walking past the playground with the huge ships. Walking past the canal and sometimes looking down to the deep blue, even if it will take at least 70 years until I see him again. We made a promise to never forget, and that is what I live for.

the end

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