Mr. Butterfly

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mr. butterfly is a strange man in a strange town.

Submitted: April 23, 2017

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Submitted: April 23, 2017



There was a small and dainty man that lived in the town of Vivine. The other people in the town called him Mr. Butterfly. They called him this because his presence was as delicate as a butterfly sitting on a rose petal. He lived all alone in a little brown shack on the outskirts of the town. Now, everyone in the town liked Mr. Butterfly and enjoyed his company from time to time, but none, not even the bravest of the men, would venture to his residence.

“There is just something about it,” is what old Ms. Crants would say.

“It frightens the devil out of me,” shopkeeper Jenkins would say before letting off a slight shiver.

A young girl had gone missing a few weeks ago and the town was worried sick. She was only six, of course. A lot of the town folk suspected that it was Mr. Butterfly that had taken her, but none of them dared to confront him. He was simply too much of a nice guy. Besides, he was all too frail to commit a crime of that nature. Mr. Butterfly wouldn’t harm a fly.

One morning, Mr. Butterfly went into town to pick up some milk and cheese from the market. Ms. Chadwick’s shop always had exactly what he needed and wanted. Mr. Butterfly stepped up to the counter and gently placed his milk and cheese upon it.

“Evening, Mr. Butterfly,” Ms. Chadwick said in a small voice. She scanned the items and looked up at the frail little man.

“Bag?” she asked with a raised eyebrow.

“Of course!” Mr. Butterfly smiled. “I need the handle to help me carry it.”

Ms. Chadwick smiled and placed the items in a bag and handed them out to him. The rosy man shakily took the bag and left the store with a bit of a wobble in his gate.

The town sun was setting and the people were starting to go into their homes. Mr. Butterfly got into his old bomber and headed home.

The outskirts of town were drab indeed. Mr. Butterfly didn’t seem to mind.

Mr. Butterfly unlocked the front door of his house and stepped inside.

“Gracie, I’m home!”

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