Pawn Broker

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Submitted: April 24, 2017

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Submitted: April 24, 2017




A Short Story for you: Pawn Broker


March 14, 2017






I slammed the black container down on the table of the prawn broker, who stared at me with an appraising look as he picked up the object, turning it over in his hand.

I pulled my jacket tighter against me, both to ward off the cold and any curious gazes and made sure my hood covered my face well enough.

After a long moment, he removed his spectacles carefully from his face wrinkles so much it looked like a sheet, and he regarded me with a raised brow. "It's not everyday you get someone trying to pawn an entire galaxy." he drawled out at, rubbing his hands together, the black container holding the galaxy still sat on the table next to him. I saw him dart his gaze over to it with drool basically coming out of his mouth and I leant on the table with both hands, towering over him intimidatingly.

"Look, I'm not here to make small talk. I need something specific in exchange." I emphasised the exchange strongly, and let my jaw click, my way of letting my stress out.

"Specific?" he raised his thick brow at me, his face wrinkling further and he wiped his mouth on his grubby shirt, and pursed his lips at me.

"I know you have connections. I need..." I lowered my voice to him and leant closer, holding my breath as I did.

"The Red Star." I muttered to him, and kept my voice as low as I could and then pulled away as though nothing had been said.

"Well, you're one hell of an idiot, young lady." he growled out, letting out a sarcastic laugh.
I blinked once, and then narrowed my eyes menacingly at him, letting my jaw click again.

"Oh, really." I snarled out, and made a move towards him, reaching for the container.
"Not so fast, little miss. You're crazy if you think you're getting the Red Star." he emphasised the last two words, wiping his mouth again and then spitting out a lump of tobacco from his mouth.

I wrinkled my face in annoyance and covered my nose in distaste.
He spoke again, looking at me with a feral gaze.
"The Red Star is worth more than thousands of these galaxies. You think you could trade this thing for it? For the Red Star?" he shook his head, laughing, and his foul stench rippled through the air and a couple of other people shrouded in dark colours looked over at us with cold eyes.

I rolled my eyes at him and clenched fist in my pocket. I jerked my finger towards the container I'd brought him and sighed with exasperation and annoyance.

"I think you should take a closer look at it before you make any bold assumptions." I hissed out, towering over him again and he looked up at me with a disparaging gaze.

He grabbed the galaxy and put it in my hand, shoving me a little in the shoulder.
"Look, if the Red Star is what you want for this, then I'm not doing business with - " his sentence cut off as he took a closer look at the galaxy. His mouth fell open and straightened out his face like an ironing board.

"You've got Earth?"

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