The Angel of Death

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic


Lethal, Destructive, Powerful, Ambitious, Unstoppable, all these aspects describe Lyle, the Harbinger of Death, host of Thanatos’ power. This man is well over 100 years old, but he is practically immortal. Two relics were bestowed upon him as his title of Harbinger; Death’s twin scythes and Death’s mask. The Angel of Death, as his Nephilim counterpart calls him, is a man born of death. As a son of Thanatos, the god of death, his capabilities come from the, minor or lesser known, Gods of Olympus. Lyle is a devoted disciple to the Shadow-Lord Atomos Black, the Vessel of Darkness. But as I watch over him as his guardian, there are others that host the other Horseman of the Apocalypse. The rider known as Fury, an intelligent female by the name of Mary Foxx, is located elsewhere with her brothers Mark, who is the host of War, and Anthony, Host of Strife. But this story isn’t about the other Nephilim hosts. I am the human fragmentation of the Shadow-Lord Atomos. This is Lyle, the Harbinger of Death, and this is his story.


Chapter 1: Awakening

I awoke with sweat beading on my forehead. Last night I dreamt that I was with my friend Atomos, but it was more real than surreal. The suffering souls I saw flying around filled with anguish and despair. Normally this is a typical demigod dream, but this time it was too real to be just a dream. I placed my hand on my chest, feeling my weak heart barely pulse in my chest. Being the son of the god of death, I am the only one to have survived the process of even being born. When you mix a newborn with someone or something that is already dead, the newborn can’t survive. I survived thanks to the Blessing of Thanatos; a permanent “gift” that gives me the ability to host an aspect of Death known as the Pale Rider of the Apocalypse, the Nephilim known as Death. I walked out of the Big House in Camp Half-Blood and proceeded to the hidden Temple of Chaos. The rune on my neck pulses whenever I get close, and it just so happens that the temple is now floating. A purple aura surrounds my body, triggering my Reaper Form which grants me flight.

I flew up to the temple and I found the animated statue that is called Shadow-Warden. The giant construct of black iron and stone walked towards me with an ominous hum in its voice and it spoke, “What brings you here, Rider?”

“I wish to converse with the Apostle of Chaos, Saibot,” I responded.

“Such a thing is not possible, without the master here, I can not permit you to enter the Realm of Shadows,” the Shadow-Warden stated.

“You would dare defy me? The Harbinger of Death, a Horseman of the Apocalypse,” I said, infuriated.

“As you wish, Pale Rider, but be careful as the times of war have disturbed the Apostle’s mind,” The construct said. It’s chest opened up and a portal was opened into the Shadow Realm. I floated into the portal and I wandered the Desolate Plains, a sub-level of the Shadow-Realm where the other “chosen” came to study the ways of darkness. I found a familiar face, the Shadow-Man himself, Saibot. I walked up to him and he acknowledged me with his usual nod, but I could tell, behind those blank white eyes, that he knew what I was here for. “Can you decipher a vision for me,” I asked.

What you wish to decipher, you already know,” he whispered cryptically.

“You know why I came here Apostle, I wish to know of the whereabouts of our master,” I stated with a certain greed in my heart.

I am well aware of your plans here old one, but I sent our master to another Kalpa, he asked for another chance at redemption, so I gave him another chance. Alter your gaze towards the Eye of Chaos and it will put you into the main level of the Shadow Realm. Ask Chaos to send you to another plane of time in order to feel what it means to redeem yourself for past sins. You should ask yourself what have you done to wrong or decimate the lives of others. Approach the Eye and you will be transferred to a new place,” Saibot said. I approached the glowing eye of the Primordial Darkness, and I knelt down and pleaded, “Give me a chance for redemption of my past sins.”

A voice came from the darkness in the form of an agonizing whisper, You ask for redemption Rider? You will be transported to another timeline, and you will be tested on your loyalty to the shadows and to your allegiance with my Vessel. If you fall away from this path, you may not be able to return, instead, I will manifest myself and consume your very being. Do I make myself clear?

“Yes, my lord,” I said. I prepared myself with every ounce of courage my weak heart could muster. I awoke in a cot, in a land I did not know. I looked around for a sign of anyone around. I heard an announcement, it said, “People of Karnaca, the Overseers are to be treated with the same respect you would give to the Grand Guard. Thank you for your time.”

“Karnaca? Where has Saibot sent me,” I said to myself.

“You are in Serkonos, southernmost region in all of the Isles,” a mysterious voice said.

I whirled around with my scythes drawn. I used my teleport-slash to try to slash at the figure, instead the figure seemed to disappear.

“Show yourself! You dare to test the Harbinger of Death,” I exclaimed. I heard a creak come from above. I looked up only to see that the figure was sitting on a beam jutting out from the walls. The figure removed his mask and said, “My name is Corvo Attano, and you have just appeared for lack of better words. I checked you and you don’t have the Outsider’s Mark. I did see an odd mark on your neck. What is that?”

“This mark is a rune that binds me to a power that is far greater than this so called ‘Outsider’ and for the record, I sense someone else is here. Show yourself assassin.” I turned around to see I was correct. A new figure appeared and she removed her mask and revealed herself, “I am Emily Kaldwin, Empress of the Isles.” I bowed my head to show respect to her title. Then I said, “What kind of Empress leaves her throne unguarded?”

“Emily was usurped by the witch called Delilah,” Corvo said.

“Well then, we have a witch to hunt. Where is she,” I said.

“In Dunwall, North of Serkonos,” Emily said.

After the little meet and greet, we ventured out of the abandoned home of the “Voidwalkers”. We ran along the rooftops, avoiding any guards that patrolled the ground. While running, Corvo and Emily were teleporting to further rooftops while I was using a trick that the Nephilim Death liked to call Deathgrip. As I reached out with it, it pulled me to the next rooftop. We met at the “Wall of Light”, a contraption built to disintegrate those unauthorized to walk through. Corvo held his hand up as a signal to halt. I looked around and I saw what they were looking at. I saw a few butchers working, and then I saw a windmill. It appeared to be powering the “Wall of Light”. I used Deathgrip to pull myself there and I was spotted. Several guards started shooting at me. I saw Emily, but it looked like there was three of her. Apparently that was a trick called Doppelganger. I disabled the windmill and I joined the fight. I crashed down onto the ground and I unleashed a power called Harbinger’s Rage, glowing purple energy coursed through my form, increasing my speed, strength, and combat prowess.

As I warped across the battlefield, foes fell to my scythe. As I practically soared through enemies, I absorbed their souls. After the fight, Corvo and Emily were shocked by my powers. I walked up to them and said, “Do not fret assassins, like I said, I am the Harbinger of Death. No one survives after I unleash that form. Come now, we have a mission to uphold.” As I said that sluggishly, I fell over losing consciousness.


Chapter 2: The Void

I awoke, but I saw a landscape that resembled the real world, but different somehow. I got up and walked through the odd landscape. A figure approached me and said, “Welcome to the Void, I am the Outsider. Will you accept my mark?” I didn’t trust this being so instead I tried to slash at him with one of my blades, and he faded before I could even touch him. I was feeling a sensation I never felt before, a feeling of burning. I didn’t know what was burning, but it became unbearable. It felt like I was dying. I saw the Outsider undo the Shadow-Rune on my neck and then the back of my hands started to glow. I tore off my “Spellbinder” grips and saw two new marks, both identical, forming on my hands.

“This should help you sustain yourself so you won’t die,” the Outsider said.

“What the hell have you done to me,” I said angrily.

“Nevermind your anger, you have a mission to uphold,” I passed out due to exhaustion. All sound faded and so did the landscape.


Chapter 3: The Return

I rose up from the cot, again I know, but this time was different. I had my grips laying on the table and a Mark of the Outsider on the back of my hands. Corvo was still resting from our first attempt at the assassination mission. I heard sounds coming from downstairs, so I decided to explore. My left mark glowed and I teleported to where the sounds were coming from. I had a smile on my face and I decided to see what else I could do. But before I wandered off to see what I could do, I saw Emily using Corvo’s sword to train on the test dummies. I walked up to her and she whirled around and the sword was at my throat. I “blinked”(short teleport) behind her with my scythes at her throat.

“Au contraire Harbinger, excellent prowess,” Emily said.

“I concur,” I agreed. I let her go from my position but she used her Doppelganger ability and their was now three of her.

“Which one is the real one,” they all said in unison. “Come fight us if you can Harbinger.”

“Too easy Ms. Kaldwin, I have far different abilities than even you,” I boasted. The three Emily's advanced towards me. I used a technique that my father, Thanatos, taught me. The technique is called Harvest, it is an ability that creates a flash of my Reaper Form but it slashes in a full circle. The manifestation of my godly scythe sliced through and destroyed two of Emily’s Doppelgangers and knocked the real Emily backwards. I blinked towards her and I helped her up, “I told you, M’Lady, that my abilities are far different than yours.”

“I understand that now. What is your name, Harbinger,” Emily asked.

“My name is Lyle Addams, the Harbinger of Death,” I said. Corvo walked down the stairs and he looked curious.

“There you two are, how are you feeling erh…,”

“Lyle and I am feeling fine. I have two Outsider’s Marks, but otherwise, I would like to find out what else I can do.”

“Two? Let me see,” Corvo said. I showed him the back of my hands and there they were, my new marks. Corvo looked completely perplexed by the fact that the Outsider gave me two marks.

“Is it time Father,” Emily asked.

“Yes, prepare yourself Emily, Kirin Jindosh is an odd man. He is looking forward to meeting us all. Lyle you are going to need a mask in order for the Overseers to not recognize you,” Corvo explained.

“I had one, but I must’ve lost it when I arrived here. I can craft a new one though. I just need some materials.”

“Use whatever you can find around here, there should be some supplies that you can use,” Emily said. I set off to rummage through the house and I found some old bones and some black marble paint. I used some of the silver to inlay my new mask. I now have a brand new Nephilaic mask that would give me the Eyes of Death, which grants me the ability to see souls; both living and dead, through walls. I grabbed my gloves and I put those on with my mask. I put on the hood of my armor and I blinked downstairs and the others were ready.


Chapter 4: The Corruption of Kirin Jindosh

As I appeared, Corvo had his odd looking mask on and he opened the door. The outside humidity hit me like a brick. We ventured through the Market District of Karnaca. I saw all sorts of odd sea creatures. Nearby on the docks, a large, four-eyed whale was slaughtered. As we walked, we found our way to the Jindosh estate. There was these things called “Clockwork Soldiers”, mechanical warriors with four bladed arms that protruded awkwardly as they stood. They let us into the estate and Emily looked worried. I used my new ability called Soul-Gaze, which was granted by my new enchanted mask, and saw only two souls. Oddly enough I recognized one of them, and it turned out to be my master, Atomos. I was in shock, then I stopped Corvo and Emily and I told them, “We shouldn’t be here. I sensed a dark presence here and if I am right, then we are in for a fight.”

“Let’s get ready for a fight,” Corvo said.

“I agree Father, Jindosh is an obsessive genius,” Emily said. We all used our powers to transport ourselves towards the Clockwork Mansion. Once we arrived there, all the guards were murdered. I recognized the blade marks and I knew they weren’t the blades from the Clockwork Soldiers, the marks were jagged and uneven cuts. The blades of the Clockwork Soldiers were far too streamlined to bluntly cut through the bones of these guards. These cuts were made by the Vessel of Darkness himself, or unless someone is hosting the Soul of Atomos. Otherwise it is impossible to make these cuts.

“Get into position Corvo, I know this stranger. Emily, stay in earshot and wait for my signal,” I commanded. I pulled out the gun I found and I put in an incendiary round in. “When I fire this gun that is when you come in with your doppelgangers. Corvo, when things are getting rough, join in whenever you feel is necessary,” I told them. I pocketed the gun and I made my large scythe and started destroying items, making as much noise as possible. I used Blink to get to my position and sure enough, Atomos and Jindosh walk out with blades drawn. I dropped on top of Atomos with the bladed end of my scythe. That maneuver should’ve killed anyone, but I knew how to surprise my master. The bottom end of my weapon pierced through Atomos, but he became a wisp of black mist and disappeared. I fell through his form. I walked towards Kirin Jindosh with my scythes on the ready. Jindosh tried swinging his sword, but he was too slow. I disarmed him but he somehow anticipated the move, he then pulled out a gun and smacked me in the face with it. I stumbled and Jindosh was already aiming his gun at me. He fired at me and the bullet hit, but it felt like a fly hitting my face. I looked down and realized that a stone-like armor formed around my skin. I charged him with alarming speed, and I picked him up by the throat, choking him until he lost consciousness.

The man didn’t deserve to die, the objective was to get information on Delilah Copperspoon. I shouted, “You can come out now you two, I have Jindosh right here.” Corvo and Emily both appeared as soon as I said that. My armor crumbled and turned into shrapnel shards. I was amazed by the fact I could form armor. But we found Jindosh’s interrogation chair and we strapped him into it. When he gained consciousness he seemed perplexed at first, then he looked smug.

“I know why you are here Void-Walkers, the Shadow-Man said you would be here,” Kirin Jindosh ominously stated.

“The Shadow-Man? I think you mean the Outsider,” Corvo tried.

“No Corvo, the Shadow-Man is an old friend of mine. He was the being that faded when I attacked. Jindosh, you were conversing with a being that slaughtered all of your guards and your prized Clockwork Soldiers. You should be terrified he let you live, normally those he let live are his puppets for torture and experiments. He is using you for intel,” I said.

“How is it that you know so much about this being,” Emily questioned.

“I am basically his brother, he made it my job to destroy any aspect that will bring about the destruction of fate, life, and all manners of existence as we know it. If he finds The Void, then we all are dead,” I said. I now knew why Chaos sent me here, to have me hunt down the false aspects of his Vessel, and destroy them. I looked at Jindosh and then I looked at the control lever. Jindosh looked terrified and he exclaimed, “Don’t do it Void-Walker, you won’t like it if the Shadow-Man loses a contact.”

“I don’t care about you or the Shadow-Man. You both are now victims to the Harbinger, yours truly,” I said bluntly. I pulled the lever and 500,000 volts of electricity was zapped into his brain. His eyes sizzled and his body went limp. I placed my hand on his heart and I extracted his soul. The soul ascended to the heavens. I walked away two steps and I destroyed the interrogation chair and every contraption in the room. I swiped my right hand towards one of the support columns and a blast of shrapnel-like material flew towards the pillar, acting as a gust of wind, and knocked it down. Corvo, Emily, and I all vanished. We arrived back at the abandoned loft and I went onto the rooftop balcony and I tried to submerge myself in the Old-Ways of that was Chaos. I couldn’t receive any contact from either Saibot nor any of the scribes or acolytes. I was at last disowned by my peers and my old friends. I was alone.


Chapter 5: Despair

As the days went on, I made fewer and fewer appearances. Ever so rarely I would succumb to despair and I would start spouting out words of strife. Corvo or Emily would appear and leave me food and water. Emily would try to check on me and, of course, I would throw a shrapnel shard that I found at her. Whenever Corvo came up, I would try to make him leave me alone in my despair, but he was a little faster than I was. I have succumbed to despair, pain, hatred, and above all anger. I was lost without the teachings of my master, I was lost without my friends. I am alone, and Karnaca is my prison. I am, without a doubt, nothing.


Chapter 6: The Reaping of the Overseers

After three months of my weeping and rage fits, I finally made an appearance. I had meditated two weeks ago and found peace. I walked downstairs and saw Emily sitting in a chair writing in a travel log. I couldn’t see Corvo anywhere, so I walked up to Emily and said, “Long time no see Lady Kaldwin.” She jumped in surprise and said, “My father is in the cellar clearing out the bloodflies. You should go help him.”

“Of course, M’Lady,” I said. I went down to the wine cellar and I found Corvo swing his sword at the flies. I walked up and I helped slice the bloodflies to bits.

“Nasty things aren’t they Lyle,” Corvo said, “how are you doing?”

“Fine now, thanks for asking,” I said, “Corvo, I wanted to ask you something.”

“Sure, what is it,” Corvo responded.

“How did you learn to live with the fact that you’ll never be normal, never have a normal life,” I asked.

“You learn to accept the harshness of solitude and being dishonored after a while,” Corvo said.

“Thank you Corvo, for everything,” I thanked, “now I think we should head back upstairs and go on a recon mission. After meditating for so long, I thought we should check on the Addemire Institute.”

“Agreed,” Corvo said. We went up the stairs and we saw Emily making a batch of Slaughterfish and fried salmon. We walked up to Emily and we sat down around the fire and we ate and we conversed about the three months that had passed. Corvo mentioned something about a guard increase on the streets and more Overseers keeping watch on the rooftops. As we ate, Emily looked concerned about something. She kept making darting glances towards me for some odd reason. I didn’t take the glances into consideration at the time. I didn’t care what happened next, I had a new “family”. I have new friends that’ll look out for me. Then after we ate, Corvo and I discussed to Emily what we were planning.

“Lyle and I came up with a plan that’ll involve stealth and a lot of reconnaissance. Lyle, do you care to explain why we are doing this,” Corvo said.

“Gladly, now we are patrolling the Addemire Institute because of a certain Doctor Alexandria Hypatia. She is widely known for working with the ill and known for experimenting on bloodflies. I have explained the layout of the institute. I am sure, Lady Kaldwin, that you know the blueprints,” I explained.

“Yes, Harbinger, I do. My father and I have been planning this run for a long time,” Emily said.

“Then I guess we are all set, when did you say we would leave Corvo,” I asked.

“Tomorrow at dusk, we will need the cover of night to move swiftly and not be spotted by the Overseers,” Corvo said. The next day, we all were training to ready ourselves for the oncoming mission. We trained ourselves using blindfolds and we restricted use of our visionary powers and we relied heavily on sound and our mobility powers. We performed exercises that tested our stealth and how not to be seen in an “open” environment. Corvo lead most of the exercises while I lead the combat training. Hand to Hand, Armed, and Firearms combat were all tested during the training session. As dusk approached, we ate the last of our leftovers and we began our mission.

We left the rooftop balcony in haste, moving as fast as we could and as silently as we could. I wouldn’t have been able to see Corvo and Emily, if I didn’t know where they were. Thanks to Soul-Gaze, I could see every precise movement made by the Overseers. We met at the first checkpoint, the Wall of Light, where our first mission took place. I could see the restless souls wandering around and it pained me to not fulfill the duties of my father, Thanatos. I saw the Overseers conversing and complaining about their guard post. Others were terrified because of what the were told. My personal target was their lieutenant called “Fang”, a human that was charged with 342 murders and 1 count of cannibalism. A psychopath to some, a crazed and traumatized person to others. In my eyes, he was a mortal that needed to be punished and sent to rot in the Depths of Hell. Corvo mentioned earlier that if things got messy, use the smoke-screens he provided us to make an escape.

I advanced towards the windmill that was powering the Wall of Light, but Clockwork

Soldiers were blocking the windmill. I threw a Corrosion Bomb, built by yours truly, and the Clockwork Soldiers crumbled into scrap metal and rust. I blinked over there and reversed the signal that allowed the Overseers and Grand Guard to pass through unharmed. Now we would be able to pass through unharmed and every guard that either walks through or gets thrown in, disintegrates. Emily linked everyone together with her power called Domino and Corvo used his ability called Windblast that literally blew everyone into the Wall of Light. As they disintegrated, the Overseers on the rooftops fell one by one to my scythes. I blinked down to the courtyard and I fired a pistol, alerting the other guards, to try to form a distraction, just as planned. The guards came after me and I activated my Void Armor. They didn’t stand a chance against me, but I lead them on a chase. They followed like the dumb dogs they are, Corvo and Emily went to the next checkpoint to meet me there. I lead the guards back into the Wall of Light, but I blinked towards a rooftop, leaving the guards a grenade as a small parting gift. The explosion was actually a knock out gas Corvo created that would put anyone in the vicinity asleep. I ran across the rooftops and I met Corvo and Emily at the second checkpoint. Corvo handed out the next supplies, stun mines. These were to be planted strategically around the guard posts, and near the Overseers’ hideout. That is where I am secretly heading, Corvo and Emily don’t know my plans. We started moving, I was setting the mines and I was almost spotted, the calibration wasn’t finished and the power output wasn’t configured. The guard who almost caught me, was disintegrated once in range of the mine. I teleported to the last post and this time, I perfected the configurations and the guards tripped the stun mine and they were knocked out cold. I advanced towards the Overseers’ hideout, my target the Fang of the Abbey. I planned on this since my time of despair, the Fang of the Abbey will die tonight. As I rushed towards the hideout, the others were carrying out the rest of the recon mission. I found myself on the rooftop of the headquarters of the Overseers. I was just waiting for their lieutenant to show his ugly face. I used Soul-Gaze to see if he was showing up, and right on cue, he stepped onto the balcony below. I dropped from my perch and I plunged the end of my large scythe through the lower part of his neck. He fell easily but somehow he was still alive, just immobilized. He appeared to be laughing at the fact that he was outsmarted. He tried to look at me and he said, “My time has come has it not? I have killed countless and you are here to punish me. I will accept any form of punishment in the end.” I took his words seriously, he accepted punishment for his murder charges and he expected me to kill him. I tore my scythe out of his body and I sliced his head off easily. I rushed off after that, meeting Corvo and Emily at the Addemire Institute.


Chapter 7: Dr. Hypatia, The Crown Killer

As we met at Addemire Institute, Emily looked especially suspicious towards me due to my being late. Emily tapped her father on the shoulder and he saw me and he said, “You haven’t been moving in secret have you? Emily here witnessed you murder one of the Overseers’ leaders,”

“Corvo, you would understand my motives here. I am sure the Empress saw what I have done, but his death was long overdue. I couldn’t help myself, it is my duty to uphold the laws of death,” I retorted.

“It doesn’t matter anymore, Harbinger. You are an assassin, just like my father and I, but that doesn’t give you the right to murder a contact,” Emily said sharply.

“I will be there at both of your funerals, remember that. I am responsible for the natural order of Death. It is my destiny, my calling,” I said blankly. Corvo held up one finger to his face, requesting silence. The guards were switching shifts and it was time to move into position. I was supposed to be at the highest window, on the roof, nearest to Hypatia’s office. Corvo and Emily would infiltrate the institute once the last guard entered his post after the shift change. On my way I heard guards complaining about how they were posted in the worst and most boring spot in all of Karnaca. I also heard guards complaining about the bloodfly infestation inside the institute. I ran past them all and I blinked towards an edge that protruded discreetly outside the walls of the institute. I used that ledge to help me advance onto the roof. I leapt off the ledge, climbing up the remaining few feet to the rooftop. I remained perched on the rooftop until I saw Emily’s Mesmer, my signal to infiltrate the institute. I pried open the latch that sealed an escape hatch and I dropped down without a single sound. I snuck past the guards and I pickpocketed one of the guards to obtain the key to Hypatia’s office, but there wasn’t a key to be found. With luck, Corvo or Emily would find one but we all came up short. Plan B was to destroy and reseal the door fast enough to where the guards won’t see or hear what happened.

Corvo used his ability called Bend Time, pretty self-explanatory, to cause time to stand still and he unfroze Emily and I. We had only 20 seconds to break through the door and repair it at the same time. Corvo explained that Bend Time makes the user faster than time can register, making it appear that time is slow or completely frozen like it is now. I activated my Void Armor ability and I charged through the door, blowing the door open. Corvo and I grabbed the doors and resealed them, Emily had planted stun mines all over the front of the door. The Bend Time effect ended and Dr. Hypatia was minding her business when Corvo, Emily, and I walked behind her. She looked hypnotized but still managing to work on the dissection of an abnormally large bloodfly. Hypatia seemed to be muttering under her breath about something, then I sensed a murderous intention resonating from Dr. Hypatia’s incessant muttering. Hypatia then turned on us and pounced on me and tried to claw at my flesh. My armor ability activated instinctively and she became frustrated and leaped out of the window, into the indoor courtyard. Corvo went after Hypatia, Emily and I stayed behind to search Hypatia’s office. As Hypatia wandered the courtyard, maniacally chattering about her failures and recent kills and the taste of human flesh. Emily kept staring at me for some time and I looked at her and I said, “What’s the matter, M’Lady?”

“Nothing, Lyle. It’s nothing,” Emily said.

“I don’t think it’s nothing. You have been staring at me for over the past few months I have been here,” I said.

“It’s just, how are you even here? I don’t understand why you even exist,” Emily said harshly.

“No need to be harsh Your Majesty. I was brought here as a form of my redemption for the murders that I may or may not have committed in the past. Being near a being of darkness can twist and corrupt you of your past sins. I have lived through this phase and I am sure even you understand desperation when you see it. I became desperate for a new family after I was landed here. It isn’t my fault for the crimes and failures that I have been blamed for in my past. I am 100 years old and I have been dealing with these accusations for 82 years. You start growing tired of humanity after 82 years of stubborn jack-asses who think they are superior to the same types of people. I have lived through the horrors of war and times of strife. My life is nothing but filled with death. I am sure that my existence may puzzle you, but assholes like Hypatia, Jindosh, and the Grand Guard, all deserve to die! Now do you understand why I do what I do,” I explained very thoroughly.

“Yes Lyle, I do now. I had no idea that you felt like that,” Emily said sentimentally. She walked closer to me and she removed her mask and pulled off mine. My scarred face might’ve scared anyone, but not her. She stepped in and kissed me gently. I pulled her in and I kissed back. She then pulled away and we started to work again. I put my mask back on and we found a recipe for a serum that would counteract the venomous toxins released by bloodflies. Emily and I created the serum and we found Corvo again, this time battered heavily. I left Emily to tend to her father while I hunted Hypatia. She was lurking around loudly, ironically, so I found her easily. I blinked behind her and I injected the counter serum into the artery in her shoulder, straight into the bloodstream. Her semiconscious body undulated and contorted in horrendous shapes. After she was done trying to reject the serum, she passed out and she hit the floor with a thud. Emily and I walked down to the courtyard and we helped Corvo out of the Addemire Institute and onto the carriage that brings the guards here during the shift changes.

“You okay Father? You look hurt,” Emily asked.

“I'm alright Emily, just getting old,” Corvo responded.

“It is inevitable, but that is not important Lord Protector. What will we do with Ms. Hypatia? We can’t just leave her lying on the floor,” I said. As soon as I finished saying that, Hypatia began stirring. She got up and she fell into me, I caught her and I put her arm around my shoulders to help her back into her office. I set her in a fallen chair and we “interrogated” Dr. Alexandria Hypatia.

“Are you alright Ms. Hypatia? How do you feel,” I asked.

“I’m fine now, what happened,” Hypatia asked.

“You were controlled and tricked into using a tainted version of your elixir, twisting your mind and making you kill people for someone. We just don’t know who,” Emily said.

“We just managed to create a counter-serum to cancel out the primary serum. Luckily, your lab is filled with the exact alchemical ingredients needed to create this serum. We need to get you out of here and to a more secretive location. Corvo, are you alright to travel back to the house,” I said.

“I am alright, we will need to find a way to get Hypatia out of here without being detected,” Corvo said.

“How about I create a distraction to get both you, Emily, and Dr. Hypatia out of here, and fast. The guards will notice Hypatia’s absence,” I said hurriedly. I activated Void-Armor and I bolted for the courtyard entrances.

In the distance, while Corvo and Emily were secretly escorting Hypatia, you could here guns firing and alarms blaring. As soon as they made their escape, I was overran by Overseers and their ancient music machines. My magic was useless and I was being slashed and impaled by all of the guards in the main pavilion. In the distance, I saw the carriage lights slowly fade in the night. I became enraged and I threw the guards off of me. My twin scythes became one and I destroyed one of the many Overseers’ “ancient music” device and I tried to fight them, one by one. But in the midst of combat, I looked down and there was a blade protruding through my stomach. I fell with blood pouring out of the new wound, I looked up and I saw an unfamiliar face. It said, “You have a high price on your head, Harbinger,”

“Who are you,” I managed.

“Your worst nightmare,” the strange man said. He grabbed me by the throat and stabbed a syringe into my shoulder. I blacked out, losing all control of my body.


Chapter 8: The Message

My mind ventured back into the Void, this time the Outsider greeted me with a few answers. “Well here we are again as a result of another selfless act committed by a murderer looking for redemption. The man who you secretly killed was a valued intermediary for the others and the Overseers, but with his death comes the hiring of an assassin who came to collect your high bounty. Delilah is molding the world as she sees fit. The world is coming to an end as we know it, what will you do about it?” As he faded from my sight, a portal opened to the real world.


Chapter 9: A Visit to The Darkness

As I awoke from the Void, fires burned around the courtyard. I saw bodies everywhere, some still twitching from being freshly dead. My lungs burnt from the smoke inside the institute. The sword wound in my abdomen had healed, I don’t know, per se, what had happened. Presumably the whale oil tanks were tampered with, causing them to explode into an oily mess. As the smoke thickened, more and more of the institute came crumbling down. I needed to move fast, but with so much debris in the way, I couldn’t make it out without pushing myself to the limit. I activated Void Armor and tried to move the debris, but the embers of the burnt wood and alabaster reignited dying fires.

I felt a tug in the back of my mind, an old power that hasn’t been tapped in a long time. I felt myself lift into the air and a blast of dark energy coursed through my form. My armor stayed, but my inhuman strength increased by tenfold. I demolished the rubble around me and I bolted for the carriage away from the institute. I raced along the street, literally running through buildings, at an alarming speed. I felt unstoppable, like the apocalypse is coursing through my veins. I have called this power the Apocalypse Within, a deadly force of necromantic and basic magic all at once. I shifted into my Reaper Form, but it was different somehow. Instead of the usual Reaper look, I had two large, black feathered, angel-like wings. My body was still large and skeletal, but this time donned with black robes meshed with tortured souls. I floated undaunted, untouchable. Nothing could stop the true Angel of Death. I flapped my new mighty wings and I flew towards the house in the most run-down part of Karnaca.


I floated down onto the lower balcony and I reverted back into my normal form. I opened the door and an explosive bolt flew past me and out the window. Emily was asleep and Corvo had his blade drawn and at the ready. I lifted my hands up as a form of surrender but Corvo blinked towards me and tried to kick me, instead I side-stepped him and I caught his leg, forcing him to try to slash at me. I blinked behind him and I flipped him over my shoulder and he crashed into the ground. I removed my mask and said, “Getting slower Corvo, think faster and process faster.”

“I know, you put up a good fight,” Corvo said.

“I didn’t break anything did I, we wouldn’t want to hinder you any more than what has already happened,” I said.

“Nothing’s broken, but we should reset the traps so no one can break in here,” Corvo said. We started setting up the tripwire launchers, which launch incendiary bolts that set anyone on fire. I put together a Howling Snare, a trap that immobilizes the target with a sonic blast that practically blows out the eardrums. Afterwards, I went up to the rooftop deck, where I sleep and relax, and I put together the last remaining pieces to the Shadow Shrine. This was my only other way of contacting the others back in the temple of the dark, the Temple of Chaos.

The only thing left was the blood of a being of Chaos, hopefully my blood would work since my being a direct descendant of Death himself. I picked up a Kukri, a large crooked dagger, and I sliced the palm of my hand; pouring my blood into the carved skull rune I embedded into the shrine. The ritual worked, creating a portal into the Shadow Realm. The shadows circled and pulled me into the portal. The portal closed almost immediately, leaving me in the Desolate Plains. I saw only three faces, all hidden from my sight. One figure was abnormally tall, around the height of the Vessel Atomos. I saw an all black figure standing next to him, presumably Saibot. The third figure gave a familiar vibe from my experience in The Void. I walked towards the three and they all stopped conversing. The large one removed his hood only to reveal his scaly, scarred, face. My master returns every so often to regenerate himself, this time he seems to have suffered claw based wounds to his face and torso. The second figure, as assumed, was Saibot. He appeared to be in his old combat gear, odd since he rarely delves in mortal affairs. I walked up to the Apostle and the Vessel, hoping I would hear something good from them but I was wrong. Atomos looked tortured, possibly from being away from his wife for too long. The Shadow-Man, Saibot, was completely distraught; weird since he never showed emotion through his visage. The third figure turned out to be a self-manifestation of Chaos, made sense then but he looked identical to the Outsider just in a solid black mist-like cloak.

They looked at me with identical glances, anger mixed with sadness, apart from the manifestation; he regarded me with a sharp whisper.

Welcome back, Harbinger. Or should I say, the Shrapnel-Brute. We all know of the events that happened in Karnaca. I know that you have new marks to sustain yourself and I know that you have achieved a form. Show us this new power, or be banished.

I first activated Void Armor, then the Apocalypse Within, finally, I unleashed my full power known as the Manifest of Death. My angelic appearance must’ve caught them off guard because Atomos literally burst into flames, his infamous ability called Hyperion’s Might. I floated only a few inches off the ground but I was eye-level with Atomos, who stands at 7’6” normally but in his dragon state he stands over 350 ft. tall and 890 ft. long. My wingspan was at least 9 feet long, considering I had a large seven foot long scythe in my hand. The Shade of the Dark, “Chaos”, cackled maniacally as Atomos and Saibot practically cowered in my presence. Atomos calmed down and the flames dissipated, he then dissolved into black ink. That was a sign of how he either left the realm or he went into the main level of the realm, the Prime of Nothingness, Chaos himself. I reverted and I started with questions. “So where are the other Acolytes? Why is our Patriarch in a metaphysical state? Why....”

“Enough, Harbinger! We are being drawn into the world of Karnaca by your doing. Ever since that ‘Outsider’ took away the seal that bound you to this place, he found a way to link the Void with our Desolate Plains. Undo this unjust act and you may be able to earn your place again as the Chosen of the Shades. Now, Shrapnel-Brute, return to your mission and sever the ties that connect you their world.” Saibot said.

“That would mean the eradication of the entire world of The Isles, Karnaca included. I can’t uphold the mission. You ask of the impossible, now, I will take my leave then,” I said.

I grabbed the last Shadow-Stone on the table and I crushed it in my hand, opening a portal back into the normal world. As I faded into the portal, I could hear Saibot throwing the table and shelves that bordered his area in the Desolate Plains.


Chapter 10: The End Draws Near

As I faded back into the normal world, I saw Corvo and Emily both waiting for me on the rooftop deck with more passive aggressive looks on their faces. I assumed they saw my shrine or my attempt at the darkest of magics. Either way, I didn’t care what anyone thought at the moment. I successfully made contact with my masters and I have been pretty much relieved of my duties unless I let the Corrupted Vessel loose from my sights. That would mean the annihilation of all humans here in Karnaca, Dunwall, and everyone in all of Tyvia. I walked past Corvo and Emily and I proceeded downstairs towards the front door and outside. Corvo and Emily were nowhere to be seen, this was odd since they are usually on surveillance around the house. I walked towards the docks of Karnaca and when I made it there, several Overseers were patrolling the market district. I put my mask on and I did my best to stay hidden. They had several ancient music boxes and even some Arc Pylons set up for extra security so no one could sneak up on them. I blinked up towards a nearby rooftop and I found an odd looking rune stashed in a rain gutter. The rune glowed when I picked it up and I felt a searing pain in the back of my mind. I saw a vision of myself throwing shrapnel shards at the guards below. Apparently the ability was called Shrapnel-Volley, and it seemed to be lethal.

The mark on my right hand glowed purple, and shrapnel was conjured from the mark. They circled my hand and they remained levitating above my palm when my hand opened flat. The shards disappeared, I walked towards the edge of the rooftop. I crouched down and I observed the Market District. The Overseers were, from what I had heard, searching for evidence of heresy and heretical activity near the Market District. I peered over the horizon, dusk was coming to an end and night is approaching. Night is the best possible time to strike.

As the dark came, I let out a torrent of shrapnel shards. The shards were stronger than steel, so they were able to destroy the music boxes easily. But that was just the outside of the patrols, now it’s time to breach the inside. I activated The Apocalypse-Within, and I charged the Overseers directly. The Arc Pylons’ electrical prowess was useless to my armor. I obliterated everyone in my path and I mean literally everyone. I rendered the bones of the Overseers into dust and I ripped apart the Overseers’ leader limb from blood-riddled limb.

The Apocalypse Within dissipated and I had enough stamina to Blink back to the house. When I returned, enormous root growths sprouted through the house and tore the rooms to pieces. I saw a message on the wall written in ink and it read Come and get them! I had no idea who wrote this, but I could find them with the help of a certain Meagan Foster, a sea captain piloting the Dreadful Whale. I needed to find her and see where Delilah Copperspoon was hiding her coven.


Chapter 11: The Protector, the Harbinger, the Empress, and the Witch

As I left the destroyed home of us Voidwalkers, I ventured back down to the docks. This time it was completely empty except for a woman sitting next to a skiff. I walked up next to her and she looked at me and said, “You must be Lyle, Corvo told me about you. I can take you to the Dreadful Whale to talk about your next move.”

“I assume you’re Meagan Foster, I hope you can take me to wherever I need because Corvo and Emily are missing,” I said.

“I saw a few of Delilah’s witches take a ship out of here while carrying two bodies on their shoulders, more than likely Delilah wanted them out of the way of her plans. Corvo carried an object that looked like a heart. He left it in his cabin on the Dreadful Whale, possibly to forget the memory of Jessamine Kaldwin, the Empress during the time of the Rat Plague. Are you ready,” Meagan said.

“Let’s go see Dunwall,” I answered.

She slid off of the docks and into the skiff at her feet. I sat down in the skiff and Meagan started towards the large ship in the distance. Once we were there, a large harness-like contraption lifted the skiff up towards the main deck of the ship. We walked down a set of stairs and into a living space. There was a painter down there rambling on about past inventions and how it was he who developed the entire industrial age of the Isles. Meagan walked up to him and spoke lightly to him and he said, “Welcome to the Dreadful Whale, Lyle is it? My name is Anton Sokolov and I helped Corvo take down multiple people during the time of the Rat Plague.”

“Nice to meet you to. Now down to business. Where is the witch Delilah,” I said.

“That’s the thing, she’s remade the Brigmore Witch Coven in Dunwall Tower,” Meagan said, “Corvo and Emily have been planning to reclaim the throne there for almost a year now. I will drop you off at the docks located near the tower. You’ll have to make your way up the top of the tower.”

“Let’s do this, do you have the Heart? I can feel a witch’s soul aboard,” I said.

“Yes, go down to the end of the hall. The door will be right in front of you,” Meagan said.

I walked down the hall and I could hear a distant voice calling out to nothingness, but also targeted towards the damnation of herself. I crept through the door and the heart floated on the desk it was meant to rest on. I grabbed the heart and it glowed ominously. I felt a strange pull coming from the inside of the heart. I resisted it and the pull dissipated, the heart began speaking to me in the form of a whisper. You come to return me to my rightful place? About time!

“Silence, you will be returned soon enough spirit,” I told the effigy containing Delilah’s spirit. I walked out of Corvo’s cabin and up onto the upper deck where Meagan was waiting for me. I felt for my mask and I realized that I left it on my belt when I went into Corvo’s room. Meagan looked curious about my own scarred appearance. The scars on my face came from countless battles over the last 82 years. My mask hid my scars and kept people from asking about my face. I put my mask back on my face, and I got into the skiff without saying a word. She got in and the skiff was lowered into the icy waters of Dunwall.

As we approached the tower’s docks, Meagan gave me a rune. This rune was similar to the one I found in Karnaca. The rune split into two and the pieces turned into energy that shot into my marks and up my veins. The marks on my hands glowed a light grey and I saw the world morph into a world frozen in time. Wherever I looked, large segments or constructs of shrapnel formed into pathways for me to take up to the tower. I ran up the walls of shrapnel with ease, leaping across gaps of at least several meters. With time completely frozen, I couldn’t be detected by any of the witches. In an ironic way, the more powerful users of magic couldn’t surpass my level of heretical prowess.

As I scaled along the walls of Dunwall Tower, I could feel time start back at its normal speed. I was perched in an ajar window and what I saw in the throne room was odd enough, but in the past few months a large overgrowth of plant life consumed the entire room. I could see Corvo and Emily frozen solid in what looked like marble. I could see a figure in front a large painting, it looked like whoever was there was putting the finishing touches on the painting. I blinked towards a nearby pillar and I aimed the heart towards the figure and an orange beam blasted into the presumed target. She turned around and said, “My spirit returns to me. Now, you will see how the world should be.”

“Never Brigmore harlot, I will kill you and place you in damnation for your sins. I will have your head,” I said with my voice dripping venom at every word.

“You are welcome to try,” Delilah said. I activated Void-Armor and I tackled her through the painting, sending us both into her idea of the “World as it Should Be”. Now begins the final battle between I, the Harbinger, and the Brigmore Empress Delilah Copperspoon.


Chapter 12: The Final Battle

As we went soaring through the portal to Delilah’s idea of the perfect world, I smashed into several marble columns and into the marble throne; shattering my armor and dislocating my arm in the process. Delilah was everywhere here, I mean literally everywhere. She had duplicates waltzing everywhere here, I got up and my left arm just lay limp. I grabbed my arm and snapped it back into place, which is hard for other people but with my powers I healed fast. I activated the Apocalypse Within and Soul-Gaze at the same time and I found Delilah perched elsewhere. Her doppelgangers tried to stop me but I popped their skulls faster than I could keep track. I leapt towards Delilah’s perch and I smashed it upon impact; Delilah may have been fast here, but I was faster than ever do to my combination of powers. My armor started cracking, revealing wisps of energy and in which my powers were ever increasing. I unleashed my full power, revealing my new form. I was in front of the real Delilah before she knew what was happening. I grabbed her by the head and I ripped it from her body with her spine dangling from her neck. Her body and head turned into dust and the real Delilah cackled saying, “Fool, you underestimate me.” I turned around with a rattling growl resonating through my skeletal jaws. I reverted my form and I dropped my scythes and my mask and I walked up to Delilah and said, “If you are so powerful, then you are more than welcome to try and kill me bitch.” At that very moment Void-Armor activated and I picked up Delilah. She disappeared again, but she brought me with her. I was hurled through the air and into a marble pillar. The pillar collapsed and I sent several volleys of shrapnel shards at her. My plan was to get her close to the return portal and send her flying back into the throne room.

I got back up, but this time I was planted in a wall. Delilah had a pillar hurtle towards me but it stopped dead in its tracks. It turns out I stopped it by levitating it with ease. I sent it soaring back and I leapt after it, crashing into the ground. I used my new ability to use the shards uplifted from the ground and made a large shrapnel shield that I used to blast Delilah through the portal. I used the Apocalypse Within and I warped through the portal after Delilah.

Delilah was trapped by the shield, which morphed into a cocoon. She tried to squirm, but her efforts were futile. I picked up a sword and I grabbed Delilah, bringing her in closer. I thrusted the sword through her bottom jaw, protruding through her scalp. She had a look of terror on her face as she died, but it was well deserved that she should’ve died. After all that has happened, I got to rest easy. I used Shrapnel-Manipulation, my new ability, and I released Corvo and Emily from Delilah’s marble trap. Corvo fell unconscious and Emily seemed alert and ready to fight. I lost my scythes and mask in the fight, due to the portal closing behind me, but that didn’t matter anymore. We were at Dunwall and the mission was completed. I fell over, passing out as my heart slowly stopped beating and everything ceased to be as it was. My purpose was fulfilled and the darkness would consume me.

Chapter 13: The Reaper Watches All...

As my mind wandered through the Darkness, I felt more alive than before; ironically since I was apparently dead. I awoke in the Domain of Chaos, also known as Nyx’s Palace. I wandered in the Halls of the Damned and into the Wailing Cells. I found Atomos meditating outside the pavilion and he said, “Ironic seeing how the Harbinger of Death was finally allowed to die. Do you wish to return to the camp or remain in Dunwall with that beloved Empress you have helped so dearly?”

“I wish to return to Dunwall to remain the protector of Empress Emily Kaldwin, and I need my gear back if that is possible,” I responded.

“Granted my friend,” Atomos said, “Now, as you were Lyle. You are being transported back, just remember to return to the Desolate Plains at least once every so often to report to Saibot.”

“Yes my master,” I said as I faded from the Shadow Realm. I reappeared next to the throne where Emily, Corvo and several others had began to repair the tower. I was at the right of the throne and I tapped Emily on the shoulder and she jumped up with a guard’s sword in her hand. I held my hands up and I removed my old mask, which was given back to me when I was in the Shadow Realm, and I smiled at her. She gave me a hug and told Corvo to come see me. Corvo walked over and seemed shocked and we shook hands. Everything was coming together nicely, one thing that seemed unusual to me was a purple glow coming from a corner and we walked over to it. Corvo and Emily couldn’t see it but I saw a sword floating in a shroud of black mist, presumably a gift from Atomos. I grabbed the weapon and a sheath appeared on my back; I placed the sword in its sheath and proceeded onwards with a new memory in my mind, death and darkness are the true arbiters of life. I was to defend Dunwall, collect the souls of the dead, and damn those who defy the laws of death. I am Lyle Addams, Angel of Death and Savior of Karnaca, and this is where my story ends.



As the Savior of Karnaca lives on guarding the throne of the Isles; Lyle fell in love with Emily Kaldwin, Empress of Tyvia. They had a life together and as Lyle’s curse is immortality, he will soon have to return to his home at Camp Half-Blood. Corvo, the Royal Protector, still visits Karnaca along with Lyle as his personal guard and friend. Emily and Lyle have a son named Bellum Kaldwin, Prince of Dunwall and future host of the Nephilim War. As Lyle has said, the story is over. Goodbye mortals of the Living and hello to the world of tomorrow.



Submitted: April 24, 2017

© Copyright 2021 S.R Rederick. All rights reserved.

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