After the abuse

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Literally just finished writing this... It's about my struggle

Submitted: April 24, 2017

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Submitted: April 24, 2017



I'm a little deranged, I'm in eternal pain.

I'll never be the same.

I'm a bit more confused.

Wondering what to do. Was this meant for me.

I thought the love was true.

I was a bit skeptical, which made me a bit regretful, but i was too hopeful.

With a ton of faith and belief, the fact of the matter is,

I believed in him when he never even believed in me.

I thought i was doing my best, but then he caused me to stress, so i stayed depressed.

I tried fixing everything but nothing was working, still like a fool, I stuck around.

He'd kick me to the ground choke me, beat me, stomp me down.

Everytime I tried to leave it was a threat waiting for me.

Not wanting to fight, I'd stay & cry, sit and wonder why, ask god why.

Why me, what did i do.

I was scared for my life, especially when he pulled out that knife i knew i would die, I just kept asking why.

Would i ever be happy.

I thought our kids would change his views on life, I was wrong.

Everyday I died inside.

He knew how to sweep me off my feet, but he was better at destroying me.

Years of abuse, am i allowed to share my truths.

Everytime I cried for help it was more like an "oh well".

It was like a curse, by night he was a demon, by day he made it feel like I was dreaming.

All the fussing and screaming, had the kids doing the same thing.

Wanting out, could you really blame me.

He refused to remove himself from his own demons, i had to leave for all those reasons.

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