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Submitted: April 24, 2017

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Submitted: April 24, 2017



Let me tell you a story 
It goes something like this 
Some might even say it ends with a twist 

This boy I know 
We’ll call him Roy 
Used to play with a specific toy 
Now this toy had many qualities 
One of them went like this 

You slid a button left to right 
I think you call them follow me eyes 
Now these eyes both scary and clever 
Could see in any kind of weather 
He could even see in his army  suit 
Or dangling from his parachute 
Or driving his jeep whilst in pursuit 

These eyes that used to follow Roy 
Freaked him out when he was a boy 
And now 46 years  on
Roy the boy is now a man 
And still plays with that very same action man 

This boy called Roy that’s now a man 
Now dresses GI Joe as fran 
She wears a pair of knee length boots  
A hugging bra to enhance her boobs 
a leather Basque completes his ask 

so now you ask 

If Roy the boy that’s now  a man 
who dresses GI Joe as fran 
is trying to impress someone 
or is he  simply having fun 
the answer to your question is 

Roy the boy  is just a myth 
He had a sex change when at 42 
Changed his name to a girl named sue
And the reason he was such a good dresser 
Was before he changed 
he used to be a cross dresser 

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