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Submitted: April 24, 2017

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Submitted: April 24, 2017



This is a story of a poltergeist 
He was called three times rice 
a poltergeist that wasn't very nice 
but  very good at throwing dice 
He used to be a gambler 
In his previous life

He knew the tables far too well 
Especially when he scored snake eyes
With the power of his dice. 
But he had rigged the dice this night  
This in turn ended three times rices life  

Now on this one stormy night 
A little girl her name is Meg 
Slept soundly in her comfy bed
Half asleep and half awake 
She felt a hand across her face 

The room was as cold as ice 
Her breath hung in the still of night 
She opened up her eyes to see
a light that shone so brightly

The funny thing about that night 
Was all the candles were alight 
She snuffed them out 
before she went to bed 
After saying her prayers 
at the foot of the bed

then one by one the candles rose in the air 
she shuffles back frightened in despair 
the smoke begins to fill the air 
and spells out a name 
above her chair 
this name it did say
three times rice
then suddenly
out goes all the lights 

The little girl, 
remember meg 
laid on her bed 
and there she remained 
quite stand fed

She closed her eyes 
and counts to ten 
said to herself 
“please, not again” 
“You are not real 
My mother said, 
You’re just my imagination 
Playing tricks with my head” 
This is what Meg finally said

The windows they did rattle 
The curtains, they did blow 
The door slammed shut 
Leaving poor old meg 
With nowhere left to go 

And on the window 
Drew through his breath 
A message was written  
A message for Meg 
Telling her not to listen  

The message read 
“Don’t listen to your mother 
I’m real, don’t you see
Look out of your window 
I’m hanging 
From that old oak tree 

She got out of bed 
Her feet hit the floor 
Grabbed her robe 
As she walked past her door 
She walked to the window  
And much to her fright 
she opened her window 
and looked out into the night 

The wind it did rustle 
as it blew through the trees 
the tree creaked so loudly 
as if begging her please 
and there in the shadows 
just as he had said
a body swung carefree 
she knew he was dead 

Suddenly in the dark of the night 
He lifts his head 
And gives meg a fright 
Goosebumps form  on her porcelain skin 
Her heart starts to beat 
As she walks backwards in hasty retreat 
Nearly tripping over her own two feet

She climbs on her bed 
And slips inside 
Pulls the covers up to shield her eyes 
The widow crashed open 
with so much force 
causing loose plaster to fall to the floor  

She then felt a presence at the foot of her bed 
The covers moved slowly away from her eyes 
A figure stood floating, with burning red eyes

“Three times rice is my name” 
He cackled 
“Believe me now? 
See this rope? 
It has me shackled to this hallowed ground 
Please meg please meg set me free 
Cut my rope that swings carefree


A knife drops onto the floor 
And rolled and stopped just at her door 
And seconds later her feet hit the floor 
She grabbed the knife 
Opened her door
Raced down the stairs
And out of the front door 

The mist that surrounded the old oak tree 
Surrounded meg as she climbed up the tree 
She took the knife and cut the rope 
And with the rope cut 
Three times he did float 
A smile graced three times  pale white face  
Red eyes replaced and gave him grace
he's now moved onto a better place 

Meg returns back to her bed 
Knowing he was real but now he is dead
this bad man that used to play tricks with megs head 

But once in a while, whilst she sleeps 
She stills hears that old oak softly creek 

© Copyright 2018 J A OVERTON. All rights reserved.