Dance with the Reaper

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Jack Greene is 19 years old. One day, him and his childhood friend go to the mall when a man comes and kills Jack and tries to kidnap his friend. Jack refuses to die and is reborn as one of the Four Horsemen. Death. Now, Jack is tasked with fighting the demonic forces of the world with the other horsemen.

Submitted: April 24, 2017

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Submitted: April 24, 2017



Episode One

Death is Born


Dark, darker, yet darker. The void is the place where all the dead go. There is no heaven nor hell. Well, there is a Heaven and a Hell, but only those who are reborn as an angle or a demon can gain access to those places. Wait! Let's take a step back here. I died by not natural means, but at gunpoint. I was going around the mall with my friend Lulu. Well, I call her that. Her real name is Lucille Elrick. Oh, almost forgot, my name is Jack Greene. We were walking around the mall in my home town because I was looking for a job. That was when a man came up to us at gunpoint and told us to surrender our wallets. Without hesitating Lulu did as the man said, and I did as well. The man then attempted to kidnap Lulu and at that moment I decided to grow a pair. I went and pushed him away and he wouldn’t have it. He then filled me with holes. I heard her voice before I faded. Her voice is the only thing that filled my mind. It was an echo that stained my mind with regret. In this timeless plain of existence, the only noise that I hear is her’s. She is being kidnapped and I can’t do anything about it. It is so frustrating. To know that she will be “enjoyed” and I’m here, in a place devoid of time and space. Helpless. That was when a bright light appeared and a powerful voice thundered through the emptiness. It was my dad's voice. My father died 8 years ago in a gunfight. He was a police officer. I still remember his final words. “To be a hero is not defined by one’s physical attributes. Nor is it determined by how smart someone is. Though it is helpful. It is determined by how stubborn someone is. A hero will grow strong and fight no matter how much stronger someone or something is. Son, grow stronger, so that you too can protect that which matter most.” His voice reminded me what I must do. So, I refused to die. Then a surge of strength ran through me, my blood pumped, my mind flared and the wounds that lead me here faded. The light showed me the way to immortality, with one job. Reaping the sinful.


This smell, the mall? Lulu! I stood up and saw her being dragged. I ran over to them, surprised how fast it was. I grabbed him by the neck and held him up. “Your mind  and heart is filled with lust and now fear. Tell me. She is not the first.” The man laughed, then looked at me. “There were many more. You aren’t human anymore are you kid.” I look over at my hand and see bone. I drop the guy, which I still regret, I’m a skeleton? How is this possible! I try to hold my surprise as I grab the man again and knock him out and call the police to pick him up. I walk over to Lulu as I say, “What am I?” That was when I heard my dad’s voice once more. Not only that, but I can see him. “Son, look at you. You are probably wondering how this happened. Well, you're hired! As the new god of death! All will be explained soon. You need to meet your brothers and sister. You are the first horsemen, Death.” I thought to myself, Death? No way! “Your siblings are War, Conquest, and Famine.” “But why me?” Dad walked close, “The world needs a hero. No one knows this, but sin has increased across the world. Bringing an overflow of demonic entities to enter the world of the living. So, you are going to have to do something that your predecessors couldn’t. Show all the humans who they truly are. We are a race called Alglid. We are the one's that put Adam and Eve. We thought that we were going to be exterminated. A violent race called the Romnax. You may know them as Demons." Dad was telling me all this on the way to the other Horsemen. Lulu is coming with us there becuse I couldn't leave her there. When we finally made it there, the place was on fire and one of the Horsemen named War came flying out and looked at me saying, "Its a devil class." Then passed out.


It is here! The new episode!

Episode 2

The Truth About Death


“War! Devil class? What is going on?” Dad looked at me with panic, grabbed my arm and said, “We need to get out of here! You are not ready to fight a devil class!” I ripped my arm out of his grasp, “I can’t just leave them there! They will die!” Dad grabbed my shoulders, “You are too weak! Going over there would be suicide!” I ripped myself out of his grasp and yelled, “I can’t just leave them to die!” Then ran towards the fire. I looked around and found Conquest and Famine. I started to drag them out when I heard a demonic voice. “Ha ha ha ha. The chosen one has come to die.” I looked up in horror and confusion. “Ch-chosen one? What do you mean?” The demon laughed, “You don’t know? The Prophecy tells of the coming of the four riders. The world of fire will hide in fear of their coming. Death will die to save the mortal realm and make sure that doomsday will never come. Oh my! That is you? By the stars, guess you're going to die.” The demon cackles with joy. “You lie! I died once. I’m not dying again!” The demon looked at me, laughed again, then said, “Sorry, fate is unavoidable. You are going to die, and this time, it will be in vain.” The demon disappeared and started to attack Famine. That was when I blacked out. By the time I woke up, the demon was gone, fire was out, and Lulu was hugging me and telling me to stop. Tears running down her face. I used my finger to wipe her tears away and saw my hand was different. They were black and pointy. I look down and see that my skeleton body was covered by a black bone like shell. Markings covering my whole body glowing like fire. I look up at dad as he says, “We need to talk”

“I may or may not have had sexual relations with a demon who gave birth to you.” I look at dad and ask, “Is that why the demon said I was the chosen one?” Dad sighed, looked at me, and said, “A child will be born of a demon mother and human father. The child will die and be reborn as death. On that day. The child will transform into a powerful being strong enough to fight the devil on equal footing, as the god of destruction and the fifth horseman. On the third day, death will come again and the horsemen will be ready for the apocalypse. It will come in three months.” I looked at Lulu, who was still hugging me, patted her head, looked at dad and said, “Where do I start?”


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