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Submitted: April 24, 2017

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Submitted: April 24, 2017



You have heard the story of snow white 
But the writers didn’t get It quite right 
Here is the true story of the beautiful snow white 

She lived in the forest with 7 little dwarfs 
One was called dopy,
He lived up to his name 
Acting the goat trying to catch some fame 
Hoping to get noticed and put on youtube 
Which I find quite lame

The second was called grumpy 
His waist looked quite large and frumpy 
No wonder he was so very, very grumpy 
No one likes to look like humpty dumpty 

The third was breezy sneezy 
He sneezed and sneezed all day 
Very soon his hanky was full 
And he had to throw it away 
He asked doc for a favour 
To take away his sneeze 
Doc returned 5 mins later 
With a pack of antihistamines
And said “that should cure that sneeze”

Next up we have happy 
Such a jolly chap 
He likes to walk around naked 
In different silly hats 
And to be honest 
He looks quite like a pratt

Then we have our doc 
His eyes are all a blur 
Heavily medicated 
He is a connoisseur 
Of mixing up the herbs 
Sometimes he mixes them wrong 
And makes him act absurd 

Next up we have bashful 
A handsome little chap 
Likes his own reflection 
And blushes quite a lot 
You’ll often see him standing 
Pruning his fine hair 
But that doesn’t make any difference 
Because of his enormous ears

Then finally we have our sleepy 
Who likes his bed too much 
So much so 
He is very hard to budge 
But doc found the answer 
With a little suppository
Stuck the pill up his ass 
While he slept peacefully 
Now poor old sleepy 
Can’t keep of the lavatory
Cause sleepies butt 
Is docs new laboratory 

Then we come to the main event 
The white snow maiden herself 
Sometimes she wishes the 7 dwarfs 
Were seven little elves
But she is not too worried 
She keeps them all in check 
And when they come home from
A hard days work 
She likes to rub their tiny backs 
However the dwarfs they are not selfish 
And return the favour in kind 
They all like to romance her 
With fine dinners and fine wines 

Now this story has a happy ending 
Like most stories do 
Sneezy cured his sneeze 
He no longer says achoo. 
The antihistamines did their job 
He no longer has hayfever 
The drugs he took 
Made him breathe much easier

Grumpy went on a diet 
His waistline shrank in size 
Now he is a size 6 instead of a size 9 
Now he doesn’t eat any food
He just gorges himself on wine 

Dopy he was special 
And became a youtube star
He got his fame 
From trying on women’s bra’s
And driving real fast cars

Doc, he found his calling 
Now he deals some smack
and every once in a while 
he even deals some crack
he now has lots of money 
To fill up his empty sack 

Sleepy can sleep more soundly 
Now the drugs wore off 
No longer has to run half asleep 
And sit for hours on the bog
No longer does he have a ring 
around his ass 
from sleeping on the job

Now comes our bashful 
The vainest of them all
Got a job as a model 
That all the girls adored
Still his face blushes daily 
Which all the girls seem to like
They keep all the girlies warm 
On chilly winter nights

Then finally theirs happy 
He’s still happy as can be 
Well wouldn’t you be? 
if you were boning snow white 

So they all lived happily ever after 
But some days they got high 
Because doc used to smoke 
The grass he used too buy.

The end

© Copyright 2018 J A OVERTON. All rights reserved.

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