Rules of the universe

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The rule of the universe that everyone knows, but no one likes to admit, is that we will never be destined to win the game of life. That we are to be ripped from this world before we are ready to say goodbye. Yet for those who can read it, in the fine print it also says that almost anything can happen whilst you stay in the game.
Rae is in college studying biology, history and art. She is meant to go to summer school for extra credit to get into Bristol’s biochemical degree, but instead chooses to ‘play the game’ and fly to Fiji to study the coral reefs and follow her love of the arts. She then has to choose between the love of knowledge and the love of the unbeatable game.

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Chapter one-

Submitted: April 24, 2017

Its lunch and the cafeteria is as dead as you’d expect for the last Friday of the semester, only the elite and miscreants remain. Altho... Read Chapter