Garden of Eden

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the past hurts

Submitted: April 24, 2017

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Submitted: April 24, 2017





Today I wore nothing under my skirt,

Simply to feel the dirty secret linger on my lips

I wonder, do you know what secrets lie between my thighs?

Do you wonder how sweet the fruit in my garden tastes?


It isn’t breaking and entering if you only forced your weight on the gates

Until they gave in under your pressure, you thought

You didn’t know how delicate the blossoming flowers were when you plucked them from their roots, only because their vibrancy overpowered their meek size.


When you trampled through my garden,

Like a hurricane dances through weak fearful towns that run flat for miles,

Did you feel any sorrow for the flowers that you destroyed?

Or the sweet ripening fruit I grew with patience and delicacy, that you smashed with bare hands?


Maybe, just maybe you thought if I didn’t want people to enter,

I should have guarded it better.

I should’ve fought harder.

Maybe you thought that it was unfair,

That only one soul before had tasted the nectar so sweet.


But you only eased your way in with kind words and deceiving whispers,

As if you understood what it felt like to be a flower in a hurricane,

And I believed, maybe you understood the land that the garden was centered in.


Today, I wore nothing under my skirt,

Simply to feel the vulnerability that I felt when you touched my insecurities

I had never seen a peach as bruised as you left mine.

When you sucked for my nectar,

I was paralyzed by the way your lying lips drank so gracefully,

And I wondered if it was guilt that made your hands shake when you dug your nails into my flesh,

And you drew the dark red essence from my skin,

One you often mistook was as cold as the ground that I became one with.


You thought because the fruit spilled with each puncture,

That suddenly,

It was yours to devour.


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