The Inside Battle

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Back when I was in school we were tasked to write a poem with literary terms. So, thought I would show you guys and see if you can point out all the literary terms in this poem, as well as what this poem might be about!

The Inside Battle

By: Amanda H


He hides from the battle inside.

Her golden eyes seduce him.

Like the song of a Siren

And the eyes of Medusa;

They lure him in without fail.


While the voice from his mind

Screams from his heart

And destroys the man outside.

With his eyes like the winter

His hands of a child’s.

The darkness inside increases.


Where the shadows creep at night

He tries to sleep.

But they whisper “Come to me, follow me.”

He shouts and he screams “Go away, go away!”

A battle fought and lost.


Now everything is black and white

His soul is dead

And his eyes show no colour.

He suffers at her will with a leash and a collar.

With not a meter to run,

Or a place to call home;

He is a dog of the streets.


How long will this battle go on?

It is a war between gold and coal.

With only his music to soothe him;

He would sing to himself and say

“I want a home.”


As if it were a prayer answered;

A familiar face appears beside him.

A friend, not a foe,

And a human with a soul;

She extends her hand to him.





She helps him with his suffering,

And leads him from the shadows.

He is now a man with eyes of warmth

And a man with a place to go home.


And so the battle is done;

With the gold surrendering the flag.

The coal emerges victorious

The shadows are gone,

Revealing the sun


And he has won the battle

Submitted: April 25, 2017

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I love your poem! I will not lie, I’m not really sure that I understand it very well, but I DID like it, & feel you did a great job with it, since it totally stumps me!

Wed, November 29th, 2017 7:54pm

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