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raw, intense uncontrolled animalistic desire

Submitted: April 24, 2017

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Submitted: April 24, 2017



I live a pretty lustful life, in all honesty,

I’m a simple man driven by desire.

Chasing the next high, it’s an odyssey,

I always find away to get what I want.

Lust has been strong since I was a sophomore,

Once the itching starts, I have to scratch it.

That’s how the cycle stays alive, and I can’t ignore

The animalistic desires that consume me.


To satisfy the beast, I had to go in deep,

Sex drive was peaked back in high school.

I wanted it badly, didn’t matter how cheap,

Anywhere and anytime, I was out of my mind.

The blood kept rushing from one head to the other,

And I’m bouncing off the walls trying to focus in class.

Tunnel vision, but it’s not glaucoma, only one thing on my mind

Trying to hide the fact I’m staring but I still look like a jackass.


I thank God that I grew up in this day and age,

Parents were never home, so the internet raised me.

I was eleven years old when I entered the genital stage,

No one around to talk it out, so I figured that shit out on my own.

I didn’t know what the fuck I was looking at,

But I knew for a fact I liked the way it felt.

Back then it was like three pumps, then splat!

I knew I was gonna have to work on that.


Once a week, turned into once a day,

And that turned into twice a day.

Everyday I got home, I didn’t delay,

Locked myself away for about half an hour.

Assignments and obligations get pushed back,

Shit wouldn’t get done until my desires were fulfilled.

That’s about the time where my life got off track,

Thanks to poor self control and internet access.


After school ritual became the thing I looked forward to,

All my problems melt away when I flipped the switch.

Everyone always called me a faggot, they lined up in a queue

To throw insults at me, but the dopamine made it all okay.

I didn’t even think that something was wrong,

Yet I couldn’t stop looking at her in a thong.

Even after an hour I’m still going strong,

And my weekend sessions were like a day long.


Tried to stop, but it didn’t work so well,

Couldn’t overcome the animalistic urge.

Desire was the thing I couldn’t quell,

Dopamine receptors burnt to the core.

Internalized dehumanization when I gave in,

A being of higher thinking reduced to a shaking mess.

I kept taking to showers to wash away the sin,

But there’s some stains that can be scrubbed off.


My one desire was to have my desires fulfilled

For all eternity, to live in the fields of Elysium.

Didn’t notice this lustful life became instilled,

My cup runneth over, it got filled to the brim.

Brain’s all burnt out and wired weirdly now,

Incomplete assignments are tall as Mt. Everest now.

Anxiety off the charts, I gotta fix this shit somehow,

If only I could stop fucking myself in this dark room.


Lives all fucked up, grades are in shambles,

Trashcan filled with white and red tissues.

Strange marks on my body becoming more ample,

Situations gotten too big, it’ll be hard diffuse.

Tolerance is higher than the freedom tower,

Transmitter only sparks if the material is fucked up.

Time marches on, still don’t have enough willpower,

Cause I can’t even look away for more than a day.


I still live a lustful life, in all honesty,

Still a simple man driven by desire.

Though this time, with worsening impotency,

Internal dehumanization spread like cancer.

The animalistic desire consumes me,

No longer a man, I regressed back to a beast.

I can’t even stay away for more than a day,

Cause this desire won’t ever go away.

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