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how to survive lifes trials

Submitted: April 24, 2017

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Submitted: April 24, 2017





I thought I heard an angel sigh. I thought I heard the rain as

I sat in silence listening to the echos of my pain.

I began to see the darkness. I felt the drops upon my face.

The rain, the tears, the pain, was all the angels cryin with me. We were all the same.

A black, dark silky curtian is fallin down drapin my soul.

Dark walls all around like a bubble without no sound.

I feel the rain I feel the angels tears.

They mix with mine tracing my cheek as they splatter on the floor.

Tears are floating one by one, visions of my life I see have begun.

I see a little girl so small, falling down scraping her knee

cryin out in pain *stupid rock* was to blame.

Mom was there with an outstretched hand helping me up til I was able to stand.

Another tear floasts on by as more angels are beginning to cry .

I see a child going to school letting go of moms hand all alone now, what will I do?

More an more, the tears are fallin around my feet dark walls , echoes of the rain

floatin me upward in my pain.

A tear keeps spinning around and around. I look deep inside heres what I found

A growing girl not sure about life, bad news of a terrible disease.

She's running escaping, stumbling as she flees.

Suddenly the water inside that dark room is rising up an up!

It will consume me very soon.

I hear the angels outside the walls. The rain and tears have become

a water fall.

Many tears are falling cutting my cheek like a knife.

I begin to see .all the bad painful things thats happend in my life.

I see my family the pain they inflict.

Too many tears, too much pain! I want this over with quick!

Eyes they close my minds spinning so fast.

How many tears are left? How long can they last?

A crack of thunder as are angels cryin loud.

Full of pain and sorrow wondering if there will be

a tomorrow.

I feel a teardrop stuck on my face.

Its not wanting to fall or be erased.

I try to wipe it away my hands are stuck.

They are numb not going nowhere near my face.

I catch a glimpse, a glimmer inside.

I see the night my mom said goodbye.

I'll always be with you I hear her say.

I leave the teardrop alone so it will stay.

I close my eyes no more pain.

No more sounds only the rain.

I float up towards the unknown

waking to a covered window pane.

The tears I have cried,all the pain in my life,

have risen me up and helped to make me a way.

I have to remember who I am. Where I have gone

an where I began .

The window opened. I have begun a new day.

I'll struggle to hang on no matter what gets in my way.




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