The Endless

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This is a story I have dreamed last night, so then I decided to write in here, but I am not sure if anybody actually read this.

Submitted: April 24, 2017

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Submitted: April 24, 2017



"This is a true story that I am telling you right now," I said to my friend," I accidently killed a person last night in the street." I am sure they didn't trust me, I can tell by looking at their faces. "Well if it is real, then why the hell are you telling us?" one of my friend said it,"I only believe on what I see with my own eyes." And the other nodded. Then the bell ring, then everybody went to different class.

After two hours of sleeping in class, my friend texted me, I am going to your house today show me the body , but I tried to ignore him. But he followed me after school, he didn't reveal himself but I have to say this, he is so bad at hiding himself, so I decided to go up to the mountain. After a while I stopped and looked at him and said," Do you actually want see the body?" he answered me with a nod. And I ran to him and killed him with a knife. "Oh I forgot to tell you, there is no dead body yet, but there will be one, and that's you." I left with a laughter and didn't look back.

After that I did the same thing to everybody else, they all stack in a pile in the forest. "What a nice view," I said to myself," don't you think so, The Lord of the Flies?" I looked at the pig head next to me, and he noded and said," It will be better if there is one more body in there." I looked at him confused, and then I felt a pain in my stomach, bleeding with black bloods. "What the fuck?" It was the Lord of the Flies that kill me and pushed me to the pile of dead bodies. And I heard, Now it's perfect it's time to go to the next city.

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