Introduction To Life.

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Just an intro of my life and my future in writing.

Submitted: April 25, 2017

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Submitted: April 25, 2017



Hi my name is John. This is my very first story I will be writing on Booksie. It's about my life and my future. Right now my life is in limbo. Constantly changing from happy to sad to lonely. I used to be the happiest guy in the world when I had my girlfriend and my best friends. But lately after a suicide attempt (where my ex had saved my life back in 2016) I began looking at my life. After the attempt, she told me that she was the only one that cared about me. She said that because I always hung out with my friends. Maybe it was because she was being mean to me at the time. But in the end I didn't realize how important she was until she already moved on. After she left, my life started changing, I had a job and i finally got into my senior year of high school. I had no time to goof off and hang out with my best friends. And slowly we drifted apart. Eventually i had no one to talk to on my days off where i want to hang out. Nobody replied back to me and no one ever tried to talk to me anymore. I felt worthless. Worthless, boring, and just not good enough for anyone to care. Like a beggar in the street with a sign asking for money. It felt like walking through hell with no one by my side due to my upcoming graduation where i would have to fight the real world. College, Rent, Car Notes, Car Insurance, and so much more bills. Its like trying to slay a dragon with a tree branch. How will i survive on my own when i can't even emotionally or mentally be stable enough to live right now? Anyways sorry for ranting so long but hopefully you guys stick around long enough to enjoy my other memoirs i plan to write in the upcoming future.

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