the transfer

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this story is about a girl's transfer to the hill station of Ooty ho meets a boy and falls in love with hiim,and leaves the city later.

Submitted: April 25, 2017

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Submitted: April 25, 2017



I used to hate transfers, it used to take our loved once away from us, leaving the city we used to live in, the friends we loved, our family and relatives, and especially that one special person we care the most and can’t resist seeing them everyday. The same thing happened in my case too. Her name is Sitara, she was transferred from Mumbai to this hill station in Ooty. Her father is a police officer.

She lives in my neighbour’s house, which was believed as haunted by the people of the hill station. One day when my mother told to bring fresh milk from another hill station named Yercaud. I’ve began my journey on my cycle, then i’ve seen her near a river in a light blue dress, which made her vows touch the sky and the water at the same time.

Later after a month or two, we began to talk and got too closer than before. She used to bring me her diary which had many of her memories stored but never opened and read by anyone, It used to bring up tears in my heart, a girl with so many untold stories and still smiles from outside which was too tough. I used to bring her black roses from the banks of the river and gift it to her with joy. She used to tell me stories about the school she studied in Mumbai. Her old friends, the proposals she got and the fun she had there, she also told that she feels lonely over here because she has no one to talk with. You need a million years to notice her beauty and a centillion years to admire it. She used to love romantic films, where as I like all cold blooded murder type of films.

One day she called me home urgently to tell me some important thing. I reached her place , she had a gift in her hand and many tears in her eyes. I asked her “what happened Sitara? Why are you so worried?” she said “ I don’t know whether this is a mad news or a good news, shall I tell you one thing?” I said “ yeah, of course you may tell me, what is the matter? She replied “ take this gift, open it today at night 12 exactly, this is a surprise for you” and then I went away , lost in my own world thinking about what the gift actually is.

I’d met her may be 3 years ago, and I’ve never seen her this tearful before. It was 12 at night, i opened the gift, it was written “ hey, today is my birthday, and you don’t even remember that, come to the river side near the boat, i’m waiting for you there”. Once again I started my bicycle and went cycling to the river, I’ve seen her in a fresh and nourishing white saree waiting for my awaitness. She made me sit in the boat, she drove it to the centre of the river, it was a full moon day, it was a dead silence night, just hearing the voice of  the moon, which was feeling jealous of seeing Sitara brighter than he himself. I was about to wish her, but she pulled me closer and kissed firmly on my lips, the night’s blanket was uncovered, those 3 billion gods were watching us doing this mistake in their earth, the voice of every bird out there was a romantic song played only for us, the silence was so quiet that even a dead lion would join his heart with his lady love, those white clouds covered our scene with a soft shadow to prevent those gods watching, it was like all the angels from the heaven came down and blessed us with the white roses, i guess the time was stopped that moment, i didn’t know how to react, and I have no idea about her reaction.

The twist here is that, this all was being watched by her father from a distance.

She said “ this is the best gift you may expect in your life, and no one is going to replace this one again” i said “ there is one person, who can replace this gift” she said “ who is that person?” i replied “ it is you” and kissed her back tightly again.

The next day i was wondering why she kept those tears on her eyes, when she was giving me that gift. Then i decided to go to her house to find the answer for the reason behind her tears.

I reached there, there was a big truck, and all the furniture and other stuff were out. She saw me and started coming towards me, i asked her “what is all this? Is your father going anywhere?”

She replied “ he got a transfer from this job to Kolkata city, we need to leave, I guess we are never going to meet again, all I can tell you is......” i quickly said “ all you can tell me is..??” “a good bye” replied she, my heart whispered to me that, it was expecting “ i love you” as the last sentence from her, but received a great good bye. Then the truck  started leaving, her father called her and told her to be seated in the truck, and not to move anywhere. It was going too speed to leave the place, and i started going behind the truck, following it. I was shouting ‘SITARA” “SITARA” she didn’t even care to turn her head back and throw a look at me. Then a lorry came suddenly and dashed me, my cycle was lifted up in the air, and so do i, may be till now, i wonder, did that lorry tried to kill me? Or the girl? Is the question. This explains why i hate transfers, someone coming into our lives because of that transfer, and leaving us which bring happiness and sadness at once.

I didn’t tell you my name right? It is Sita Ram.  See, Sita Ram and Sitara, what a name match.


But sadly, only the names matched, not we, neither our transferred love.




© Copyright 2018 Sethu Vardhan. All rights reserved.

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