Lonely Dead

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Hanna finds herself dead and not knowing anything other than she is seperated from her mom. Can she be able to find the cause of her death with the help of a lovely married couple?

Submitted: April 25, 2017

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Submitted: April 25, 2017



Lonely Dead


I'm sitting in my room, wondering what i'm doing here. I looked at my misty reflection in the mirror. I've long forgotten how anything had happened, and how I'd even ended up here. My mom's cries still echoed in my head : "Hanna, no! Hanna!All I know, is that everything happened so deadly fast and that my mom, my only beloved mom was seperated from me. How lonely and sad she must be now, without me.

I suddenly heard voices, male and female, coming towards the closed door. I know that no living being would be able see me now, so I just stayed still where I was. A man and a woman walked through -- through -- the closed door; they had average looks, in about their mid-thirties. What really shocked me, though, was that they weren't living beings at all. They were just like me: a spirit.

  "What happened, darling? Do you know how you died? You got any family?",the woman asked me kindly.

  "Now, now, honey, let's not overload her with questions." said the man; her boyfriend, I guessed.

 "I'm Amber, and this is my husband, Karyle." So, not a boyfriend, but a husband. 

Amber frowned."Well, technically, was my husband. Before we died." Amber gave a little laugh; Karyle just gave me a reassuring smile. "What's your name, puddin'?" he asked.

"My name's Hanna," I said softly,"and I forgot what happened, I just know that my mom's really lonely now that she's seperated from me."

"Oh, that's normal, Hanna. It's just your job to find out. Karyle and I died when a cinema caught fire. It took us a long time to find out, and a lot of determination." Amber added. 

"But how did you find out? I mean, what does it take for you to find out?" I asked them.

Karyle chuckled. "It takes a lot for you to find out. It's not that easy. There was one time when Amber and I thought we commited suicide by flushing ourselves down the toilet."

"When they say 'everything is possible',"I said," they didn't literally mean that everything is possible."

"To find out,"said Amber, ignoring my comment," you need to try your best to remember anything at all useful right before you died.  It might be a clue. To do that, close your eyes and think of something, anything, that helps you focus. You can think of a few of your closest people, maybe?" 

  I closed my eyes and started thinking of my mom, picturing her face in my mind. Those luscious fawn curls that always glided gracefully down either sides of her face, that soft smile that makes you want to smile right back. I pictured her eyes, her nose, her ears. At last, her whole face appeared. Nothing happened.

 Then I pictured my best friend, Tara. We're both the same age, seventeen, and also looked ridiculously alike. People often mistakened us for sisters. She had bright, wavy hair, and a face shaped like a soft heart. She was a cheery kind of person, the kind that makes you laugh everytime you see them. I thought of the last time I saw her, at Starbucks. I was drinking the iced caramel macchiato, while we were talking about just how cute her new boyfriend was.

  Next, I saw my boyfriend's face appear in the middle of my mind. Dwayne had a face with high cheekbones; all his features were always sharp. I thought of his spiked hair, the way he talks to me softly, and holds me gently like i'm some kind of fragile china doll. I thought of the way he grins widely everytime he sees me. I thought of when I'd excitedly race down the stairs when I hear the doorbell ring because I knew, I just knew I would open the door to Dwayne standing there, disposable Starbucks coffee cups in either sides of his hand, smiling down at me.

  Then, a bluish light started appearing from the corner of my mind, slowly spreading accross. Soon, my whole mind was filled with that bright bluish light. Then it slowly faded,and was replaced by an image of an alley. I know that alley, I just can't remember how. I just know that I've somehow seen it before. The alley had a van parked at one end and a Mini parked at the other. That was my mom's Mini. Suddenly, there was a jolt of pain through my head and I snapped my eyes open.

  Amber and Karyle were both looking at me with concern in their eyes.

  "So, did you see anything? Any clues that might lead you to the reason?"

  "I-i saw- i saw a car, my mom's car. And a van, a white van", I said urgently.

  "Where was the van, Hanna?" asked Karyle.

  "It was in an alley. I know the alley. I think...."

  "You have to concentrate, Hanna. Concentrate on the alley.I closed my eyes, thought of the alley. That alley, just need to look at the bigger picture... wait. At the right, there's that graffiti there. I know that. It was that time where--

  "I know where it is! It has the 'Hanna + Dwayne' graffiti on the buillding on the right side of the alley! Dwayne and I spray-painted it ourselves. I know it's vandalism, and we almost got arrested for that, but we made a run for it just in time. I-" a tear rolled down my cheek without me realizing. I reached up to swipe it away, but more tears just came. Soon, I was sobbing hysterically, and Amber and Karyle both hugged me tightly and soothed me with kind words.

  "It'll be okay, sweetheart. Now wipe those tears away, and tell us what that graffiti reminded you of." Amber and Karyle also looked as if they might cry.

  "Th-that graff-f-fitti-";I kept trying my best to say it, but couldn't. Finally, I took a deep breath, and forced myself to speak.

  "Th-that gra-f-fitti, me and D-d-dwayne, we painted it. I-it was on our h-h-hideout, w-where we always m-met up. It's an aba-aband-doned building. I t used to be an old a-a-antique store, but the owner sort of s-s-slipped out. Nobody e-ever went there, s-so sometimes we'll bring s-some food and c-coffee and do our h-homework there. Or sometimes we-we-we'll just hang out and talk about random stuff, like-", I suddenly burst out laughing, thinking of the time we couldn't find a toilet in time, so Dwayne actually wet himself. I probably laughed at him the whole walk home.

  "Sorry, you must find this boring, I-"

  "It's not problem at all, dear, in fact, Dwayne does sound like a pretty special guy." Amber said, smiling.

  "Thanks, um. So I guess I'll probably bring us to the antique shop now." I floated through the window, Amber and Karyle following me. I passed all the other houses in the neighbourhood. It was a five-minute walk from my house to the old store. But this time, it only took me about 2 minutes to get there. We went to it, and for a moment, I just stood there, looking at it. It was familiar- but I didn't wanna go in; I was scared I'd just burst out in tears again.

  "Okay, let's just get to the alley."

  I walked straight until I was at the end of the row, took a deep breath. When I looked down, I saw a brown stain. I turned right. It was a crime scene now- the yellow crime scene tape surrounded the area. The van and my mom's Mini was still there. There were still bloodied footprints; they were trailing from the center of the alley, which had a puddle of dried blood still on it, to the other side of the alley, where the rows of cafes were. Like someone ran away. I think it those footprints belongs to my murderer. 

"Is this it, Hanna?",Karyle asked.


"Now, I need you to look at it, stare at it, and don't even blink. Hanna, can you do that?", Karyle asked.

"Hell yes."

  I stared at it with concentration, not even once blinking. Three masked men in black appeared, who was walking towards the Mini. Then mom appeared in the car, looking at her phone, unaware of the men. The men walked over tto her car with undeniable speed, and then an axe appeared and the man in the middle smashed the car window in half. The glass didn't shatter or anything, it just broke in half and fell to the ground. My mom looked shocked. Even more than that, terrified. She started to crawl backward into the passenger seat, her eyes never once leaving tha man's face. She opened the car door and got out of the car; she tried to run, but again, the man glided to the car door and strangled her against the wall.

  My mom suddenly snapped into focus and started waving in the opposite direction; she was mouthing,no,no,no,no,no. I turned around, and there I was, walking out of the antique store with Dwayne. I was holding two Starbucks coffee cups in either sides of my hands. But when I saw my mom, both of those cups dropped from my hands and coffee spilled onto the floor. They splashed on my favourite leather boots, but i still ran like my life depended on it.

  My mom was screaming now, "Hanna, no! Hanna!Dwayne was running towards me; I kicked him and he fell. I continued running, and my mom broke free of the man's grip and ran towards me. We were in the centre of the alley now;my mom held me at arm's length and cried. Dwayne was hurrying over, but wasn't fast enough. One of the three masked men moved as fast as lightning and appeared behind my still-weeping mom with an axe, ready to chop my mom in half. Just before it reached my mom's skull, I screamed and grabed my mom with full force and threw her behind me. The the man brought the axe down and my body sliced in half. Blood splashed onto the man's black robes and mask, and blood gushed and spilled out onto the floor. Dwayne and mny mom screamed and shouted, "HANNA! HANNA! NO,NO,NO! HANNA!" My mom crawled over to the spilled blood and my corpse and weeped. The masked men ran away. Dwayne ran to my mom, and hugged her. He was also crying now, screaming and shouting hysterically at the running men, "I'll kill you, sonofabitch, I'll kill you!" My mom and Dwayne continued crying and weeping until the police came, and everything went back to normal. My mom, Dwayne, my corpse, everything vanished.

A big fat tear rolled from my eyes, and dripped to the floor, as Amber and Karyle rushed to me and hugged me tightly, whispering, It's all right, honey, everything's all right.


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