Poison Ivy

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Linzy stuck her hands in her pockets, looking sadly at Ivy’s house. She fought the urge to enter the house. It was no use, what if she wasn’t even in there? Before she could turn and leave, something caught her attention. The front door was ajar, that was weird because Ivy’s mom hated leaving the door open...

Submitted: April 25, 2017

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Submitted: April 25, 2017



 It was an ordinary day in Savannah, Georgia. No strings attached. Linzy was walking down the hallway towards her art class. Her overused sketchbook was pressed between her left arm and chest. Linzy looked up and at the doors of the hallway she sees her friend Cleo walking towards her. Linzy sent her a small smile as Cleo approached her.

“Hey Linzy,” Cleo looked at her friend and smiled. “What’s up?”

“The sky?” Linzy laughed at her little joke and stopped immediately when she noticed that Cleo stayed silent. “It was a joke.. But I’m good.”

Cleo nodded slowly, looking around as if trying to find something else to do rather than just standing there with Linzy.

“Hey, have you seen Ivy?” Linzy asked breaking the silence. “She hasn’t been around for a while and I’m getting worried.”

Cleo looked at Linzy and shook her head.

“If you do hear something about her, please tell me. She hasn’t been answering my calls.” Linzy gripped her sketchbook tighter.

“I’ll see what I can do.” Cleo said softly.

Linzy looked at her and gave her a small smile again. Cleo walked away; she looked dazed and deep in thought.

Days passed since Linzy’s and Cleo’s conversation, with no luck of where Ivy went whatsoever. Linzy sighed as she looked herself in the school’s dirty bathroom mirror. She bent down washing her face with cold, icy water trying to keep her mind in one place. Linzy looked up at the mirror and jumped when she saw Cleo behind her.

“Linzy I think I know what happened to Ivy,” Cleo started to speak as soon as Linzy turned around. “I think she’s missing.”

Linzy’s heart dropped at Cleo’s theory, “What? She can’t…What if she’s somewhere with her parents?”

“If she was with her parents don’t you think she would have shot us a text or something,” Cleo crossed her arms, leaning against the wall looking at Linzy in a sympathetic way. “Look Linzy, I truly believe that she’s missing.”

Linzy looked down as her heart dropped even more. Ivy missing? It couldn’t be true. Ivy is her best friend, she can’t be missing. Cleo looked at Linzy, pity clearly written all over her face.

After a few minutes of sitting there in silence, Linzy sniffed and looked at Cleo opening her mouth to speak, “Hey Cleo, can I have some time alone?”

Linzy turned back around and looked down at the sink as Cleo left the bathroom. Linzy felt her eyes burn with tears as she replayed what Cleo said about Ivy. As tears fell down her cheeks, her mind went back to the last time she saw Ivy.

“I can’t believe that you made out with him!” Ivy laughed as they sat on Ivy’s bed—reliving the party they went to earlier.

“Hey, he was cute and single,” Linzy shrugged. “Plus, it was a game of truth or dare. I kinda had to.”

Ivy laughed and shook her head at her outgoing best friend.

“So how’s Daniel? Haven’t seen him in a while. There’s no trouble in paradise this time, right?” Linzy asked and looked at her friend. She sighed when Ivy looked away. “Ivy, I’m your best friend. You have to tell me these things. What is going on with you two?”

“Nothing,” Ivy monotonously said. “Nothing is happening, Linzy.”

“It seems more than nothing to me. Look me in the eyes and tell me the truth.” Linzy leaned forward to grab Ivy’s arm. Ivy instantly moved her arm away from her. Ivy’s eyes looked everywhere but Linzy’s eyes.

“Ivy..” Linzy sternly said.

“Linzy it’s nothing!”

Linzy blinked, obviously taken aback of Ivy’s outburst.


Linzy blinked as her mind came back to reality. She wiped her face and grabbed her backpack, leaving the bathroom. Cleo was standing there against the lockers, her arms crossed. Linzy walked to her slowly as she tried to calm down her breathing.

“Cleo.. I thought you left..”

“I had a feeling that you might need someone after.. You know..” Cleo said as she looked at Linzy simpatically.

“Thank you,” Linzy sighed, deciding to tell Cleo her own theory. “I think I have an idea on how Ivy went missing. Do you remember Daniel, her boyfriend?”

Cleo looked at her as if she were crazy and snorted, “You think Daniel did this? Have you seen him? He’s a stick, he can’t do anything.”

“Ivy and him have been going through trouble. Maybe he’s been abusing her. She’s been wearing nothing but sweaters. Open your eyes Cleo!” Linzy exclaimed as she started pacing back and forth.

“Okay first off, stop assuming. We always get in trouble with your little and inaccurate assumptions. And second, Daniel is weak. He can’t even kill a stupid fly.”

Linzy looked at her Cleo, realizing that pointing fingers wasn’t going to do her any good. It’s all she can do, it’s her best friend.

The day went by in a blur. All Linzy could think about were the scenarios of what could have happened to Ivy. She was sweet, how could something so terrible happen to her. Linzy was on her way to her own house but she somehow found herself in front of Ivy’s house. The clouds huddled together covering the sun, making the brightest day of the year one of the darkest.

Linzy stuck her hands in her pockets, looking sadly at Ivy’s house. She fought the urge to enter the house. It was no use, what if she wasn’t even in there? Before she could turn and leave, something caught her attention. The front door was ajar, that was weird because Ivy’s mom hated leaving the door open.

Linzy walked towards the house slowly. The creaking of the steps under her heavy feet made some rats scatter away. Her hand shakily gripped the doorknob and pushed the door open. Her eyes scanned the dimmed room and a horrid odor met her nose.

“Ivy?” Linzy croaked out. “Mr. and Mrs. Newman?”

No answer.

Linzy walked in cautiously, took out her cellular phone, turned on the flashlight, and made her way to the kitchen. She started reading some papers on the table, looking for anything that traces back to where Ivy could be. As she read softly the many notes written by Ivy’s mom to Ivy, creaks were heard above her. Her blood ran cold and she looked up slowly.

Part of her wanted to run out of there but her curious side, the winning side,  wanted to know the truth. Linzy grabbed a knife from the counter, looking at the frightening stairs. She made her way to the stairs, taking soft, careful steps. The familiar staircase she always ran up and down throughout her childhood was now strange to her. Each step she took made her fear escalate quickly and her heart beat start to go crazy.

You’ll be okay, Linzy thought to herself, as she took deep breaths. You’ll be okay.

As she reached the top, she looked at Ivy’s door and started walking to it. Once she was in front of the door, another creak was heard behind her. Linzy froze. She was so terrified, she couldn’t even turn around.

She blinked her eyes furiously trying to make the fear go away. Moments later, Linzy turned and let go a breath of relief when nothing stood there and made her way to the room across the hallway—Ivy’s parent’s room.

She quickly opened the door and looked around wondering where the sound came from and let out a sigh when she found nothing. She turned and immediately met with a set of familiar blue eyes. She screamed and stumbled back, her butt meeting with the hard carpeted floor. She looked up at Cleo, her heart beating faster than usual.

“CLEO!? WHY?!”

Cleo was too busy laughing to answer.

“Ha Ha, very funny.” Linzy frowned.

“You should have seen your face,” Cleo imitated her playfully. “Priceless!”

“That wasn’t funny,” Linzy choked out as she stood. “What are you doing here?” “I could ask the same to you.” Cleo crossed her arms.

“I needed to find out the truth. I need to find her..”

“Me too. Everything looks normal. I haven’t been in her room yet,” Cleo looked at Ivy’s door. “Wanna look together?”

Linzy nodded and walked with her to her best friend’s room and they each took a breath. Cleo grabbed the doorknob and slowly opened the door, cringing at the creaking noise. The more Cleo opened the door, the more the same horrid smell Linzy smelt when she walked in increased.

“What the hell?” Cleo asked as she stopped opening the door to cover her nose. “What is that smell?”

Linzy scrunched up her nose at the smell and looked at Cleo. Cleo couldn’t handle her curiosity and opened the door completely.

The scene before them made Linzy start to gag and sob while Cleo froze in her spot.

Directly in front of them was Ivy’s limp body with a gun clasped in her hand. Under Ivy was a huge circle of dried blood. Near Ivy’s dead body was a pile of more familiar dead bodies—Daniel, Mr.Newman, and Mrs.Newman. Cleo’s eyes weaved through the scene and found a note near Ivy’s body. She made her way to it and grabbed the note with her pointer finger and her thumb. She read it silently to herself and looked at a revolted and traumatized Linzy.

“You should come read this, Linzy.”

Linzy’s feet carefully shuffled towards Cleo and she clutched the note.

It made me do it,” Linzy looked up at Cleo, all color leaving her face. “It?” As those words slipped out of Linzy’s lips, the door slammed shut.

Linzy immediately dropped the note and looked around. She felt hands grabbed her shoulders and shove her down. Linzy screamed and started reaching for the door but the presence pinned her on the floor.

“You walked into this trap,” a familiar voice whispered in her ear. “I am it.”

Linzy tried to get away from the grasp that they had on her but it was no use, they were stronger than her. The presence flipped her around, revealing itself to Linzy with the little light coming from Linzy’s phone. Linzy finally took in the body on her and gasped loudly while her eyes widened. Cleo smirked down at her evilly, her once ocean blue eyes were now fully black.

“Now let’s have some realfun.” Cleo chuckled as she grabbed the knife Linzy grabbed from the kitchen.  

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