Snow in this Summer

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Just asking if this leader can make our world a better place for all our good wishes from the bottom of my heart. I have only treasured this hope in my writing here. A change we seek may rise for this common welfare for our sustainable development globally. Saving more valuable investment may come through making this world economically a way to bring back our lost heritage. Let me ask your policies be the best ever for betterment for our planet. :)

Submitted: April 25, 2017

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Submitted: April 25, 2017



Back in time I asked myself about our next destination,

Something treasured within my heart questioned me, why now?

If someone can plant back our old lost heritage tolerant with the growing human network everywhere,

Back where you are going to do this favor for the entire mankind,

Will this find echo in our new environment interconnecting our past with today ?

This future needs you not to forsee but follow this trend,

If our most visible change starts from your home,

Initiating a culture of reusing this knowledge on how our old generations sustained peace with ecosystem,

Today completing this dream I dont know if we are punishing a praise of investment in modern amenities,

When these human generatives about unravelling nature espouse creating a foundation for new technologies,

Can science incubate role of developments stocking a replacement of our highly trained human resource ?

Ahead where our Snow in this Summer seed the enrolment of a new avatar of Robotic era,

Can a good example on this vision face betterment of the common man being the larger global workforce we require for sustainable growth ?

Attending any worthwhile inventions God has kept His faith for our success enhancing a gesture of thanksgiving for all help,

Will this consent of a heart excell tribute in the absence of our old global village already dissappearing which no money can buy back for our future generations ?

We saw this global establishment right from the start before us,

No matter this call your leadership thanks a climate for a new vision again,

I reach out this impeded progress we need to make for common welfare in peace,

It is not time articulating executing only new ideas when we can trace everything from past with innovating for ideal framework for reforms,

Here pursuation follow a progress we need to educate be the place of light,

For this liberty starts through learning for global scale of prosperity,

Your effort can start this higher level of literacy to go back to nature in our daily life,

This knowledge has access everywhere,

Nothing stops us,

Only we need to seek international development for this remaking era,

Like a beholder of evergreen Christmas wish for Mother Nature,

Let me pray this will start from your consent to be observer of a civilized society,

May where good people become best leaders advocate this message for common responsibility we all share likewise...

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