Ignorance is Bliss.

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Written when i was mad at an ignorant person was annoying me. Then my brain started thinking about ignorance and the saying that "ignorance is bliss"

Submitted: April 25, 2017

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Submitted: April 25, 2017



Back when my mind was still developing, I heard the phrase, ignorance is bliss. Back then i was such a curious mind, i couldn't understand how not knowing everything was such a bad thing. I didn't know about death, hunger, sadness, drugs, and loneliness. I was just a child. But now I understand what that phrase meant. There is so much bullshit and misery in this world. Broken hearts, poverty, homelessness, starvation, the list goes on and on. As a child I was protected from all of this but now im grown and im aware. Its hard to be happy when you know you are alone, its hard to be happy when you have no time for yourself, its hard to be happy when you feel a loved one slipping from your fingertips as you clutch on to what little love you have left. I wish i was still ignorant. At least i wouldn't understand the meaning of hurt or loneliness. The feeling of numbing sadness. The type of depression you drown out with liquor and drugs. I guess ignorance is bliss. Because I wish i didn't know the feeling of being lied to and cheated on. The feeling and desire for suicide and the sweet black dark nothingness it brings.

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