Frost Forbade

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic
This is the story of Ar'Kota, a monstrous hybrid fashioned by a sorcerer in a pit of bodies called the Flesh Pits. An origin story revolving around the time of Lyle Addams, the Angel of Death, and the time of their master Atomos Black, the Shadow-Lord and Vessel of Darkness. This also ties into the Science-Fiction genre, since it also revolves around the Aliens V. Predator franchise. If you enjoy this story, I'll make more in the future.

Submitted: April 25, 2017

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Submitted: April 25, 2017



Frost Forbade





In the world of Yautja Prime, we find an old friend to the Vessel of Darkness known as Ar’Kota of the North. Ar’Kota is an odd creation of the same world as Atomos. In Outworld, the sorcerer known as Shang Tsung created Ar’Kota using an old Lin Kuei cryomancer and a fallen Tarkatan warrior. Ar’Kota’s creation was an impossible one, but his “birth” prevailed. He has the common facial deformity of the Tarkatans, who are known for large sets of sharp teeth that replace the lips of the person. Ar’Kota’s presence practically froze anything and everyone in his wake. With his birth, came the Outworld Civil War and this is where the Frost Fallen’s story begins.


Chapter 1: Welcoming Party

As I caught my first breath of life, I looked around wildly. I was restrained on a large table, and I saw several Tarkatan bodies in large embryonic states. I could feel the cold pulse through my veins and into the extendable blades in my forearms. I extended the blades and they sliced the shackles in twain. I froze the restraints on my legs and they cracked apart. I got off the table and I found the body of a Tarkatan warrior lying on another test table. Next to him, I found an odd looking ninja who had an armored face mask on. I took the Tarkatan’s armor and the ninja’s face mask to hide my teeth. As I finished with them, I heard heavy footsteps approach. I leapt to a high ledge and I stayed put until I saw who was charging in. It didn’t help that my eyes glow ice blue, but the large four-armed creature and the mechanical thing didn’t seem to notice me. They searched and one of them mentioned that I was a construct of flesh, as in I am a zombie. I dropped down, making a low thud upon impact. I snuck behind the large creature and he turned around to see me right behind him with blades at the ready.

The large being slammed his four arms down on the ground, possibly trying to grab me but he failed. I sliced his arms off and I pierced my blades through his neck, protruding through his throat. The machine will be harder to take down, but to much avail, I could try to freeze him. I slid across the floor, much like ice, and I tackled the machine. It froze upon contact and I slammed it into the floor. The cyborg shattered into bits of ice and metal and I bolted for the exit.

When I escaped the Flesh Pits, I saw an enormous welcoming party of fellow Tarkatans and what I assumed to be Royal Guards. I fled the battle, but with massive wounds and a few kills on my belt. I leapt over the walls of the palace and I fled to a ship leaving the island, which was leading to a place in Outworld called Edenia.(This is where I will meet Atomos Black, The Dragon Prince and the Vessel of Darkness.) As I arrived to the ship, the sailors took pity on me and pulled me aboard their ship. I was put in the cargo hold of the ship to be hidden from guards and from anyone else. My wounds were treated and I rested against a couple of boxes.

I fell asleep and I had only one vision, a vision of cold and dark. This vision showed a winter-like place and I heard a name being called; not from my voice, but from another, as if it was distant. I heard, “Ar’Kota! Ar’Kota!” in the form of an automated and urgent whisper. It called to me, but I couldn't see where from. I saw a dark shade and it said, “Awaken”. I awoke with a chill creeping through my spine, ironically. I came above deck and I peered out. I saw an illustrious city and families everywhere. I saw a palace in the farthest part of the city, I needed to get there and converse with whomever was in charge of this city.

As we docked, I thanked the sailors and I disembarked from the ship and onwards to the large palace. I saw several young children playing in, or sitting around, the marketplace and a few of them gave a few startled/curious glances. I made my way to the palace and I was stopped by a few guards on my way there. They said, “Halt outsider, what is your business here?”

“I wish to speak with whomever is in charge here,” I said with small wisps of frost escaping from my breath.

“You can’t see the Dragon Prince, outsider. You are not worthy of his presence,” the guard remarked.

“I will show you worthiness guard,” I snarled. The blades in my arms extended and they had a coat of frost along them. The guards readied their shields and spears and tried to hold me off. I vaulted over them and I bolted up to the mountainside palace. My Tarkatan muscles eased my run and made me faster than ever. I lost the guards and I slowed down to a walking pace. I could smell fire and I could hear sounds of struggle coming from above. I leapt up the mountain and within seconds I was at the courtyard, which was decorated with immortalized “soldiers”. I saw a large man fighting several other people in the courtyard and this large man’s speed and ferocity outmatched my own. Every time someone was out of melee range, the giant would breathe fire at his opponents.

I approached and the fighting stopped. The towering man looked down and said, “Who are you, my liege?”

“I am not a lord, and I don’t have a name,” I responded.

“Well then, welcome to my courtyard. I am the Dragon Prince, Atomos Black, and these fighters are my comrades,” the prince said. “Why have you shown yourself here? Tarkatans aren’t looked upon like a person, more like monsters.”

“I do not know, I fled on a ship from the island from which I awoken,” I said.

“Come inside, we need to talk about this in private,” Atomos said.

We walked into the massive palace and the first person I saw was a large, dragon-like being sitting in a massive throne. Atomos mentioned that was the Dragon King, his father Onaga. We walked into a large chamber and Atomos sealed the door behind us. Atomos approached with two large swords, Kirehashis more specifically, and he pointed one at me and said, “Speak abomination or so help me I will burn you to a cinder.”


Chapter 2: Rememberance

I approached the prince’s threat with me removing my mask and spitting ice shards at him. He caught them in his hand, but not without piercing his hands. I put my mask on and I extended my blades and I leapt at him in a sideways whirlwind motion, slicing at him vertically. He sidestepped; considering how large he is, he is remarkably fast and he caught my legs and slammed me into the black marble floors, cracking the floor. I got up and I hurled blade shards from my arms at Atomos. Those punctured his skin, but he seemed unfazed. He pulled the shards out and a dark ooze left the wounds. It wasn’t normal blood, it was liquid darkness. The liquid trickled to my boots and put me into a paralytic state. I couldn’t move and Atomos had black mist shoot from his hand and into my mind.

I saw images of death, images of brutal ends. What I saw was despair and suffering souls, it was too much for any human mind to handle. In that moment, I saw memories of two people; the two that were dead in the Flesh Pits. I saw techniques performed by the ninja whose mask I took and I saw the true ferocity of the Tarkatan people. I saw a new vision, a person literally walking in my mind. I saw the Dragon Prince in my mind and he said, “So this is what you are, an old cryomancer and a Tarkatan brute meshed into one being in the Flesh Pits. Interesting.”

“How are you doing this,” I questioned.

“A dark power known as the Darkness, and that darkness is called Chaos. Only recently have I been exposed to this power. I still rely on my dragon and pyromantic prowess,” Atomos said. I growled in pain and I saw reality once more. The prince showed me where I needed to go to learn more about the cryomancer. I knew more about the Tarkatans than they even knew, so there wasn’t anything needed to learn about them. I needed to head to the last standing Lin Kuei temple and find the grandmaster in the North.


Chapter 3: Frost Bitten

As I ventured into the North, I slowly grew more immune to the harsh glacial environment. I saw a temple in the distance, so I made my way to the temple before an oncoming blizzard hit me. I slid down the snow bank and I sprinted the rest of the way to the temple. I made it to the entrance, but I was met with several warriors whose blades were already drawn and archers at the ready. I dropped to my knees, making a false surrender that the warriors took advantage of. They tied my hands behind my back, poor choice of binds, and they hauled me to the Grandmaster’s courtyard. Once there, I extended one of my arm blades and severed the ties. I threw the warriors away from me and I charged the Grandmaster, not knowing this was the man I needed to find. I leapt at him, trying to impale him with my blade. He instead put up a Frost-Shield, but my blade stabbed right into it. I managed to maim him, but he instead lowered the shield and froze me in place.

He chuckled and said, “Nice to meet you as well Tarkatan. Now, how did you find this place?”

“The Dragon Prince sent me to learn the ways of cryomancy. I have the memories of the warrior that was lost on Shang Tsung’s island,” I said.

“Thank you for the news, construct. What is the name you were given,” the Grandmaster asked.

“I do not know my name,” I said, “I know not of what I am.”

“I name you Ar’Kota, it means Frost Bitten in the Tarkatan tongue,” the grandmaster said.

“Ar’Kota,” I repeated, “now what is your name?”

“Sub-Zero, I am the grandmaster of this place,” said Sub-Zero. His warriors lead me passed a small dormitory where the others sleep and into an armory. They fitted me with Cryomancer combat gear and destroyed the Tarkatan armor that decorated my body. They didn’t touch my mask, since it was one of their own. They tried putting gauntlets on my arms, but the gauntlets wouldn’t fit over my arms. My arms had slight protrusions, or spikes, that made my forearms bulkier and inhuman. I was lead to a training yard and I saw a familiar face. I saw the Dragon Prince from Edenia. Instinctively, the blades in my arms extended and a frosty aura coated the blades. The prince looked towards me and sighed, exhaling billows of smoke from his throat. He was talking to Sub-Zero; but with the grandmaster standing next to him, he seemed to be dwarfed by the sheer size of Atomos.

I was lead over to the amphitheater that was used in sparring sessions and tournaments. I saw a woman in the arena who had ice spikes for a set of hair. She wielded twin frost daggers and she was fast. I could hardly see where she was, but I saw one fatal weakness. She remained on one foot when she would elude. If I was next, then I could take her down with ease. A horn was sounded and Sub-Zero himself announced that I fight Frost, the girl who just fought in the arena. I dropped down from the arena’s seats and landed on the snow-covered ground (mind you, that was a 20 foot drop). She drew her knives and I extended my blades, getting ready to charge her.


Chapter 4: FrostFell Affliction

What I saw in this warrior’s eyes were desperation, and murder. What I think is she saw me as a murderous monster. We charged each other and she made her trademark evasive maneuver, except this time, I caught her by her leg and froze her solid. I slid her against the arena wall and I brought my knee to her face, undoing the icy bonds. I pierced her shoulder, nailing her to the wall. The skin that was exposed blackend at the wound. She stabbed the underpart of my arm and I retracted my armblade. She advanced slowly and she used the butt of her daggers and knocked off my mask. Without my mask, my Tarkatan teeth were exposed. I leapt towards her and I grabbed her midair, flipping around and holding her at the the chest. I held her in a bear hug and I bit the wound I previously made, my razor-tipped teeth slicing through her shoulder and tearing away at the ligaments in her arm.

Sub-Zero sounded a gong, stopping the fight. Frost was suffering from the toxins emitted from my fangs and my blades. She looked sickly, but managed to walk away. I stood somewhat victorious in an arena of combat. I looked around and I felt at home here in the arena, it might’ve been the ice and blood, but it felt right being here. I leapt up to the high balcony of the amphitheater, and both Sub-Zero and Atomos of Edenia appeared to have been expecting me. Atomos had a large smile on his scarred face and Sub-Zero seemed perplexed by my prowess.

“Now, I know you are a Tarkatan hybrid, but how in the name of the gods can you inflict FrostFell sickness? In all of my days, I have never seen a producer of the venom,” Sub-Zero said.

“The FrostFell Virus is produced when either a species of creature not used to the cold succumbs to frantic habits. For instance, the Tarkatan that was used in your creation died at the hands of a cryomancer. When the cryomancer was killed, his blood trickled into the wounds of the Tarkatan, spreading the virus in its system. That is how you are immune to the cold,” Atomos said.

“How do you know this, my Lord,” Sub-Zero asked.

“Using Shadow-Magic to read someone is helpful, plus he reeks of the sickness,” Atomos said.

I looked outside and I saw auroras dancing across the night sky, I heard nothing but the cold wind. There was peace here, I had to live here. Atomos walked up and said, “I can grant you a place in my palace, friend.” I looked at him and back at the snowy oasis, I said, “I wish to live here in the North, in the arena specifically.”

“Odd, but that is a choice with the Grandmaster,” Atomos said pointing back to Sub-Zero.

“I will let you live here in the arena, but you will be put through fights to defend your new championship and you will have to learn how to bend ice to your will,” Sub-Zero said.

“I accept your terms, Master,” I said.

“First lessons begin tomorrow during the Dragon’s Eclipse, a perfect time for the Dragon Hierarchy to see your prowess in combat,” Sub-Zero said.


Chapter 5: The First Lessons

I awoke in the arena barracks, which remained empty, and I walked out into the arena. I saw a few newbloods training and I saw Frost, but her arm was in a frozen cast. She looked better but winced in pain whenever she walked. Several trainees were already summoning ice weapons, but they melted near instantly. I saw Sub-Zero training the more advanced warriors with sparring matches. I walked up to him and he stopped his warriors. They gazed at me with angered hearts, I gave them the same look and some of them backed off, while most of them held their gazes. I said, “Now what are today’s lesson Grandmaster?”

“Today, we exercise your unarmed combat prowess. You may not use any weapons but you can use cryomancy, as long as you don’t make weapons,” Sub-Zero explained.

“Then let us fight,” I said. This particular warrior had frost emitting from his arms and his legs, he was a true cryomancer. He launched orbs of pure cryogenic energy towards me, but they crashed into the ground. His cryo magic was extraordinary, but was his hand to hand combat as impressive as his magic? I advanced, clearing the gap with immense speed. After, I grabbed him and froze him in my grasp. I threw the newly made statue and it crashed to the ground, shattering the ice but not his body. Sub-Zero announced, ¨Weapons are now allowed, fight to the death.¨ I looked at the warrior and I felt bloodlust pulse in my cold veins. I extended the blades in my arms and I pounced towards the warrior. He threw ice daggers at me; they may have punctured my skin, but I would not be stopped. I managed to slice the back of his knees, making it impossible to walk. I crossed my blades at his neck and waited for the order to kill. Atomos pointed his thumb downwards, signaling to kill. I sliced the warrior’s head off and I picked it up, freezing it solid and shattering it in my grip. Sub-Zero seemed impressed, so he sent multiple warriors to see how I functioned with multiple combatants. I pulled the daggers out of my chest and I got into a stance that only Tarkatan elders use. I counter-attacked each of the Lin-Kuei warriors and I sent them flying. I felt so calm and I felt weapons grow in my hands, I looked down and I saw two large warhammers in my hands. They summoned Kori blades, ancient cryo weaponry, and they advanced towards me with careful strikes. They seemed to read my movements, but they couldn’t have known how to fight against brute force. I slammed my hammers into the first Lin-Kuei, shattering his weapons and the bones in his arms; which caused the bones in his forearms to protrude gruesomely. The next one managed to disarm me and plunge his sword into my stomach. I glared at him with frost resonating in my breath. I removed my mask and I let out a beam of cryo energy from my throat, coating my large Tarkatan fangs in the FrostFell Virus.

I must’ve missed him because he advanced again, but this time he had twin daggers dripping with what looked like poison. I sidestepped his strikes and the last Lin-Kuei warrior grabbed me, keeping me from moving. The one with the venomous knives came at me and I vaulted over the warrior holding me back, having his “brother” getting stabbed by venomous knives. That warrior became paralyzed and lay “dead” on the spot. I grabbed the rogue and I bit his throat, tearing it out and putting as much of the FrostFell Virus into his system. He froze solid and fell over, shattering into frozen pieces of meat. The one from earlier, whose hands I broke, was cowering in a corner screaming for mercy at the lords on the balcony. I picked him up by the back of his neck and twisted it around, loosening the bones in his neck. I tore his head off with his spine dangling from his neck. After the fights, Sub-Zero walked into the arena and started clapping. Sub-Zero said, “You have shown us that you may be brutish, but you remain efficient in your kills. The Dragon Hierarchy of Edenia will be pleased with your power.”

“Am I apart of the clan now, Master,” I asked. I wanted nothing more than a life I could remember.

“You are a member of the Lin-Kuei now Ar’Kota,” Sub-Zero said. After being accepted into the clan, I ran into Frost; the female warrior I fought the day before. She seemed angered with someone, but she didn’t acknowledge me as her “brother”, more or less as a monster. She hurried off to the main barracks to rest. I wandered the temple and I found a room stashed with metal pieces of what looked like people. I saw a head attached to a mainframe and footage playing on loop. I walked over to it and I saw the Flesh Pits. I saw a sorcerer putting me together and I saw through this machine’s eyes. It had a cloaking device that prevented me from seeing it, I had to get my hands on that type of technology. I needed the Zaterran DNA that this machine used to cloak itself. I grabbed the machine’s cybernetic face and I took it with me into the arena’s barracks. I spent the next 6-7 hours working on remaking the face to make it into my new mask and some form of apparatus, mainly to help me breathe due to my facial deformity. It took the remainder of the day, but I got the mask working and fitted properly to my deformed face. I put it on and saw through the eyes of the cyborg warrior.

I could see through two different vision modes, thermal and normal sights. I looked around and I could pick up voices from outside, and I could see paths taken by previous people here. This mask is a work of art. I walked out, this time without my masks on, and I walked over to Sub-Zero to see if I can go to the lost land of Zaterra. He obliged when I showed him my new mask, which will help me breathe in the toxic environment. I left the temple with no supplies, no food, no need for shelter, just the thirst for blood and the hunt. It took 3 weeks to find the land of Zaterra and even then, I saw only one inhabitant, the creature known as Reptile or Czai-Zaio in his tongue. I walked up behind him and said, “Are you of the Zaterrans?”


Chapter 6: You Can’t Fight What You Can’t See

“Why do you bother outsider,” hissed the reptilian humanoid.

“I need the ability to cloak myself from the sight of my foes. I need the blood of a Zaterran and I seem to be a host of genetic mishaps,” I told the creature.

“Fight me and then if you seem like the warrior most claim to be, then we will see if you are worthy enough for my blood,” the reptile said. Whatever this thing was, it turned invisible. He managed to stay away from my sights, and I couldn’t detect him with thermal vision. I did, however, manage to detect his footsteps and through his breathing patterns, I could hear him from almost any distance. He pounced from above and I caught him by the throat. I slammed him into the ground, creating a small crater in the earth beneath him. I froze his arms to the ground, preventing any further movements or any unarmed attacks. I towered over him and he spat acid towards me, but the futile attack missed. I knelt down above him, holding his throat with my arm blade pointed in between his eyes.

“Do you yield, Zaterran,” I asked.

“I will never yield to the likes of Tarkatan scum like you,” the Zaterran hissed.

“Poor choice of words,” I said as I drug my blade across his face. He screamed in pain and he finally gave in. I released him from my little trap and he sliced open the flesh above my left frontal lobe. He placed a small gland there and the new wound healed almost instantaneously. I faded from visibility multiple times until I managed to control it. I left the wounded creature alone in his desolate homeland, and I made my way back to the Lin Kuei temple far in the North. I made sure no one was following my trail, otherwise that would endanger the rest of the clan. As the weeks past on, I learned how to maintain three different levels of invisibility. As I ventured to the north, I met a human military team and they apparently don’t approve of Tarkatans. I was introduced to the leaders Johnny Cage and General Sonya Blade, who attacked with basic military weapons, and I survived their meaningless attack. I heavily wounded the six of them, but they dealt a fair share of damage to me. I cloaked myself and I sprinted as fast as I could to the North.

With my Tarkatan muscles, I could move faster and longer than a human can normally. I made it to the Lin Kuei Temple with minor wounds. I was still cloaked and I saw a mechanical warrior walking the halls of the temple. I accessed my third level of invisibility, which makes me completely immune to all forms of detection. I snuck up behind the machine and I became visible. I said, “What are you doing in here mechanical abomination?”

“I am here on the behalf of Sub-Zero, the grandmaster, and he told me their would be a warrior deemed worthy for me to fight,” the machine said.

“Who are you,” I asked, this time with my arm blades slowly extending.

“Tarkatan? Nevermind, my friends know me as Jinn. But my name to the spectators of the arena is Meta. My code name to the Cyber Initiative is M3-T4, and you are,” the Meta said.

“Ar’Kota,” I simply said.


Chapter 7: Ambush

As the Meta and I traveled to the arena to hear from Sub-Zero, I picked up a different scent. A scent similar to that of the Meta, mechanical. I strayed away and I couldn’t pick up any heat signatures, but I saw vibrational patterns that revealed possible assailants; but they turned out to be other trainees. The Meta and I walked to the Grand Chambers, a room above the amphitheater which was built for honored guests (specifically royalty), and we found the Dragon King and Prince discussing something. When they are side-by-side, Atomos stands at least an inch or two taller than the King. These types are absolute giants, standing near eight feet tall. Atomos is more human than his father, but that doesn’t seem to restrict his more dragon like appearance. They rose up from their large seats and they towered over the both of us. The Meta took a knee and placed his fist across the left side of his body and bowed his head. I did the same to respect the Dragon King himself. The Dragon King said in a deep and booming voice, “Arise warriors, and tell me, what news do you bring?”

“We believe there will be an ambush here to murder your son, Lord Onaga,” the Meta said. The Dragon King started to laugh, and he said, “Nothing can kill my son, he embodies a power that makes him invincible.”

“The Darkness,” I said.

“Yes, Tarkatan, how do you know of this,” Onaga questioned. He said Tarkatan with a small hiss in his gravelly voice.

“I used it on his mind Father,” Atomos said. What he said was true, I knew first hand what the darkness was and what it can do to people.

“Well then, who will be attempting the assassination on my son,” the Dragon King asked.

“The Cyber Initiative that created me. I am not sure who is leading them, but they will come in numbers,” the Meta explained.

“You were wise to come tell us this Jinsei. Very very wise,” Atomos said.

“I am a traitor to my creators, but I remain loyal to the safety of both Outworld and Earthrealm,” said the Meta, or also known as Jinsei. But while we were conversing, the cyber warriors were attacking the temple. They remained hidden from us, so instead I switched to a vision mode that helps pick up the smallest of vibrations; even heartbeats. I managed to seek out where the vibrations were coming from and I announced, “The attack has commenced, my lords, I recommend you prepare yourselves for a legendary fight.”

“Well if you call machines legendary, then let us fight to the death,” Onaga replied.

The alarm sounded, several cyborgs tried to make their way to the Grand Chamber. Atomos disappeared into the shadows and Onaga charged through the halls with fire billowing from his throat. I ran along the walls, slicing through the cyborgs heads and disabling their mainframes. The Meta only showed up as a cloud of smoke, disintegrating every machine that passed through. I managed to make it to the roof of the amphitheater and that is where I met Sektor, the leader of the Cyber Initiative. He launched missiles at my feet, sending me soaring through the air and falling into the arena.

I crashed down onto the floor of the arena, cracking the solid stone and ice floor. I got back up and I conjured two cryo-hammers. Sektor flew down and he said, “So much wasted potential. Why waste your life here when you can become one of us?”

“Why? Because I have a purpose, and that is to destroy scum like you and the rest of the lousy Cyber Initiative,” I said. I charged Sektor withboth hammers in a sweeping motion to knock his knees out from under him, but instead he propelled into the air. He launched several missles from his chest, destroying multiple pieces of the arena. I leapt up towards him and I impaled him through the back, destroying his battery source. He exploded, metal littering the arena, and the explosion knocked me back into a stone column. I emerged from the rubble and I was seized by several of the cyborgs. I watched as Onaga was taken down. The cyborgs tore his wings off, permanently grounding him. They dug explosive charges into his spine and they flew or teleported away. I was chained down next to the Dragon Prince and the cyborgs forced us to watch the Dragon King die. His back exploded, his spine flying out in bits of bones and muscle, leaving a massive hole in his chest. Atomos’ head sank to his chest as he grieved in anger and despair. I was shocked and angered. My anger froze the chains and with a simple flex, the chains shattered. We dropped and Atomos ran to his father’s corpse. He picked up the crown that his father wore and he turned it around in his hands. Onaga’s remains were still fresh, but Atomos said, “We need a burial pyre to burn the remains of my father. I would like your help Ar’Kota.”

¨For the King, I would do anything,¨ I said.

¨Thank you. Will you stay at the palace for long dear friend,¨ Atomos asked.

¨For a time, my lord,¨ I responded.

¨Tonight we move for Edenia,¨ the future Dragon King said.



Chapter 8: Sorrow and Strife

As we ventured through the night towards Edenia, Atomos remained absolutely silent; an attribute that I have never seen expressed by someone. The man did just lose his father, but he seemed determined to make it to the city; no matter the cost. We made it to Edenia within two days, and Onaga’s corpse is extremely heavy. Atomos didn’t eat, sleep, or drink during the entirety of our travel. We trudged up the stairway that led to the palace and when we made it there, we were met by several people. They at first appeared to be happy, until they saw Atomos. Everyone was asking what was it we were carrying and we stopped in the middle of the courtyard. Atomos lifted the shroud that covered Onaga’s face and he placed his clawed hand on his father’s head. Everyone gathered around and helped place Onaga’s body in the large brazier burning purple flames.

Atomos held onto the Dragon’s Crown dearly and he turned around to see his mother, a human around 5ft 6in tall, grieving and she walked up to her son and he held her (almost literally considering he is a giant compared to her). They grieved for the loss of Onaga, and everyone else their bowed their heads or threw in a valuable possession as a bribe to bring back their king. Atomos tossed his father’s crown in as a token of respect, from which the fires now burned black. That day was the darkest of days for the people of Edenia.

As the crown melted in the pyre, everyone mourned for the loss of their king. I stood at the pyre in awe, wondering how the cyborgs infiltrated the temple. I searched my thoughts and I couldn’t think. I looked around and I didn’t see the Meta, which was odd since he was with us when we returned. When dusk approached, the people in the town lit blue or purple lanterns to show times of sorrow. Atomos and I walked into the palace together and we walked up to the king’s throne. He took a seat in the throne and he looked strikingly similar to his own father. The other thrones at his side were to forever remain empty as his mother stayed in her chambers grieving the loss of her husband. Atomos is the last of his kind, and what really would destroy anyone, he is immortal. Bound to live forever and with no one as his heir, or anyone to rule at his side, he will be the last king of Edenia and the last being to ever remain standing at the throne. I stood at his side and he started to ignite. His skin began to literally ignite into a blaze and he let out a roar of anger and strife. Swearing and burning everything in his wake, I had to stop him before he destroyed the palace. I removed my mask and I let out a beam of cryogenic energy, smothering his cloak of flames. He fell to his knees and a cloak of black mist surrounded his body. Several black tendrils wrapped around him and he started to disappear. I leapt after him and I ended up teleporting with him to an odd place filled with vampires. This, apparently, was known as the Vampire Realm and where the kidnapped became vampiric cattle. I was thrown out of the shadows while Atomos simply walked out of the darkness. I saw several vampires kneel down while others tried to seduce me and feed on me. I growled and frost wisped off me, sending the other vampires away from me. I took off my mask and I revealed here that I was not to be angered. My teeth dripped liquid frost and the FrostFell Virus.

This didn’t intimidate the vampires, but they seemed interested in what I had to offer. They advanced slowly towards me, fangs out and a soft red glow in their eyes. I made the first move and I dug my fangs into the first vampire’s throat. He suffered the symptoms of the FrostFell Virus almost immediately and it looked painful. Black veins raced across the vampires throat and the vampire began to freeze solid. He fell to the ground and shatttered into small frozen bits of meat. That showed a sign of both disease and power, aspects respected highly by the vampires. They let me pass so I could keep up with the future Dragon King, I found him glaring in a dark corner at the vampiric queen known as Nitara. She didn’t seem to notice him, ironic since he is a giant, and she kept busy with the Blood Council; completely ignorant to Atomos’ presence. The Blood Council was a group of the most powerful and most feral vampires in the entire realm. Their sense of smell and hearing was far beyond human, almost bat-like, but what was hard to understand was how couldn’t they detect me. Atomos finally “walked” into the Council’s meeting (more like phased in through the shadows) and he glared at the feral monsters that gather around him and the queen of vampires. He said, “Leave us.”

“Why would we do that?  It’s not like you are one of us,” taunted Timor Curet, whose name literally means feral fear.

“Because, Councilman, the lord who defied me before you was burnt to a cinder. Now don’t defy the Dragon King,” Atomos said with smoke leaving his throat. The Blood Council disappeared in a cloud of bats and the vampire queen, Nitara, was left behind in her bone and jewel encrusted throne. He approached her and bowed down, he looked up at her and she held her hand out. He stood up and she embraced him, rather odd that the Queen of Vampires would show such feelings of love and kindness to someone not of her race. Atomos spoke to the queen, and she seemed to be concerned since he apparently never visits her anymore. I assumed that she was his wife, and that seems to put a fine line in between both kingdoms. She started to tear up during Atomos’ explanation and she embraced him again. He held her and I made my presence known to both royals. Atomos rose to his full height, seven feet and six inches of power and brute strength, and he introduced me to his wife.

“Nitara, this is my newest companion. He is a being resurrected from Shang Tsung’s own island,” Atomos said.

“Pleasure to meet you, though Tarkatans aren’t relatively welcome here. But you, you reek of death and poison,” Nitara said.

“Well if it is any consolation my name is Ar’Kota, the Frost Bitten,” I said, “it is the name given to me by the Lin-Kuei.”

“Well down to business then my queen. I need a queen to sit by my side on the throne,” Atomos said.

“You know I can’t leave the Vampire Realm. I can’t join you on the throne of Edenia,” Nitara rejected.

“Then hope is lost for my kingdom and all will die in Edenia,” Atomos said, “everything shall fall apart without the promise of a queen and without the power of a king. I will merge our Realms so you and I will be one on the throne.”

Atomos seemed desperate at this moment, but the desperation seemed to pay off. Nitara obliged and she had an idea that could actually merge Edenia and the Vampire Realm together. On the contrary, it could literally destroy the world and send it into chaos. The Shadow King’s reign will remain eternal and my loyalty to the king will never falter.


Chapter 9: The Thrill of the Hunt

As the days went on, Atomos suppressed his feelings of rage and guilt. He later became crowned the Shadow King of Edenia, which was odd since he refused the title of Dragon King. His reign was eternal and by his side in the Vampire Realm is his queen Nitara. I wandered the Edenian wilderness for months as my leisure. I hunted for profit and for my need for sustenance and business was profitable. As I hunted, I saw a strange creature. This creature seemed to have a cloaking device, a cannon of some sort, twin retractable wrist blades, and some grid mines. This creature appeared so suddenly and so silently I thought it was a competing hunter. I killed most of the game it was targeting, so it decided to target me. I left my mask back at camp so I couldn’t rely on other vision modes.

This creature was far too intelligent compared to the other creatures I find out here. It looked like it had some skulls on it’s belt from previous hunts. I went invisible, testing to see how it could see; but it seemed to follow a heat trail. I give off no heat so this “predator” couldn’t find me using thermal sights. Judging from it’s style of hunting, it was fairly new to hunting humanoid targets. I snuck up behind the 7 foot beast and I plunged my arm-blades into its chest. Its blood was bright green and it appeared to laugh while it pressed some buttons on its gauntlet. It started beeping and I dislodged it from my blades and I ran for it. It’s device beeped for a second but it fried out, leaving it alive. I reapproached the mongrel and I saw it sit there. It just sat there looking around like it was confused.

It seemed to fail its hunt and it looked at me in regard. It removed it’s odd mask and it revealed its hideous face. It had four mandibles on its face, a scar down the right side of its large skull, and its own blood dripping from several wounds on its face. It looked like it wanted to die and its own dull orange eyes pleaded that I kill him. I beheaded the beast and I found a vial on its body containing an acid that is meant to wipe out any trace of their kind. But before I did that, I found it’s gauntlet and it revealed where its ship was. I melted down the rest of the creature and I leapt into its ship. I couldn’t get into it but I found it nonetheless. This creature was reckless, it left its own ship uncloaked. I looked at the ship in wonder of where it came from; however, I felt a dark presence nearby. I whirled around with my blades fully extended; but it was just the Shadow King.

“Odd find is it not,” Atomos said.

“Strange, is it of this world,” I asked.

“No, I know this partiicular craft,” Atomos said, “this craft belongs to a race of noble hunters known as the Yautja.”

“How do you know this,” I questioned.

“That creature you just killed, I used some shadow-magic and I saw its memories of the species,” Atomos explained. I looked at him entirely puzzled by the fact that he knew so much; but, I should’ve known since he classifies as the most powerful being around. Atomos and I annihilated the thing’s ship, but secretly it released an emergency beacon to rest of the Yautja race back on their homeworld. Atomos and I walked back to the city and I set up my shop for my hunting goods and weaponry I had made in my spare time if I wasn’t executing or hunting people or animals. After the Shadow King’s coronation, I was assigned as the Royal Executioner of Edenia. They gave me a dull Halberd instead of a clean, sharp axe so I could decapitate my victims. I broke the axe over my knee and I decided to use other forms of execution on my victims.

I would throw the prisoners in a metal cage and slowly freeze it to the point where their skin blackened and started to freeze. I would torture them until they begged to die, then I would deny their death. I could keep them alive for weeks at a time, that’s if they had the will to survive. Others died within a few hours of my torture methods. Sometimes, the good ones got a quick death; but the bad ones, like thieves or assassins, were tortured endlessly and murdered without honor like the victims that fell before them. I became an infamous torturer and executioner in all of Outworld. Most people know me as a psychopath who finds pleasure in cruelly torturing others and watching them suffer. I love torturing the dishonored and foul-blooded, those that are prisoners of war or old warriors abandoned by society and forced to live by themselves on the street get an honorable death in combat. I rarely fight now-a-days but I hunt people and animals for the thrill and adrenaline rushes.

Ever since I fought that creature, I wanted to hunt another one and see if I can fight another one honorably. I hunted for sport and for profit, but I hunted people to slaughter them and maintain “peace” across Edenia. One year later, a Yautja Mothership flew into Edenian skies and it deployed the smaller ships similar to the one Atomos and I dismantled. The ships landed in the main city and one landed outside the city and into the woods, right where I lived. That’s where I heard the screams in the city.


Chapter 10: The Invasion

With the screams of both women and children, came the battlecries of many soldiers and warriors within Edenia’s boundaries. These were the same creatures I had fought in the wilderness, but they didn’t hunt or fight with honor; they rampaged and annihilated everything in their path. This wasn’t honorable, this was nothing but pure murder and savagery. I was near the crash site outside the city, near where I live, and I found a wounded one. It sat there trying to heal itself with a Medi-Comp kit, but it was no use. I extended my blades and approached the mongrel with an artic aura. My cold presence alerted the beast but he seemed to not care. It drew its wristblades, retractable blades resting in a gauntlet, and it rose to its full height. It stood around Atomos’ height (7 ft. 6 inches) and it looked more arachnid-like compared to the other hunter, but it seemed to be the only one to want to die with honor.

It struck with tremendous strength and speed, knocking me back a few feet. I leapt at it and I impaled it. It was stuck in a tree with both of my arm blades stuck inside it; and through its wounds, neon green blood poured through the holes in its chest. It coughed up blood and it brought both of its arms up, threw mine, and sliced off my arms. It died knowing it took my weapons; I sat there writhing in pain. I passed out due to blood loss and I woke up screaming. The Meta was constructing a new pair of arms by grafting them into my bones. One was already on, while I didn’t have the other one on, I threw a punch at the Meta. I was restrained by Atomos and he put a magnetic lock around my arm to prevent my movements.

The Meta fused the second arm to my body and it hurt like no tomorrow. Imagine a hot iron brand heated up to the point where it melts flesh and combine that with the pain of your insides being completely frozen. I lost consciousness again, staying in stasis longer than I could remember.


Chapter 11: Evacuation

I regained consciousness, this time inside the Lin-Kuei temple. I was back inside the barracks, like I was never gone. I sat up and I marveled at the fact that I had new arms; each one was fitted with a new set of retractable blades. These blades were made of a metal found in another world as it was unrecognizable to me. I extended the blades and they shined in the dull lighting; these blades would serve to be useful to me for future hunts. I tried my cryomancy, and surprisingly, it worked; new hammers formed and they were now more jagged and meant for tenderizing the meat of those who oppose me. I walked out of the barracks and I saw the entire arena was destroyed, but in the near distance was a large war tent. I walked up to the war tent and the Meta emerged before I walked in. The Meta said, “I was just about to find you Ar’Kota. How are your new appendages?”

“They’re fine,” I growled. I wasn’t too happy considering he practically branded the arms to my body.

“No need for aggression, the Shadow King wishes to speak with you,” Jinsei said. No one really knows what to call him anymore. I walked into the tent and I saw two battle ready warriors, one was obviously the Shadow King and the other one was Sub-Zero; or Kuai-Liang.

“Look who finally woke up,” Atomos said sarcastically, “now, down to business.”

“Right, we need to plan an assault that’ll cripple and cause an obstacle for these hunters,” Sub-Zero said.

“Agreed, let me see what plans you two have come up with,” I suggested. I examined their plans and I knew something was off, the warriors were expecting a full assault with only one or two hunters. Instead, there are more of these “Yautja” than they realize. I reorganized the plans for the attack to show distractions and to mislead the hunters into thinking there is only one or two hunting targets. Both the Shadow King and Sub-Zero seemed to be impressed at my tactical skills, but what they don’t realize is that I have fought and defeated two of these things; the hunters will not prevail. I went back to the barracks in the arena to rest before the assault. In my dreams, I dreamt of anguish and destruction; however, these appeared regularly to me before either when I go hunting or when I go in for a massacre. I awoke, but in a ruin, completely perplexed to what had happened. That’s when I heard the familiar laughter of the Yautja behind me. Not a second later, I was hit with a tranquilizer blast and I fell to the ground; oblivious to what would happen to me later. I failed my King, I failed the Lin Kuei.


Chapter 12: The Hunt

After I had awakened, I checked my surroundings for anything familiar. I was in a large containment facility somewhere. I heard Atomos’ rage and anger from the other cell to my right, and I could feel heat resonate from the walls. He was trying to melt his way out; I tried to freeze the walls, but it was useless since my mechanical arms were sealed together. I looked at the locks and they weren’t traditional, since these were highly more advanced and near unbreakable. Atomos must’ve shattered his since he was going berserk on his cell. I concetrated and I let out a cold, blizzard-like, breath out and I disappeared; becoming a cold wind. My shackles fell and I funneled out of my cell into the main corridor. The wind I became solidified, making a frozen statue of myself. I bursted out of the icy shell and I smashed a terminal outside of Atomos’s cell.

Everything in his cell glowed red hot, but he was completely unharmed. He walked out and he activated his Shadow-Cloak. He manipulated it to where it could cloak us both; but during our escape, we had found our way to a weapons cache. We were completely invisible to the Yautja, so we got in easily. Atomos found his gear, which was torn off of him to my understanding, and he tossed me an odd looking spear; except it was too short and it looked useless. As soon as I caught it, my hands hit a release on the handle and both sides extended revealing twin spear heads and bladed edges along the sides of the retractable compartments. He mentioned that is was a Combi Spear, a collapsable spear used for silent and easy kills. I grabbed my mask and I found a dismantled caster of some kind. I picked up the pieces, pocketed them, and Atomos and I made our escape attempt. We took the lives of many Yautja warriors, but they were too large in numbers. The ship landed and we made our escape through the bay doors. We found ourselves stranded on a different world than what we know. We tried to run; but even then, there were Yautja and odd creatures resembling dogs everywhere. There was no escape, especially from these dishonorable and vile mongrels.

Atomos managed to teleport away, leaving me behind on this ill-begotten planet. I was hunted on a planet filled with hunters, and they were unrelentless. I managed to find another tribe, whom they took pity on me and took me in as a wounded “suckling” as they refer to their children. These Yautja were more kind, honorable, and had a finer taste for valor.

I had several scorch, bite, and blade based wounds decorating my chest, legs, neck, and even my face. My mask was lost in the hunt and I was barely able to breathe without it. I remained in a stasis while the seven foot giants tended to my wounds. I couldn’t see very well out of my left eye since the hunt. It turns out I took a direct heat blast into the left side of my face. The only things the heat disabled was my eye and the pigment on my skin. The left side of my head was burned, my legs were lacerated immensely, my chest; scratched and bruised. I awoke three days later, but this time in a hut outside what looked like to be a village. I was approached by a very pale looking Yautja and he tossed the Meta at me.

He landed near me with a metallic thud and he scrambled away from me and the other Yautja. I rose up, extended an arm-blade, and pressed it on his chest; right where his power source is. The white hunter left the hut and went about doing whatever he did. But before I went after the Meta, I saw other Yautja attack him. I didn’t care for him currently, I was focused on the Meta and my hatred would’ve killed him twice over.

“Now isn’t this a surprise,” I sneered, “now I hope you are cooperative, or else I will tear you to shreds.”

Chapter 13: The Trials of Ar'Kota

I was really ready to end the Meta’s life, but he seemed to scared to do anything; rather ironic since he used to carelessly defend humanity. Now he is a machine, cowering in a corner trying to sway me. I have two choices; either destroy the Meta and be stranded, or use the Meta as a translator for these Yautja and try to cope with them. If I gain the Yautja’s trust, they might help me return home; on the contrary, I could remain here to improve my hunting and observe these creatures. I took my blade off the Meta’s chest and I picked him up, threw him out of the hut, and proceeded to traverse around the village. The Meta followed me until we were stopped by a couple of Yautja, who stand a foot taller than I, and they shoved us out of the way.

They looked to be back from a hunt, and they appeared to be hauling in at least fifty large kills. This was just like how I was back in Edenia, hunting for sport and the thrill rather than actually eating it. I growled at them, but on the other hand, it wouldn’t boost my reputation in the clan or gain their trust. We made our way towards the Elder’s hut, but we were stopped by Elite’s; the few most powerful Yautja hunters here. I took out the Combi Spear I had strapped across my back, extended it, and pointed it at them. They had twin wristblades on their gauntlets and they started making a rapid clicking sound, as if they were amused by my defensive gesture. The Meta placed his hand on my shoulder, shook his head, and said, “Not the best choice you have made Ar’Kota, plus these two are almost to the rank of Elder in this clan. If I were you, I’d put away that spear and try to converse with them or negotiate something with them.”

“Fine, but you are still not worth my trust or time,” I growled. I hated backing down from a potential fight and/or a potential kill. The Meta relayed some vocal recordings in their language and they responded by clicking their mandibles and tilting their heads back; almost like they’re laughing. One of them spoke to the Meta and he translated to me, “In order for you to even get near the Elder, you have to hunt and kill your first ‘Serpent’. I don’t know what that is and neither does my AI. You have to go through a few trials in order to be seen as a worthy hunter.”

“A worthy hunter? First things first, I slew two of their kin and now they want me to prove myself in combat? This makes little sense, but I wish to comence these trials,” I finalized. The Meta told these Yautja what I said and they grabbed me and threw me into a nearby “pit”. I fell and landed on my back with a low thud. I got up and I could instantly smell rotting flesh and what seemed like acid. I heard hissing and growling coming from the dark, I lacked the technology to be able to detect these creatures. I resorted to using my sound detection the old fashioned way, using my ears and other senses. I removed my mask (which is about the worst mistake of my life) and I extended my arm blades and prepared for the worst.

Several bug-like creatures pounced at me, which I killed with ease. Smaller and more brown-colored versions raced at me with tremendous speed, but I cut them down with inhuman speed and strength. They appeared to be biomechanical, as if they had an exoskeleton, and they seemed to be working as a hive. I saw some glowing green pustules out of the corner of my left eye and that’s when I was hit with acid. I suffered horrible wounds once before, but this was horrendous. I froze the left side of my head to lessen the pain, but my face felt like it was on fire. I managed to kill the rest of these “Serpents” and I leapt out of this pit of death, not without retrieving my mask. I was met by several other Yautja elites and the clan’s Elder. The ice on my face melted away and revealed black acidic/frostbite scars, I put my mask back on; the Meta and I dropped to our knees in front of the Yautja Elder to become blooded hunters.

“Arise, Hunters,” the Yautja Elder said with enormous difficulty. Turns out they can’t speak English fairly easily. We rose up and the Elder carved a symbol into the Meta’s armor, and one into the right frontal lobe of my mask. We were officially blooded hunters, the Meta must’ve been here previous to my arrival since he was here first. The Elder spoke to the Meta, in his native language, and the Meta translated, “Welcome to the clan, who will you choose for your hunting party?”

“The Albino, or Blanco as I would like to name him,” I responded. The pale hunter seemed curious why I chose him, but he shows promise. Today was one of the best days of my life, next to my promotion in the palace of Edenia.


Chapter 14: The Next 12 Years


As the pale Yautja joined me, two other “faulty” hunters followed him. One was called Sabre, for her unique style of fighting with a sabre; the other was called Ravager, known for his massive size and his brute strength. Blanco (meaning white), Sabre, and Ravager were my hunting party now and they listened to me, for some reason. I removed my mask and I saw a different symbol compared to the Meta’s. It was similar to the same mark the Elite had. I guess I was marked as an Elite Hunter due to my skill in battle. Blanco stood at my height (6ft. 5in), Sabre stood at a height similar to Ravager (8ft. 3in.) In this world, I could live among a whole tribe of hunters and succeed among this world of giants.

Blanco gave me a computer chip of some kind; I placed it in my mask, and now it gives me a translation of the Yautja language for myself. I placed my cold, metal hand on his shoulder and I nodded my head at him in thanks. I felt like a brother to this clan or tribe of monstrous hunters. I looked towards the Meta and he removed, or the armor on his face opened up, revealing his true face.

He said, “I am honored to be in your presence, Elite. Now for proper introductions, my name is Jinsei Baransu, I am the former guardian of the Earth’s life force. You are Ar’Kota, the Frost Bitten or the Frost Forbade as I have come to know you as.”

“Why are you introducing yourself to me now of all times? Damned machine, you are a dimwitted roach on the heel of my boot,” I barked. I know this isn’t the time for such anger, but I am trying to have a moment to be human (yes I am half-human, this is my excuse). He isn’t too bad of a person, just a royal pain in my neck.

“Not surprising, considering you are a hulking brute who thnks he can’t be brought down by anything. You are worse than the Shadow King himself, who abandoned you here on Yautja Prime to leave you for dead. He left you, scorned you; he despises your kind. He murdered hundreds of Tarkatans in his youth, you will not be the first nor the last feral atrocity he would have murdered,” Jinsei retaliated. He appeared to try to get to me by trying to play the psychological game; I admit, that stung a little.

“If you are going to get in my way of vengeance, then you are as good as dead. I am striving to become powerful enough to tear the Shadow King’s throat out and freeze him over. I wouldn’t want to waste valuable energy to annihilate a failed guardian and have to mend my bones while Atomos grows stronger. I want you here to help all of us become stronger as one, not as individuals,” I offered.

“If it’s vengeance you want, then your thirst for vengeance shall be quenched. I will help you in your conquest, so long as I get to leave here and go back to Earth ASAP,” Jin explained. We shook cybernetic hands and we proceeded to our first official Hunt.


 The next 12 years that were spent here were all devoted to the increase in Ar’Kota’s strength in combat. Five years after their first Hunt, Sabre and Ravager ended up having “sucklings” (Yautja Spawn); 12 to be exact. Sabre hardly partakes in hunts anymore; Ravager died from honorable suicide during a failed hunt; Blanco, Ar’Kota, and Jinsei are all that remain of the hunting party known as the Frost-Bitten Hunters. Ar’Kota earned the rank of Elder two years ago, but refuses to lead a clan. He has also earned the name of Ice-Fang, as to his large set of serated fangs. His prized possession is his Xeno-Crusher head crest, which is completely bulletproof and makes for his first shield.

He wears a chitin like armor made from several Crusher head crests. Even his own mask imitates the Crusher’s head crest ridges, along with his mouth guard which imitates his own set of teeth. Ar’Kota will have spent his 12 years of hunting knowledge only to claim a legendary trophy, the skull of a Vampire Queen. He plans to use this item to destroy the Shadow King, make him weak, and kill him in honorable hand-to-hand combat. Ar’Kota is now entering the atmosphere of Earth; his pod’s coordinates aimed for Camp Half-Blood, the last known refuge for the King of Edenia. Now begins Ar’Kota’s final battle or debut against an immortal abomination.

To be continued in The Frost Forbade's Victory.






© Copyright 2020 S.R Rederick. All rights reserved.

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