The Dominant Species - Chapter I

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Submitted: April 25, 2017

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Submitted: April 25, 2017



Chapter - 1 - Pilot


The power with what man can create to bring a change was highly questionable for its own existence. Two years ago, a man named Luke Flemming introduced mankind its first biological protector to every disease which mankind carved to be immune from. Introducing it to the environment with some bents and bundles of unseen t side effects, somehow enhanced  the cerebral capacity of the animal's species, every species. It was not a matter of fact the human brain was able to acknowledge the changes in the behaviour of the predator species. In reality wolves were considered to be pack animals but in this alter reality even the house rats moved in packs. The technological developments were not the help needed to stop the uprising of the predators. Somehow these Animals were more intelligent. A normal dog is said to be more smarter than a normal human being. This new air inhaled by everyone not only saved the human's biological phenomenons but also held them captive of the Predator species. Dolphins were more smarter than the human beings before hand but after the new drug in the air, the power of questioning and the power of thought initiated their masterminds . They got into the military access of the government globally by just waving their tail in unsaturated water on a global basis. There was no US , Mexico or London but just one place earth. 


Over the past 2 years the population of human's has been reduced to its half. Luke was not able to produce an antidote and was brutally murdered by his beloved Thomas, his dog. The wreck that he left behind as a legacy waked up the deathliest beast of humans. Vampires were no longer a threat to the human kind but promised to be there alias. The world leaders were already dead. The ranks of what human's were left was in this situation was victims. But this situation not only closed the alter worlds of human and vampires but also brought the wolves in action. These beast prowling through the woods with there four legs and then standing in a lab with two was the greatest disguise in this time. The Werewolves were the member of both clan , the animals and the humans. Distinguishing them with real wolves was near to impossible for both wolves and humans but were not hidden to a vampire's smell. These beast were the only info that humans could get from the wolves of the nature. With these two cursed species came the servants of nature, the Witches. This human formed nature was a shame to the real one. Where these Witches came to bend the laws back to normal it won't be an easy task for them. The animals had revolted to be in the originalty and have determined themselves to create a whole new era of Dominance. Where now these four species of Humans, Vampires, Werewolves and the Witches are the only option of bringing back the reality. Inspite of the powerless being the human could be , they were the most strongest link to the original reality. Except of not having deadly teeths that the Vampire possessed or the deadly claws the Werewolves holded neither the magical power the Witches carried but the Human had the most strongest gift of all and that was Love.

Stay tuned for the next Chapter - The Inholy Awakening .

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