Values and being afraid of the future

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If you are interested in a short story about the constant fear of something that you actually can't really control, then this short story might be the right for you :)

Submitted: April 25, 2017

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Submitted: April 25, 2017




it's me, Tommy. I'm having this fear or rather this incertitude of know knowing what comes next. I think the right expression would be 'Future feared' or something close to that. There are things that are defined e.g. school, meetings, dutys etc. because I know that those things are going to happen so I don't really have the feeling of fear when I think about the things that I just enumerated, I only get the feeling if I watch a movie or a series where I see adults who have obviously found something that they enjoy, in that case acting. I just don't really know what I should do to make a living. If I ask people what their opinion on this specific subject is they just tell me that you gotta try and learn from your experiences. But I don't really want to try out something new until I find the job that I meant to be doing. I want to start now, I already want to learn for the job, I don't want to wait until I finished school and then start to try and find 'the'job. So I think this story is actually about what I want to achieve In my life, not necessarily about fear. 

A other subject that I just wanted to touch a little bit are the 'values' you are meant to achive e.g. a house, a family, being happy, being married, having kids. I used to think like 'As if only those things matter in life...' but I have come to the conclusion that it's actually true. Since I was a kid I read books where at the end the protagonist had a happy family with a big and beautiful house, I watched movies where they ended up in a family, I heard storys where they ended up in a family. So I think that it's really our fault to actually think that we have to achive those 'values' it's more the fault of our parents and just in general all people who taught us. I don't even know If you can consider that as a fault but I just think that a human being schould find out what matters by himself. 

I don't know if you can follow me one this, but I just wanted to get my opinion out. I'm sorry that I kind of drifted away from the actual subject of this little 'story'. Alrgiht, that's it then.

I wish you all the best,


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