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A boy gets the real meaning of life because of a foolish wish . This wish changes his life completely.

Submitted: April 25, 2017

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Submitted: April 25, 2017



I wish …. I would not wish!

 By – Onkar Pandit Kate


 “You fool! Your homework is still incomplete. Why don’t you complete it?” The teacher was rebuking me and my gaze was fixed at my shoes. The teachers were always rude with me and so, I hated them. But today, it was a height. I got angry and gave him an angry look. Out of the blue he slapped me and I... I lost my patience. I could not bear it any more.

I burst out crying and ran away from there. I ran with all my strength, as fast as my feet could carry me, I ran till I reached my house. I entered the house, ignored everybody, went to my room, closed the door and angrily threw myself on the bed.

‘If only, I was as big as that teacher! I would have…’

The banging broke my thread of thoughts. I was irritated; I removed my shoes and threw them towards the door.

“Leave me alone!” I cried. I was not in the mood to talk with anyone. ‘Not only that teacher but the whole world is bad  ... very bad! Everyone on this earth is bad! I wish I was alone on this earth…’

The sun-rays had entered the room, and the clock stroke 6 o’clock of afternoon. The day was about to end and this nap had refreshed my mood and flushed all my anger.

I opened the door and went into the kitchen but did not find my mother there. ‘She might be on the terrace.’ I thought and went on the terrace just to find no one there. ‘She never goes out without warning me not to do one thing or the other, how can she do that today – she must be angry on me and I also had locked myself in the room so how could she tell something.’ I deduced.

I went down and turned on the T.V but it wasn’t working. I went to my friend’s house but he wasn’t there, in fact there was no one at his house and no one in our colony too!

Suddenly I remembered my wish –to live alone on the whole earth. “God you are great, you listened to my wish.” I jumped with joy.

“Now I will never complete my homework, watch T.V day in day out, eat whenever and whatever I want! Yahoo!” I screamed loudly at the top of my voice because there was no one to stop me.

‘but … as there are no people in this world -there won’t be any actors and there won’t be any T.V shows to entertain me , there won’t be any one to cook food for me and no one with whom I can play pranks .’ I thought in tension, ‘but there are many other things to do than just watching the T.V, I can play games which I could not afford and that which my friends swanged with. I can get all the toys from the market and all the electronic gadgets I can get anything for free. And for food all the fields are open for me and I can grow anything that I want.’ This solution kicked all my tension.

It started getting dark and I returned to my house. I took my P.S.P and started to play my favorite game. Suddenly, the lights went off. I was completely freaked. As no one was there to repair the fault I thought that I would get no electricity from then. It was too quiet and dark. My own heart beats started scaring me. Once I had heard that in a world where there are no living beings, it is occupied by deads. This thought freaked me and I was taken to expiry through.

Thaad! Suddenly I heard a sound – like that, when someone falls down. “Who is there?’ I could hardly speak. Slowly, slowly I went in the direction of the sound. My leg struck with something, I collided with the ground and the lights switched on. Someone was standing in front of me with this hand stretched towards me for help. I held the hand and stood up. When I saw that person I was completely shocked, my eyes could not believe what they were seeing.

The person in front of me was-I, myself.

He was slightly taller than me, had a wrinkled face and hairs as white as snow. He wore a chain around his neck which had initials O.K – it was the same as I was and that’s how I deduced it. But to clarify my doubt I asked with my heart in my mouth, “who….what…what are you?”

“What do you mean by that? I am you! “He answered my question and continued, “It’s because of you that I am here! It was your stupid wish! Now I regret that wish. I was happy alone for some days but after that I started feeling lonely I missed my friends. I could not have any fun alone and every night would be a challenge for me. I cried every night but there was no one to council me –how mother did. I also miss the scolding of my teachers. My parents…”with this he started to sob. after a few seconds of silence he spoke again, “ I wanted to die -but could not because it’s the rule of nature that there should to take your place when you die and today I can do that now and you will have to face all the difficulties all the pain all the loneliness that I had to!”

Now I started realizing my mistake. I realized how much selfish and rude I was with other. I wanted to meet my parents, my friends, my teachers and apologies for my entire mistake. I could live alone, but could not leave all my mistakes behind without apologies for them.

“Mummy, daddy…!” I cried.

Suddenly, I opened my eyes and found myself on my bed. It was a dream. My happiness skyrocketed –just not because I was back in the world but also because I could mend all my mistakes by apologies for them, and become a good boy. I took a sigh of relief.

The sun-rays had entered the room, and the clock stroke 6 o'clock of afternoon. I opened the door and went to the kitchen but mother wasn’t there. I ran to the terrace. Alas! She wasn’t there too!

Was my dream coming true?! Had my wish come true?! “No god you can’t do that with me!” my eyes were full of water. The tears rolled down my cheeks. I felt very helpless. My legs lost their capacity to keep me standing and I found myself lying on the ground on my knees.

Suddenly an affectionate hand tapped my shoulder. I looked back and found my mother. I started to cry loudly-just like a small child giving out all my pain with the tears. The next moment I found my self lying on my back. After some time when I recovered I stood on my feet. I narrated the whole story to her. I asked her to pardon me for all my mistakes. She just smiled and convinced me to stop crying. The next day I begged pardon to everyone and everyone forgive me.

This incident had a great impact on my life. I understood the importance of parents, teachers and friends. I stared to care for my future. I started to care and help others-be it a human or an animal. From that incident I started to complete my homework and respect my parents, teachers, elders and friends.




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