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Breaking down walls

Submitted: April 25, 2017

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Submitted: April 25, 2017



Chapter 1
It was becoming increasingly obvious that they should speak. She had a lot to say but he made it exceptionally difficult for her. Obviously he was hurt but how could she make it better if he didn't even want to see her? 
Before him, she was very much in control of her emotions. His nonchalant attitude is what drove her over the edge and She wanted to scream at him. Shake him. Get any sort of feedback. 
What had happened to him? That was the real mystery. It's almost as if he died and was replaced by a clone who couldn't communicate. Who lost his voice. 
All she wanted was an audience,really. To say the things left unsaid. Like Sorry. For not loving him. Even when she really wanted to.

It didn't occur to her that she was mainly seeking this closure for herself.

The interesting thing was that she had done this countless times to many people. At this point, she was an expert at building walls to lock people away from her heart. That's why, more than anyone, she knew that the damage was far worse for the person behind this construction. This was the sort of pain she knew acutely.
With every effort she made to reach out, he simply retaliated by building a higher wall. More dangerous. Like the Berlin Wall, time had only made things worse. Now he'd introduced sophisticated weaponry to ward off any intruders. Like her. And she was starting to think it was time to let go. 

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