Dandelion Part 2

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The sequel to Dandelion. It follows the life of Charles Jefferson after his high school crush moves away.

Submitted: April 25, 2017

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Submitted: April 25, 2017



Lost in my thoughts. I had forgotten about the cruel world. The sharks were swimming all around me. They could smell blood, and I was their next victim. There was no Jary left. Just me. Here to pick up the pieces of my makeshift romance, or whatever it was. Fate lead me down this road. I had to live with the agony and wear the scars as a reminder. A reminder that the past was real.
It was May of 2005. The school year was coming to an end. Just one day left. I woke up on a sunny Thursday. Hating life, but still moving forward with optimism. At the bus stop, everyone seemed happy. "I wish I could feel the same kind of happiness," I thought. "Maybe in time, I could."
On the bus, I listened to my iPod. The playlist started with Me'shell Ndegeocello. From there, R&B, pop, and much more. Edward was happy too. He had been bullied for most of the year. The abuse he endured was unfathomable. I never really understood his situation, but from my own experience, I would have advised him to fight back. But some things are easier said than done.
When I got to school, I went to the library to visit Skyler and Mark. They went there instead of the cafeteria. Probably to get away from the people. The library was peaceful. There were only a couple of people there, sitting at computers. I decided to sit at a computer near Skyler, and a boy named Henry Anderson. He was in my humanities class. He came to the library to play his music really loud.  
"Excuse me, you're loud. You need to leave," said the librarian.
"You're a bitch!" said Henry, as he walked out of the library. Skyler, Mark, and I looked at him in shock.
"Wow, did henry just call the librarian a bitch?" I said while trying to hold back laughter.
"Yeah, I think he did," said Mark.
"He's off the chain."
"So, are you guys coming to my party tomorrow night?" said Skyler.
"Hell yeah were coming. Ain't that right, Mark?"
"I don't know if I can get off work that night?
"That sucks! I really wanted you to come, Mark. Everybody is gonna be there."
"Yeah, I know...wait...what's that about you lovin' the cock, Charles."
"Shut up!...I only told you and Skyler about that in secret. Don't go telling people."
"Honestly, who are we going to tell Charles? I mean...I'm bisexual. I like boys and girls," said Skyler.
"I just like boys though. Just so you know."
"Well, I'm just straight, I just like pussy, so you know."
"You are so gross, Mark. Make sure you invite some hot dudes over Skyler."
"I'll see what I can do."
After our friendly chat, Skyler and I walked from the library to homeroom. But it wasn't the same without Jary. His presence still lingered.  "You ever gonna stop feeling bad about what happened with Jary?" said Skyler.
"Yeah...I guess."
"You know what?! You're gonna find the right guy. Just wait and see."
"Well, I'll be waiting..."
The next class was English. I came to dread it. Even more than the grueling bus ride home. Johnny was there, ready to mentally abuse me as much as possible.
"And you say I'm the sick queer."
"I'm sorry I called you that," said Johnny.
"Yeah right. You lied to me, then you took up for Jary"
"Ok, look, I told you all that stuff about Jary before I really got to know you. I feel bad about it."
"Really...?! You said all that shit because you felt bad?"
"I'm the one that felt bad. You didn't feel anything. You don't feel shit."
"Don't tell me what the hell I feel."
"Know what?! I need to leave. Your mouth is bad. Besides, who needs English? I'll just learn Spanish." I got my things and left. I had no interest in entertaining him.
In gym, Mr. North had the class sit on the bleachers. He had bad news. "Whoever you are? I would like you to please return the tennis shoes and the Billy Blanks Tae-bo tapes, that were stolen from my office. And I don't know who's doing it? But would you please stop writing on the lockers. Whoever's doing it is writing Nazi swastikas, Ku Klux Clan, and somebody wrote: Call Lele for good head. I don't know who Lele is, but we got your number. And if I catch another person smoking in the locker room, you're getting an F in this class."
After Mr. North's announcement, the class walked around the gym, for our warm up. The boombox played music, while we walked. All I could think about was Skyler's party until I overheard Lisa and a group of black girls.
"Hey y'all, I might not be able to hang out with y'all no more," said a teary-eyed Lisa.
"Why?" said one of the black girls.
"Two people on the other side of my family died of leukemia, and I might be next. I'm so scared, hold me!"
"Girl, get the fuck away from me."
"It's serious, for real. I might die!"  
"See!...that's exactly why we ain't gonna be hangin' out. Bitch stop tellin' all those motherfucking lies!"
"I'm not lying. I swear," cried Lisa, as she retreated to the chair, next to the boombox. After eavesdropping on Lisa, Skyler and I went to play a game of Badminton. It was that or the bleachers since we didn't play basketball. "You're hitting it through the net again," I explained.
"You know I suck at this game."
"Me too, but over the net this time."
The last class of the day was Humanities with Ms. Downer. I loved her class because all we did was watch movies. Henry put a tape in the VCR. On the tape, there were big booty women dancing in a hip hop video. "What is this?!...Get this devil shit out of my VCR!" said Ms. Downer while she frantically ran toward the VCR. A girl named Utica handed Ms. Downer an illegal copy of a Tyler Perry play, for us to watch instead.  I was so excited. I got to see half-naked woman and illegal movies. All in one day. Now that's Humanities.
Finally, it was the last day of school. While riding on the bus, Edward got into a fight with a black kid. He lost badly. He took several rights to the head and a few lefts to the chest. The black kid claimed he kicked him, so we had to stop, making us late to school. I felt so bad for Edward. Even on the last day of school, he got bullied.
At English class, Johnny was absent,  so I was ecstatic. No distractions or abuse. Just me and my yearbook. Without thought, my fingers turned through the pages. I got to my year, and I knew who else's picture would be there. Jary Worthington. His face was like painting. Gorgeous and captivating. It was that perfect. I could stare at him forever. And I did until it was time to leave.
After English, I made my way to the gym. Something was off today. Our gym teacher was missing. And there were a lot of people there that shouldn't be. Possibly to socialize or play basketball. Today, it was to socialize. Skyler and Mark decided to cut gym and go to the library. Like an idiot, I didn't go with them. I sat on the bleachers with my yearbook. Then a girl named Lashika Jackson asked to see it. She and her friends were turning the pages too hard. I felt so disrespected and annoyed. Lashika was pointing at people, smearing the pages with her ape-like hands. When they finished, Lashika handed me the book.
"Excuse you, don't snatch."
"It's my shit! I can snatch whatever I want."
"Who the fuck are you talking to?!"
"You! You're trash! You're nothing to me!"
"I don't want to be anything to you! Your shoes are fucked up! Your clothes are fucked up! You get dick, my nigga, you suck dick!!!"
"Oh," said the entire gym.
"Shut up, you fucking bitch!!!"
"What the fuck did he just say to me!" She stood up quick, and so did I.
I cocked my arm back quickly, ready to smack her, but someone grabbed my arm. Her friends grabbed her. After the guy let my arm go, I stomped down the bleachers. When I got to the end, I called her some other things as well. Her friends grabbed her again, and I walked out of the gym.
"Damn them all. Spreading their slanderous filth," I thought. "I can see the hate in their eyes. They don't even know me. They heard it around the school. That's my guess." I felt it again. All the sharks swimming around me. Nothing left to do but move forward, with my head held high. "I could just...die!"
Once I got to the library, Skyler and Mark were sitting on the couch, next to a boy I had never met. When I approached them, they could tell something was off.
"I gotta get the hell up outta here. They talk about me bad!...they treat me like a dog!"
"Don't worry about those idiots. I've gotta big surprise for you," said Skyler.
"I don't like surprises."
"Well, you're gonna like this one."
"Ollie, here's Charles. Say hi."
"Hey, Charles." And that's when I met Ollie Richards.
"Date?...you mean he's my date.
"Yeah, for the party."
Skyler set up a date between Ollie and me. It was very sweet of her. "Sorry for that earlier Ollie, I've been having the worst day."
"Me too, Skyler told me all about you. You seem like a really nice guy.
You've just had some bad luck."
"Oh, no...you told him too?"
"Yeah, I told him. But it's cool. Ollie likes guys too, so you two can get to know each other. Fuck Jary!" I started to cry and laugh. Everything around me was falling apart, but at least I had a date with Ollie. "Mark is being lame, he's not coming to the party."
"So what...it's probably just going to be another sausage party."
"Mark you suck."
"Not as much as that party."
"Damn, it's like that." We started laughing, which almost got us put out of the library. It was better to laugh for now and cry later.
The bus ride home was terrible. Edward was still upset, after the previous beating he took. So today was a small victory for us both. We survived the school year, and that was something to celebrate. I could hardly believe it. I was free. When I got home, I took my school clothes off, then got into something casual. Then I got into a car with Skyler and her boyfriend Brad Hunter.
At the party, there was Vodka, Whiskey, Beer, and weed. The blunt was in rotation. When it got to me, I inhaled a large puff. Exhaled, coughed, then everything started to slow down. I had never tried weed, but tonight was the perfect night. Skyler's party was going well.  There were a few people from school and a few other people that Skyler knew. Ollie and I sat on the couch in the living room. We talked for what felt like forever. My mind was so clouded from the liquor and weed. It helped me to forget.
The couples were grinding away to the music. Ollie looked at me, and I looked at him. So we made our way to Skyler's bedroom. Tonight, Ollie and I were gonna make magic. He was going to touch my soul. And I was going to touch his. While we lay in bed, I was still in pain, and he could see it. So he held me, and I held him. I cried inside out, and for a moment, everything was ok. The loss of Jary left a void in me, and Ollie was there to fill it. It's summer. I won't have to see Cherokee High for a few months. That will give this Jary situation time to die down. I hope.

© Copyright 2017 Justin L. Johnson. All rights reserved.

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