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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Gay and Lesbian  |  House: Booksie Classic
Two strangers became friends then lovers.

Submitted: April 26, 2017

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Submitted: April 26, 2017



Stella was walking to her classroom and it was the first day of school and she bumped into a girl name Kaitlyn.

Stella: Professor Miller? 

Prof: Yes Stella, You need something?

Stella: Can you tell me where to go for my next class?

Prof: Yes, let me see. It says to go to room 131, that’s on the first floor.

Stella: Thank you. Oh lord! I’m gonna be late for next class then.

*Stella hurry off to her next class, but she bumped into a girl at the door and all her stuff fell to the ground*

Kaitlyn: I’m so sorry. Here let me pick them up for you.

Stella: No problem.

*They both picked up the stuff and Stella ran off to her class.*

Stella: Professor? Am I late?

Prof: You are just in time, take a seat. As I was saying, if this is your first year then you should listen carefully to the following: You are not to turn in any late assignment, You are not to be tardy…

Kaitlyn: I’m sorry professor. I was talking with Professor Miller about where to go come.

Prof: It’s alright, it’s your first day of Freshmen, take a seat. Continuing on, You are not to be tardy to any classes, and last but not least, If any of you are in love, you are not to be PDA. 

Kaitlyn: Is this seat taken? Hey, aren’t you the only I bumped into earlier?

Stella: Yes, have a seat. What’s your name?

Prof: Shhh… Quiet down, girls.

Stella: Sorry Professor Williams.

Kaitlyn: *whisper her name* It’s Kaitlyn

Stella: *whisper her back* Stella. Wanna have lunch together?

Kaitlyn: *whisper* Sure

Prof:  Okay, Class dismissed.

*Everyone makes their way to nest class*

*At the Lunch, Stella and Kaitlyn sat together and talked about how they got here*

Kaitlyn: So, tell me about yourself.  Where are you from? Who else are in your family? What’s your hobby? Who are your best friends?

Stella: I’m from Houston, Texas. There are five members in my family: Mom, Dad, two brothers, and I. I like to dance. And I haven’t any friends yet. Tell me about yourself. Kaitlyn: I’m from Dallas, Texas. I can’t believe we’re from same states. There are 3 members in my family: Mom, Dad, and I. I like to paint, read, and dance. I haven’t made any friends yet and speaking of friends, you have me now.

Stella: Yeah, since we have same classes together. Wanna hang out to my place at 5?

Kaitlyn: I would love to. Did you know that no one ever invited me over? 

Stella: Are you serious? Same. I’ve never been to anyone’s ever nor invited over. I invited you because you seems friendly and kind and special…

Kaitlyn: I guess we are made for each other. *Wink*

Stella: *Blush* (Kaitlyn is so beautiful… Wait, What am I thinking? This is wrong. But I can’t hide the fact she is gorgeous.)

Kaitlyn: What happened? Everything alright?

Stella: Nothing. I was just… don’t worry about it.

Kaitlyn: (I wish I could reread her mind. Goddam how can someone be this gorgeous?) What do you have next period? I have Bio

Stella: I have Bio too. I guess we really are made for each other. *Blush* Let’s go together then.

Kaitlyn: ( Thank you god for this gorgeous!) Let's go gorgeous…I mean let's go.

Stella: Well, right back at you! 

Kaitlyn:*walking very close and slightly touching her asked her random questions to get to know her better*

Stella: *blushes every time she complicate*

*They get to their class before the bell ring. They sat together in a table of three people. Kaitlyn, Stella, and Luna sat in that table.*

*Professor starts talking. Kaitlyn won’t stop looking at Stella and Stella even caught her looking at her, even Luna caught her looking at Stella. And the bell rang to next class which was canceled. Stella and Kaitlyn wave each other “bye” and went on their way*

*at 4:30, Stella, wore casual light blue dress, met Kaitlyn, who had casual white dress, at her house.*

Stella:Hey! I love your dress and you look gorgeous.

Kaitlyn: Thanks. You look beautiful as well in that gorgeous dress of yours. I didn’t think you would come. Let us go inside, by the way, no one’s home. *Took her by hand* Your perfume smells nice. *she leans in close to smell her which was flirtatiously romantic* Make yourself comfortable and be yourself.

Stella: I love that portrait in the wall *Accidentally pointed her finger at Kaitlyn then moved to the wall* (Can’t help but look at her. You are so gorgeous. I wish you knew.) 

*Stella walked around the house and looked around, while she did that Kaitlyn walked up to her and pulled her into her and kissed her.*

Kaitlyn: I’m so sorry. That was so uncalled. 

Stella: It’s not your fault. I love you*Kissed her back passionately.* 

Kaitlyn: I love you too… You are so gorgeous! You are the first girl who I fell in love the first time I saw.  I always wanted to tell you how much I love you but I was too afraid that you might think I’m weird. 

They lived happily ever after... 

- My Jackson-

© Copyright 2020 Ms. Stalker. All rights reserved.

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