Evil Eyes

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Love is really blind.

Submitted: April 25, 2017

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Submitted: April 25, 2017



A flash fiction

Evil Eyes



Tarak Ghosh



I sat on my bed and not for the first time that evening my thoughts drifted to the beautiful young woman I had fallen deeply in love with.

I had turned eighteen a few weeks ago and she is mid-forty … but love knows no boundaries. From the first time I saw her, I knew I had found the love of my life, and I knew from the way she looked at me; she felt the same.

I can feel my heart pounding under my muscular chest as I walk across to my bedroom window in the hope that I can see my sweet-heart one last time before I retire for the night. Thankfully, our bedroom windows are hardly four meters apart.

I watch mesmerized as she sashays around the bedroom wearing her short lacy nightgown, waiting for her to walk to the window and smile sweetly at me before closing the curtains. I couldn't keep my eyes off her body and as she came closer I actually became more nervous.

She always leaves the upper portion of her gown unbuttoned to tease me, and as she leans forward to close the curtains, I can see the flesh of her two amazing hillocks and a narrow dale between those. Each time my body aches for the time we will make passionate love to each other.

However, tonight is different. She looks as though she has been crying as she stands at the window. She had beautiful eyes. When she raised her eyes, I could see her eyes had watered up, at that age seeing her tearing up made me uncomfortable. I can see a figure standing behind her. He is pointing accusingly and shouting.  I know for certain it is her husband. I catch a glimpse of the evil in his eyes as he leans over her and snatches the curtains closed.

It is obvious that he doesn’t love her, otherwise he wouldn’t shout at her. If he did love her, he would want her to be happy and be with the one she truly loved I reason.

That night I dreamt of a new life for the two of us in a small house in the country with our children playing in the adjoining fields of buttercups. The air is filled with the smell of baking and the sounds of laughter.

When I arose the next morning, I felt positive that I could offer my love a better life. I just needed to finish my school studies, secure a place at university & then be offered a top managerial role, and I would be able to rescue my love from her loveless life.


My teacher's constant droning and boring lectures make it easy for me to daydream about my neighbor. Science is no exception … until the unthinkable happens.

Mr. Wiseman, our head teacher interrupts the class in order to introduce us to a pupil that is new to the school. Her jet-black hair cascades around her pretty face, and as she smiles her, large brown eyes twinkle.

Besotted by this beauty standing before me; I didn’t catch her name, but thankfully, our teacher; Mrs. Wright chose to place her in the seat next to mine. This gave me the opportunity to peer over as she wrote down Maya Mystery.

Wow! I love a girl of mystery.

“Can I borrow your ruler,” she asked.

I simply nod and reach out to pick up the ruler to pass to her, but she chose the same moment to lean forward and also reach for the ruler. In that instance as her hand brushed mine I felt as though my stomach had done a triple somersault. I am determined to find out more about my mystery lady.

Maya agrees to walk home from school with me at the end of the day. We walk along laughing and joking, not a care in the world until we reach her house. As I pass Maya her book bag, she leans forward and gives me a peck on the cheek.

Wow! If I didn’t know any better I would say I am starting to fall in love. My neighbor is lovely, but she does not compare to Maya. I just hope she works things out with her husband.

I continue the rest of my journey home in total bliss until I reach the corner of my street. I am shocked to see a gathering of people standing in front of my neighbor’s house. Even before I am able to see the police cordon I instinctively know something is wrong ... very wrong. There was an obvious tension in me but I didn't want to be the one to bring it up.

“What’s happened?” I ask hesitantly.

The elderly man stares at me as if to say I am only a kid and would not be able to understand. I start to walk away, but another neighbor calls out, “She is killed.

“Yes,” a portly middle-age woman took up the story, “I heard them arguing through the night and into the early hours this morning. He was accusing her of having an affair with a young lad, but she denied everything saying nothing had happened. She claimed it was just a teenage crush. The last I heard was him shouting he was going to teach the boy a lesson and then there was an ear-piercing scream. I can only assume she was trying to stop him.”

“I saw him leaving the house. The look in his eyes was pure evil. I wouldn’t like to be that poor boy as the police haven’t caught him yet,” the elderly man said shaking his head.

I looked at the crowd trying to make sense of everything. How had it all come to this?



© Copyright 2018 Tarak Ghosh. All rights reserved.

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