The Four Forgotten

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Mystery and Crime  |  House: Booksie Classic
A teen named Aisha gets her parents kidnapped, she doesn't know what is to come. Aisha ends up in a mysterious jungle, where she will face any death to find her lost parents. Along the way she meets 3 other teens, the same thing happens to them.

Submitted: April 25, 2017

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Submitted: April 25, 2017



My name is Aisha Adabelle. I am 12 years old. i was separated from my parents just last week. Date - Monday, January 14, 2019  Time - 2:13 pm  My parents were wonderful people. They did many charity programs. They were both doctors. My dad was a brain doctor. And My mom was a bone doctor. One  day, the day which i still have nightmares on. Three “things” arrived. They weren’t human, (they were hovering three feet off the floor). They looked female, ( the had long hair & red eyes). One tall and skinny, another about normal size, the last short and fat. Literally, she looked like she had one too many bean burritos on christmas. Anyways, they floated in slowly through the door in single file. They weren't exactly ghosts, or solid creatures. Because, they were neither transparent, but they could go through objects. They were wearing long gray cloaks, that looked like the ends went through a paper shredder. My parents hid me under the sofa when they saw them. i watched through the cracks of the leather sofa as they glided over to my parents. The tall one, (I am guessing the oldest), croaked “ dig in sisters.” I watched in horror as they grabbed my parents and asked “Where is the girl?” My parents answered while thrashing around “We don’t know!” They stole a quick glance at the sofa where i was hiding. Little did i know that this would be the very last time i would ever see them in a very very very VERY long time. Then the  medium sister said in a very gloomy way  “Take them to headquarters!” And they disappeared in a blinding flash of gray light. It’s been a week since that “incident”  and i have been living of for a week by eating food out of the pantry, i have enough food to last four more days, maybe even five. That’s mainly because i spent all my allowance on bread, bars, eggs, you know, normal food. Maybe a little chocolate too. i glance at my watch, 2:10 pm. i walk outside to go pray to god for help about my parents. On the sidewalk, clouds start moving in. I look over to my side. Everyone else seems completely unaware of this. All of a sudden a great band of light hovers for a second before it grabs me, i glance at my watch. 2:13, the time when my parents were  kidnapped. Then, everything goes black. When i recover, i see three people lying there. It looks like i'm in a jungle. Slowly the other three wake up. i was feeling a bit woozy. i tried to get up but i fell back down. “Ow” I moaned. I slowly got up putting my weight on this enormous oak tree. i saw a blonde girl with electrifying blue eyes. Just so you know i have brown hair with curly ends, and chocolate colored eyes. I walked over to her and helped her up. We were both wearing jeans and a t-shirt. I asked her for her name, she answered with a smile. “Jade Montana, at your service.” I grinned, “Aisha Adabelle, reporting to Jade Montana.” We laughed. Only then did i realize the two boys were staring at us. That just made me crack up again. Only when i was able to stop laughing, i asked them their names. “Jackson Hollis, your majesties.” He had green eyes, and black hair. Jade replied with a loud snort, “as if!” “My name is Austin Jones, reporting to Ms. Aisha and Ms. Jade” said the tall  guy with big muscles. He had a very deep voice. I rolled my eyes and said “Ok, so know i know who all of you guys are, but where are we?” “ i was thinking the same thing” said Jade. “uh...” said Austin, “Did anything happen to your parents?” I look down at my shoes, “uh… they sorta got kidnaped” I mumbled. “Mine too” Jade and Jackson muttered. Did happen to be by these three gray ladies with freaky red eyeballs?” said Austin casually. “HOW DID YOU KNOW!” Jade and I screamed. “Well, it’s kinda obvious. Reasons coming right up. 1. We are all in the same forest, so there has to be a reason 2. You all look gloomy, except for Aisha, she cracks up for no reason, but you can still see the sadness in her eyes 3. You all look underfed, and it looks like haven’t had any parents to feed you for a week ( i am guessing )

4. your clothes are tattered 5. You all have the same sign branded on your skin, Satisfied?” said Jackson. I cautiously glance at my arm, there it is, a sword like mark. I black out… When i wake up, i find myself lying in a small tent. Jade is putting a cold cloth on my head. when i fully recover, i find out  a few things. Austin had to carry me all the way to this “camp” that they made, i had been unconscious for 3 days! So after some water from Jade i went out to explore, camp looked pretty good, there were four leaf huts, one per person. Turns out Jade can heal people, and sew. I went inside mine, it said Aisha in big gold letters on the door. My hut looked pretty plain. It had no decorations, just a bed, mirror, and dresser. There also was a bow and arrow. I took the weapons and went outside to practice. I went and found a large dreamy meadow, i took a piece of wood, from a dead tree, and i tied it with a piece of grass. I took out my arrow and started practicing…  Everyday I would come out to practice, and everyday i would improve. I never ever told anyone what i was doing. Soon, i could blindly shoot a flower, tree, etc. Then i thought about decorating my room, i mean like everyone’s hut was decorated somehow. So I went outside to find objects for my hut. I walked outside toward the forest instead of the meadow.  I cautiously walked, step by step, into the unknown. Only Jackson ever came out here. I instantly took my bow out and I knocked an arrow. I looked around for any, possible decorations. I spotted a beautiful flower, a red flower with golden spots all over it. The flower stood out from the other flowers nearby, it was the largest. I picked the flower and kept looking for more. After a while of digging through the forest, I find a large toadstool. Carefully, I inspect the toadstool. “Aisha!” Jade yells. At this point I realized I was deep into the forest. Jade cuts through the tall fern shielding the small grove. “We were looking for you” Jade says worriedly. Then, I follow her back to camp without saying another word. “Why did you go out into the forest alone?” Jade asked, breaking the silence. “I wanted to decorate my hut a bit..” I mumbled. “Why didn’t you say so, we could”ve gone together” “And this forest is a dangerous place”.

“Oh” I said. After weeks had passed, I realised that Jade was the oldest and the wisest of the group. By this time, I revealed that I had learned skill in shooting a bow. Jackson was the stealthiest, most quiet and strong person in the group. Austin had a very mild sense of humor, and was very good in first aid treatments, he also knows how to handle a dagger Jade crafted. Jade was the most wisest, she knew what was right and wrong, she also knew how to make weapons. The next morning, I wake up to find a stack of wooden arrows with gleaming silver arrowheads. Beside it was a note: Dear Aisha, Happy birthday! I crafted these arrows specially for you. They shoot very accurately, and I sharpened them. Enjoy them! From, Jade. I smiled. I had forgotten it was my birthday today. I had told them my birthday months ago. Still smiling, I step out of my hut and greet Jade, Austin and Jackson happily. After I greeted them, Austin asked to talk to me privately in his hut. “” Austin hesitated. “What did you need to say?” I asked. “ you” he said as he was shivering. A wave of coolness swept over me, butterflies in my stomach, my throat was aching. “Well, that’s kind” I mumbled. “Someone actually likes me now” I said, laughing. We both nervously crack up. 

There was an awkward moment between us, it seemed like the whole world had just stopped. “So, should we go back outside...we made you a breakfast.” Austin suggested. I nodded and we both walked outside. To our surprise, Jackson and Jade were hugging. “I’m sorry If we interrupted you!” Austin and I both blurted out. Jackson and Jade glanced at each other, then  back at us. We all bursted out laughing. After the commotion, we all dug into the breakfast everyone made. “So, I want to go out and explore deeper into the forest, and maybe build a new home.” Jade insisted with her mouth full. I agreed with her, Austin did too. Still, I had butterflies in my stomach after talking to Austin. I started to like him before he confessed to me. So I guess we were a couple. “I need to ask you two something” I asked Jackson and Jade. “Ask away” Jade replied. “Are you two together?” I asked. “Well, yes...technically” Jackson answered shakily. “No need to be and Aisha are probably together” Austin said. I smiled, then nodded. After a few hours, Jade had ordered everyone to pack their things for a travel. We weren't coming back, so we packed our huts in large leather backpacks made out of cow skin. Also, we disassembled our beds and took our decorations down so we can set up camp in other places. As I was packing my arrows, Austin came up to me. “Do you really like me?” Austin asked. “I thought you were my the beginning” I replied shakily. I quickly turned my head to the backpack, so Austin couldn’t see me blushing. As soon as I knew Austin had left, I got up and met everyone at the beginning of the forest. “Let’s go” Jade said.



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