The Love Way

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Non-Fiction
Laura struggles to live her life. She always really sick ending up in hospital and no one knows why. Now Laura is finally aloud to start school but she discovers it not all her dream.
John is one of the most popular boys in the whole school and when he meets Laura he decides to horrible too her and making her an outcast. But soon or later John realise that he shouldn't be horrible.
Will Laura and John fall in love? Read this book to find out.

Submitted: April 25, 2017

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Submitted: April 25, 2017




?Laura's Mind

?I step out the car,

Everyones eyes are on me,

I brush my hair side of my face,

But no one moves there head,

I start walking in slow place,

They still stare me down,

I up my pace,


I'm still being watched,

I run inside,

They still stare,

Then BANG,

I fell,

They laugh,

I'm nearly in tears,

I run ,

I flee so none of them can see me,

Oh, what impression for the first day.


?John's Mind

?I saw a new girl today,

How strange she was,

How she ran into the school in tears,

I have never seen her here before,

And I don't want to see her again,

I saw a new girl today,

And she had scars all over her neck,

Like she been attacked by a lion,

Which is verry unlikly,

I saw new girl today,

And now I want her to go.


John's Mind

?I go to sit with my mates in english,

They don't see me,

Hello I ask them,

They still don't look at me,

It isn't till the teacher came in they move there eyes,

They turn to me and they just say,


I ask them what are they looking at,

They tell me they are looking at the girl,

I turn my head,

I see her,

I turn my head again,

I hate her I told them,

They noded in agreement,

I watch,

They tell me,

Get that idiot out of schoool,

How I replied,

Be horrible to her,

I noded my head,

I had a mission.


?Laura's Mind

?I didn't see him,

Not until he knocked my book of the desk,

He flicked his hair,

He smiled in a sinster way,

He walked in a slow pace,

When he reached his desk his smile changed to a frown,

Oh, he's love of my dreams,

He's so cute,

But I wonder does he feel the same way?


?John's Mind

?Every now and then she look's at me,

She's like a demond from hell,

I hate her!

Her smile and all,

I wish she would disapear,

It wasn't long till my friends saw,

Her staring her blue eyes at me they laughed,

The girls got a crush on you,

They said,

Cursh her dreams at break,

I nod,

I'll be happy too,

I repiled.


?John's Mind

??The bell rings,

It's time,

I walk out of the classroom,

It's time,

I walk outside following her,

It's time,

She smiles at me,

It's time,

I'm about to say the words,

It's time,

She interupts she tells me her name,

It's time,

Now I'm going to say my words,

It's time.


Laura Mind

?He comes to me,

My love of my life,

He has a frown on his face,

I tell him my name,

He frowns more,

What's wrong I ask him,

He tells me this,


He looks me in the eyes,

I run away,

I cry,

It all just nightmare,

I tell myself,

I know it's not true.


?John's Mind

?She runs away,

By my mean words,

What have I done,

I wish I said something more suttle,

But I couldn't,

My friends laugh as I come over,

You taught her right,

They say,

I nod,

Say stuff like that tomorrow,

They say,

I nod,


I say,

But it's not ok.


Laura's Mind

?I can't belive it!!!,

My love of my life hates me,

Oh i'm so stupid,

Why couldn't I see,

I know why,

Becaues the eyes of love are blind.


?John's Mind

?I never felt like this before,



And thats all becaues of me,

Oh, why was I so mean,

I want to make it up to her,

Not in front of the boys,

I'll do it,

Not today,

But the verry next day.










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