utsukushii sunoofureeku (Beautiful Snowflake)

utsukushii sunoofureeku (Beautiful Snowflake)

Status: In Progress

Genre: Science Fiction



Status: In Progress

Genre: Science Fiction


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Chapter1 (v.1) - Chapter One

Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: April 26, 2017

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: April 26, 2017



It was early that morning around eight AM, the girl sat up in her bed, she was young, no older than fifteen. Her shoulder length light blue hair was messed from sleeping, her fringe reached down to her eyes. She raised her arms to stretch, letting out a yawn as she did so. The blue haired girl's head turned left towards a window where the morning light was beginning to shine in. She instantly shot out of the bed and rushed towards the window. She was wearing a large Baggy white T-Shirt that could have easily passed for being a small one piece dress reaching halfway down to her knees.

As she gazed out of the window her beautiful blue eyes widened with joy as she saw gentle white flakes drifting lightly down from the sky and covering the street bellow. She was in a traditional Japanese house that had a small property at the front, this side of the street had around 20 buildings of similar design. opposite the house, there was a tree covered area that was raised above the street level by a grassy hill. To the right of her view there was the city centre, large tall buildings that were most likely business centres, apartment complexes and educational institutes. To the left there were open fields and hills that looked all the more beautiful covered in glistening snow.

As she looked at the snow filled landscape she thought back to her childhood where her and her twin brother lived up in the mountains, they would often play for hours in the snow. Even though she is now much older than she was back then, the sight of snow still ignited those fond memories that she cherished so deeply. The smile on her face grew wider and she turned to her right running towards the door at the far end of the room. She swung the door open and ran out into the hallway.

"Takeo" She shouted as she burst through the door on the other side of the hall "Wake up"

She ran straight to the bed and dived on to it with a child-like smile. Lying on the bed was a boy who was the same age as her, his hair was dark and long but not quite shoulder length.

"Takeo" she gently shook him by the shoulder to wake him. Slowly his eyes began to open, they were blue the same as hers. as he stared into her eyes he began to sit up, his face filled with a tired and confused expression.

"Whats wrong?" he asked

"Look" She extended her left arm and pointed it towards the window

Takeo's head turned to follow where she was pointing.

"It's Snowing" the girl's smile grew wider

Takeo Smiled at her and reached out his right hand placing it on her head.

"Lets go" the girl jumped off the bed and ran towards the door. "Hurry up"

"Alright, alright, I'm coming" he moaned as he got out of his bed and walked towards the window. He was wearing a black T-shirt and Dark grey shorts "Emi" he shouted to her "Did you ask the others if they want to come along?"

The blue haired girl put her head through the doorway still smiling "I'm going to text them now."

Takeo stared out of the window at the glistening layer of white, he too remembering their childhood in the mountains.


Emiko stepped out of the front door onto the snow filled ground, her eyes were wide and her smile was large. She was wearing a pink sweater and a matching knee length skirt, her boots were brown and she was wearing grey knee socks. Her blue hair and red scarf blew gently in the cold winter breeze. She strolled away from the door with her hands behind her back, humming cheerfully to her self.

She was almost at the front gate when she felt something cold impact her back. She quickly turned to find her brother stood arming himself with a second snowball. He was wearing a black coat with a fur lined hood, dark grey trousers and black boots. His face worse a large smirk as he compacted the snow in his hand into a ball shape.

Emiko held out her hand in front of her and closed her eyes, small flakes of snow began to lift up from the ground and began forming a spherical shape in her hand. Her snowball was formed a lot faster than Takeo could compact his. She threw the ball, hitting him in his left shoulder. Takeo threw his snowball at her, just short of reaching her it fell apart. Takeo bent down to pick up more snow, as he stood back up he was hit with several cold impacts on his arms, legs and chest. The impacts caught him off balance and he fell back.

As he looked up he saw that Emiko had also fallen to the ground and was giggling at him.

"You know its not fair if you use your power." Takeo couldn't help but smile feeling proud that she could use her ability with such ease now knowing that she did not get much practice in the snow. People with abilities like Emiko's were quite rare but in the last 20 years the births of people with abilities such as this have risen, Takeo was proud to be related to someone with such a gift, even more so that she is his sister.

Emiko was now laid back laughing loudly.

"Oh crap" Takeo quickly realised the time "Come on Emi, We'll be late" He stood up and ran towards the front gate.

"Okay" She stood up and brushed the snow from herself. "Wait, Takeo don't run so fast or you'll..."

Her warning was cut short buy a thudding sound. Takeo, who was now laid on the ground, had slipped over on some ice. Emiko rushed out of the gate and ran to him, slipping on ice isn't a problem for her as her ability helps her place her feet safely on the ice.

"I tried to tell you" she began helping him up.

"Don't worry, I'm fine."

"Okay, just be more careful next time"

"Why don't we take a short cut to Kazuki's?" Takeo pointed to the hill just opposite them. "One where there isn't any Ice"

They started to walk towards the foot of the hill. On the opposite side of the hill was another street like their own, but the trees on the hill blocked the view of that street from Emi and Takeo's windows. Takeo's reasoning behind this idea was that on the grass its less likely he will fall over.

"Slow down Emi" Takeo was walking sheepishly several metres behind Emiko, he wasn't one hundred percent confident in his no ice on grass theory, where as Emiko was strolling ahead of him humming to herself.

When Takeo finally caught up to her, Emiko was stood at the top of the slope down into the neighbouring street. She was staring at one of the houses, the front door of that house opened. Emiko Grabbed Takeo and dragged him behind one of the nearby tree.

A young boy stepped out of the door, he looked to be the same age as Emiko and Takeo, his hair was brown, just shorter than Takeo's. He had brown eyes. The boy was wearing a navy blue coat with a hood lined with white fur, black trousers and black boots. The boy shut the door behind him and walked towards the front gate.

Before he had time to close the gate behind him a barrage of snowballs hit him, barely giving him time to raise his arms to shield himself. He looked around and saw two figures stood on top of the hill opposite, one male and a shorter female. brushing the snow from himself he walked towards the foot of the hill.

"Kazuki" Emiko shouted as she ran down the hill.

"Wait up Emi." Takeo slowly gave chase down the snowy incline.
Ignoring him Emiko reached the base of the hill and threw her arms around Kazuki.

"Morning Emi"

"Morning" She said stepping back from him, her face bearing a wide smile.

"Hey Kazuki" Takeo waved as he finally caught up to them.


"You skipped Kendo Practice on Wednesday"

"Yeah sorry about that" Kazuki began scratching his head "I was caught up in a class project and lost track of time."

"Well, you missed out seeing me kick Haruki's ass."


"Come on Takeo" Emi chimed in " Stop boasting so we can go already" She began to push Takeo in the direction of the city centre.

Emiko Stopped, a short musical jingle repeating continuously sounded from her skirt pocket, She reached into the pocket and pulled our a lime green phone, the screen was illuminated by an incoming text message. She tapped the screen to open the message.

' I'll be late, Start without me.


She looked up from the phone "Sakura will catch up later, she said to start without her."

"Okay, we'll meet her at the café." Takeo replied

Emiko began tapping the screen on her phone, replying to Sakura telling her to meet them at the café. The blue haired girl placed her phone back in her pocket and resumed walking with Takeo and Kazuki.

The City Centre was filled with tall buildings and wide snow covered streets filled with various types of shops, restaurants and café's. Cars driving by slowly on the thin layer of melting snow on the salted roads. They walked through the streets something caught Takeo's eye, there was a small shop with models of ancient weaponry displayed in the window on the corner of the street. Takeo stood staring in the window at the different intriguing designs used in weapons of different cultures. Emiko stood looking at him with an awkward smile on her face. He's always the same. She thought to her self.

"We can come back later." she placed her hand on his shoulder and began walking towards the café at the other end of the street.

Kazuki and Takeo followed her in, the inside of the café was a medium sized room with several square tables each with four chairs around them dotted around the room and a counter at the back with a door leading through to the kitchen. There were a few people sitting at the tables enjoying their meal and beverages, some in idol conversation. The girl clad in pink moved to a table near a window she removed her red scarf, pulled out one of the chairs and sat down. Kazuki sat down on the opposite chair. Takeo removed his coat and placed it on the coat stand behind the table before taking the seat next to Emiko.

A few minutes passed before a young woman walked up to their table, she was a familiar sight for the group as they were regulars there. The woman was the waitress at the small café. She was tall. Her long hair was brown and tied back with a black ribbon. she was wearing a white blouse and black knee length skirt. She looked at the group with her shining silver eyes and held out a small notepad and pen.

"And what can I get you today" She said her voice was clear and confident a requirement of most waiters and waitresses but her voice was also soft and friendly making them feel welcome.

"I'll have a bacon sandwich and a coffee, please" Takeo responded politely.

"You know Takeo, it's Lunch not breakfast." Kazuki teased.

"What if this is just for starters."

"Takeo how could you possibly be that hungry, its not like you skipped breakfast." Emiko chimed in.

"I'll take the chicken soup with bread rolls, and a green tea please." Kazuki turned to the young waitress, who noted down his order before looking towards Emiko.

"Can I have beef stew and a Jasmine tea please." Emiko said, before returning her attention to Takeo's hunger.

The waitress noted down the last of the order before turning and heading towards the kitchen door. 

"So are you really going to order more afterwards?" Kazuki shot a curious smile across the table at Takeo. At that moment a girl with messy pink hair walked through the door, she was wearing a white blouse tucked into a light grey skirt and a navy blue cardigan. Her shoes were black and around her neck she wore a dark beige scarf. She looked the same age and height as them. Her light pink eyes scanned the room as if looking for someone in particular.

"Sakura over here" Emiko quietly called out to her.



"What about this one?" Sakura asked holding up a blue T-shirt. She was stood in the middle of a clothing store, it was a large room filled with shelves and racks of clothes. The air was cool but warm compared to the outside world, people wandering in and out of the store and weaving between the clothing racks to browse the various outfits and clothes within the shop.  

"Well I try to avoid wearing blue clothes." Emiko replied "Its the same colour as my hair"

"Exactly, it matches your hair."

"Would you wear an outfit that was the same colour as your hair?"

"Hmm..." Sakura thought "I guess not."

Both girls let out a sigh.

"Okay, so what about this one?" Sakura went to hold up another T-shirt but was interrupted by a soft girlish voice behind her.

"No, no, that won't suit either of you." The voice said.

When the girls turned to see who was talking they saw a girl they recognised. She was around their age, and the same height as Emiko. She had long pink hair and a wavy pink fur tail. On top of her head was two large cat-like ears. Clothed in a white short sleeved blouse and navy blue knee-length skirt.
This was Yukika Tanaka. She was a second year at their school, making her a year older than Emiko and Takeo. She was very good at helping people with fashion advice which Emiko had found useful quite often.

Emiko Smiled at the newcomer "So what would you suggest Tanaka?"  she asked curiously.

Yukika walked up to the rack of clothes next to the girls.
"I've told you before Emiko, you don't need to be so formal with me" she gave a friendly smile at the blue-haired girl.
"I would choose this one if I were you." she pulled a Cream white boat neck T-shirt from the rack then walked to the next rack over and picked out some blue denim jeans, and handed them to Emiko.
"and maybe these" she said, picking up some small black boots with light brown soles handing them to Emiko.

"Thanks Ta - erm Yukika" Emiko said trying to avoid being as formal.

Yukika shot a smile back at her. "Anytime." she said.
"As for you Sakura..." Yukika continued, walking back to the clothes rack. "... you should try this." She picked out a white leeved pink top with a curved V neck, she handed it to Sakura and walked over to the other side of the isle grabbing a medium sized blue skirt with white horizontal lines and dark blue vertical lines crossing each other.
She gave the skirt to Sakura. "That top and this skirt will go well with some long cream socks and brown shoes you wear for school"

"Thank you so much" Sakura said, she gave a polite bow and smiled.

"Oh Emiko, are you and Sakura going to the festival next week?" Yukika asked

Emiko suddenly remembered the main reason she wanted to come to this store.
Every year the night before the main festival starts there is always a dance, her and Takeo have been going to the dance for years. It started out as the two of them imitating their parents when they were younger, but for the past few years it had become a family tradition, and she needed a dress to wear to the dance. The though brought a small amount of Embarrassment to her and she began to Blush.

"Whats wrong Emiko?" Sakura asked

"N-nothing" She replied "Yukika can you help me with one more thing?" Emiko asked trying to hide her embarrassment by pulling her scarf over her mouth.

"Sure" the cat-like girl responded. "what is it?"

"I need a dress" Emiko replied Shyly. "For the dance."

Sakura and Yukika were both beginning to understand the way she was suddenly acting.

"Hmm.. I think I know just the thing" Yukika smiled. She began to walk over to the dresses section, followed by Emiko and Sakura.
"So Sakura, are you going too?" Yukika asked

"Erm, I'm not sure yet." She replied looking down to hide the blushing of her cheeks. "I have no one to go with."

"What about Kazuki." Yukika suggested. Sakura's face turned red with the thought, Yukika just smiled to herself deciding not to push any further.

The dress section of the shop was filled with hundreds of various dresses, from beautiful long ball room gowns to sexy party dresses. Yukika headed towards a rack with various styled dresses.
"You want one that isn't too long because you'll be dancing, but not one that shows too much off." Yukika stared at the selection of dresses before reaching for one of them, she suddenly stopped. "It would be useful to know what your dance partner will be wearing" she said.

Emiko thought back to the previous years, how they usually just wore casual clothes. "I wont need anything too flashy or extravagant" she said.

"Ok then this one" Yukika grabbed a dress from the rack.

One week passed by quickly, Emiko looked at the small digital watch on the underside of her wrist. '19:45' she put her wrist down. Aside from her watch she was wearing a common looking light blue dress with blue frills, and black shoes. Next to her stood a Takeo, He was wearing a black coat and navy blue t-shirt, black jeans and shoes. They were standing in the city plaza illuminated by the moonlight slicing through the dark night sky and streetlights modelled after the oil lamps of London in the eighteen hundreds. In the centre of the plaza was a large white Christmas tree, with its lights turned off. With fifteen minutes to go the plaza was starting to fill with couples in casual dresses and clothes causing the plaza to be filled with noise and chatter.
Emiko began to feel slightly uncomfortable, in less than fifteen minutes she would be dancing with a boy, even though he was her brother no one here knew them personally so to everyone else they would appear to be a young couple. The thought of what others would be thinking began to make her face feel hot. She was suddenly pulled away from her thoughts by Takeo's voice.
"You ok?" He asked.

she shook her head to clear away the uncomfortable thoughts. She began to scan the crowd to distract herself, one person in particular stood out.
"Hey. Sakura, Over here" she called out to her friend across the plaza.

She was wearing a similar dress to Emiko but it was a cream white colour without frills, in addition she was wearing her brown shoes and long white socks. Sakura hastily walked over to them.

"I thought you weren't coming Sakura" Takeo asked

"I wasn't going to. But I thought it would be fun so here I am" the smile of her cute face made Takeo blush slightly. "you two come here every year so you probably know the story behind this event?"

"Well, the city's founder Kichirou Arakaki set up the event around 40 years ago." Emiko began to explain the event. "He started to celebrate Christmas after his first child was born which was not too unusual because Christmas was becoming quite popular across japan back then, so he started a small event here in the city plaza every year just before the winter festival, where he would light up a Christmas tree and then he and his wife would dance in the plaza. It caught on with their friends and so quite a few people began to join them here."

"So how did you two end up coming here?" Sakura continued asking inquisitively.

"Oh well our father knew the son of the founder from school, and when he and mom go married they came here originally as a sign of respect for Arakaki passing away, they enjoyed the event so they came every year afterwards."

"That's a bit of a drive down from your old home, and it doesn't really explain why you two are here"

"W-well, since our parents came every year they brought us along too, and s-since we were so young we..." Emiko started to feel embarrassed. "...we copied our parents and danced with each other"

"Aww, you must have looked so adorable."

Both Emiko and Takeo looked down to hide their embarrassment. Sakura burst out laughing at the two of them.

"So if your parents come every year why aren't they here now? I mean it would be easier for them to be here now that you live in the city." Sakura asked.

"Well they are here but they usually go off to find people they know to chat to before the dance begins" Emiko began to think how great it was that their parents weren't with them right now, having them here would probably make it ten times more embarrassing for them.
Takeo let out a sigh as if he knew what she was thinking.
The plaza began to grow quiet. A man emerged on the balcony above the tree, he had dark hair and was wearing a black suit and white shirt, the top button was undone and he wasn't wearing a tie.

"Can I have everyone's attention." He spoke loudly, he must have been wearing a small microphone. "My father founded this city 50 years ago and 10 years later he started this event. These were the two of the things most important to him. In his honour..." The man pulled a small box, that resembled a remote, out of his jacket pocket. "...I will continue this event because that is what he would want."  
'Not the best of speeches' Emiko thought to her self as the crowd began clapping as the man pressed a button on the box shaped remote. The lights on the tree under him began to glow a beautiful purple colour that slowly changed to blue then red.
The man from the balcony appeared from a door left of the tree with a woman that also looked to be his age, holding his hand.
Everyone in the plaza started moving to dance with each other.

"Well, I'm going to find a partner" Sakura said her good bye started walking into the crowd of dancing couples.

Emiko grabbed Takeo's hand and they walked into an empty space in the plaza. They stood to face each other, her right hand in his left. He placed his right hand on her hip and her left hand placed on his shoulder.
Sakura looked back over at the two of them and smiled at how cute the two of them looked dancing together.

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