Let Me Teach You

Let Me Teach You

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Status: Finished

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A little life lesson in literature.
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A little life lesson in literature.


Submitted: April 26, 2017

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Submitted: April 26, 2017



When I was a kid, I got told all the time,

When you write a poem, it absolutely must rhyme.


Now, what the hell kind of crap is that?

“All poems must rhyme”. Oh, is that a fact?

Maybe a few rhymes dropped here and there,

But a rhyme every line? Now that’s just unfair.

Teachers that tell you off for no rhymes are just full of it.

Tell them to write a poem, I bet it's full of shit.


“It doesn’t rhyme, therefore it makes no sense!”

Are you serious? What, are you dense?

Art doesn’t have to be painted, drawn or coloured,

I’ll write how I please,

If you don’t like it, I’m not bothered.


Furthermore, what’s with poetry and a sing song structure?

If you’re teaching me this crap, you’re not the best instructor.

This weird idea of “singing” it in your head.

I’d rather write it how I like instead.


Poetry can be just one big endless line of nonsense that takes up half the page or even a few lines to look like one big paragraph of stupid because it doesn't matter what everyone else thinks.


But poetry,

can be,

one line,

or two,

with only,

a comma,

to make,

a distinction.


Poetry can even be spoken,

I don’t care what you say.


So don’t do what you’re told, go write some art.

If anyone says “wrong”, they’re not very smart.

Ignore the tripe you hear time after time.

The ridiculous notion that poems must rhyme.

© Copyright 2017 J.J. Matthews. All rights reserved.

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