Leave Me Alone

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Submitted: April 26, 2017

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Submitted: April 26, 2017




“LEAVE ME ALONE” these were the last three words which she told me. Now I stand still in the railway station with her image captured in my eye. I am unable to find out what really went wrong between us. I didn’t remember when our friendship got its start but we were friends from our small class. I would like to call our golden era of friendship in our high school

This is where we felt the importance of each other, so we started to keep as close as possible because we started counting our days since it was January. This year in life was a considerable one. Some how we were able to get through our high school exams and entered the university together to continue studies in the commerce stream. Like the others we too had a nice time for the first year, which simply means that we had enough fun. What ever happened we were always together.

Finally both our parents started to worry much amount our studies than us, after a heap of advices we considered of studying well. Some unexpected happened.Ria fell ill all of a sudden and was hospitalized. I was fully down during this time and may be this is when I really felt that she is not just my best friend but also a part of my life. I wanted to inquire the doctors regarding her health bit I couldn’t. Every morning when I went to see her she was having a good sleep. As I wanted her to know that I had come I left a rose close to her bed, that she knows that it’s me.

Being in class without you was a hard blow to me. I could bear seeing the chair bare close to me. It was Ria’s seat and today she was missing and I missed her a lot. I prayed for a moment.



Exams were getting closer and I was full blank. All what went through my mind was to run away soon to the hospital to see her. And when the bell went, I had an everlasting joy that I am going to see her soon.

But things were worse now she was taken to the intensive care unit. And I was not allowed. I felt why I was there, and waited to see her. But I had to wait so long all alone in a bench praying god.

I was desperate, I was not allowed. The next was the exam with a firm belief of definitely seeing her I went to the hospital. I saw her after many days, she was pale. And thanks to god she was awake. She gestured me to come in. so did I go in, and sat beside her. She was so feeble and couldn’t speak louder, but I knew what she meant. She wanted me to study well and get through, and she promised me that she will be back instead. When I inquired what really was wrong she told, with a smile on her face that it was JUST a viral flu.

We were together for a while giggling and when I was about to leave she asked me if I forgot some thing?

Maybe No, why what was it?

What happened to the flowers have you left them back?

Oh, were you able to guess right?

Come on I’m your RIA,

I opened up my bag and held out her favorite rose. She took it with a smile saying thanks.

Get well soon sweeti,

Mhh, all the best!

Somehow I left with some satisfaction that I saw her this morning. Leaving the chair close to me empty, resembling Ria there I started writing my exam. Hope I was able to finish it off very soon.

The other day, her mom informed that she is discharged from the hospital. Being so glad I started arranging things for her. Getting along with the others we cleaned the hostel very well making it a better environment for her. Placed a few rose plants, for her in the corridor. And gave her a warm welcome. She’s back.


Once again days in my life were colourful, but I enjoyed taking care of her as well. She was getting better day by day and I was happy about it.

She was with me, I was happy BUT, still something was wrong.

I couldn’t guess but I was sure, time went on and I realized that RIA has started being away from me. She kept herself busy with some sort of thing every time and we talked so little these days. When I couldn’t bear any more and I decided to ask her regarding it. The reasons she gave were not acceptable but I didn’t want to argue for small problems. And another thing I felt was that Ria had been spending most of her time with the others. She was avoiding me though she didn’t show it off. There were so many problems these days and they were the worst days of my life. We started fighting always even for simple problems. I started hating things. Ultimately there was a big fight between us and I never thought that this would bridge the relationship between us. But I couldn’t bear when she started crying, I wanted to counsel her but she was not prepared to listen to me, she went away leaving me all alone. At night she was fast asleep when I went close to her bed, sat on my knees, held her hands and apologized for all what happened. These were, what I told

“I am so sorry RIA, I really didn’t mean to hurt you. I understand that it’s my own fault. But why are you moving away from me? Oh please don’t leave me alone. You mean a lot to me and I don’t have words to express my love, care and affection to you. And I promise you today that I will never change 3 things in life.


1. My religion

2. My best friend (that’s you) And

3. My love for you.

It’s a promise! I make tonight. So let’s forget everything, and begin a fresh day from tomorrow. Okay. Good night!

The next day morning when I woke up, the first thing I saw was RIA’s bed and I found it empty. I got up and went to see where she was, to see she was missing. Thought that she would be in class and went there but still she was missing when I asked Rani, she asked me in amazement

“Don’t you know that she left home. I was shocked to hear and I asked her when. She’s leaving in the train at 07:00.Is it? Okay fine, ill see you later.I didn’t understand what was happening but what all I wanted was for her to miss the train. when I hurried, and in a distance I was able to find her seated on a bench. I went to her, she stood when she saw me.


 “What have you thought of your self? Can you please explain me all what is going on?

Leaving I am leaving mahima; please don’t try to stop me.? Where?

To Galle and I don’t want you to follow me there.

What the hell. What’s your problem man?

Will you please tell me?

Nothing I am the only problem to every one, it’s me MYSELF

RIA please, don’t play with me come lets go

Where do you want me to come? Let me go if you really want me to be happy. I’m not happy here. I want to be alone. Away from every one.

You want to be away from me as well then

Every ONE,

Oh! EVERYONE, now I also have fallen under the category of everyone to you, isn’t it?

That’ okay but I can’t let you go like that, give me a valid reason.

There was silence for a moment. So many things were running in my mind of how I would counsel her. And she took her luggage in her hand and was about to reach the train. I tightly held her hand and all of a sudden she started shouting “WILL YOU PLEASE LEAVE ME ALONE

I was stunned and she got into the train and went leaving me all alone.

Days were long that she was not here with me. Her memories kept on disturbing me all the time. I knew that being alone would do nothing so I decided to go to her house. The other day I went to get the registers to take her phone number and address. On my way, a friend of mine told me that I had a call from RIA,I couldn’t believe my ears, I shook her in delight and ran downstairs to attend the call, I spoke breathlessly, it was RIA’s mother, she was sobbing, I asked

“Aunty what’s the problem” what happened? She told me “RIA is no more”

What? What are you saying? Did she tell you tell me like that? Oh aunty please stops kidding.

Mahima please listen, you have to believe the reality RIA IS NOMORE.

Hello hello, mahima are you there? She stands stunned. Another friend answers the phone and informs the bad news to the others.

Though everyone tries to share it with me, I don’t believe it’s real.

Somehow I reached Galle. All the way in my journey I’ve been thinking of those wonderful days we spent together. Finally we reach Galle, each and every step I take I pray that it should be a lie. But there is a huge crowd in front of her house and I started shivering within my self and my legs didn’t move and my heart was cold. We went in, her mother was mourning. I couldn’t see her, but I was dragged in. There was quiet room, it was RIA’S room. She lay asleep in her bed.  So peacefully. Her face was so bright and she was dressed up so nicely in cotton white. How can everyone say that she is dead? She’s just asleep. I didn’t take a look away from her and was just glancing at her.

I remembered as if she was asking me “have you forgotten something?

No not this time, I open up my bag and take out her favorite rose. Here take it it’s for you. Come on have it I shouted. And I go blank. When I get up after some time I see RIA being taken away. I lay still in the corner of her room when tears began to flow.

Then I find out that she had left me a letter, it says;

Dear mahima,

By the time you read this I’m sure that I will be far away from you.

Hope you feel bad? But do you know that I knew these 6 months back, when I was warded in the hospital. It really was a hard task to keep it a secret. I wanted to be with you till the last moment of My life, but when I heard you speak to me thinking that I was asleep that night made me come here to Galle. I couldn’t imagine your situation if you get to know about my disease, because I knew what I really mean to you, and I have never found anything valuable  other than you in life even though it was short to me.


And now that you get to know that I had skull cancer, don’t feel sorry because I am so lucky to have found you and only a bit sorry to leave you, I carry only you and your memories in my heart and leave my soul to you!


I have lived a lifetime with you and I leave with that satisfaction.




Loving and caring

Love in life






 I am sorry RIA I couldn’t control myself. But I don’t want to loose you and I won’t sorry…

RIA you may leave me physically but spiritually you are in me. Love you a lot


Only now do I understand the meaning of LEAVE ME ALONE, That she meant of being alone in her grave!!!


Author – Safiya Wardha



© Copyright 2018 safiyaWardha. All rights reserved.

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